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Whether you are a renowned land-based poker casino business that desires to go online for a rich poker business or a business entity who wants to try luck in the field of online gambling, our online poker room software is a one-stop solution for all your requirements. At AIS Technolabs, we bring to you a team of expert designers and developers that continually strive to bring immaculate solutions to your table.

Our poker room management software is bound to offer the solutions, which can boost your revenue generation and grab a huge count of users for the business. We deliver custom game development services across the world and help you gain personalized solutions.

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Our poker room software is based on appealing visual effects and realistic modules along with top-notch security standards. It is a completely licensed suite enabling the users to run their gaming service on distinct servers and maintain up to 100% rake. If you don’t want to compromise on poker software and are searching for one that has no boundaries, then our solution is the best one to go for.

Exclusive Features of the Admin Panel that Make Our Poker Room Software

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User Management

Keep a close eye on each detail of your user including registration form, games played, gaming reports, and others.

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Admin Dashboard

The flexible and robust dashboard makes it easy to manage data messages, current gamers, and current events.

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Game Features Management

From layout of game table to duration, controls, and other small aspects, everything is easily manageable.

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Payment System

We provide a secure payment mechanism to our online poker room software for maintaining smooth monetary management.

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Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

Depositing and withdrawing money is absolutely simple and a matter of a few clicks. The advanced search feature allows fetching details of a particular user.

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Chips Management

Add new and remove old chips in accordance to the choice of your users.

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Private Table

Our experts offer the best poker room software to the clients to offer a rich gaming experience. You can also invite other players for a wonderful time.

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Admin / Rake Commission

Earning a vast commission amount is possible by the admin as the commission amount gets deducted from every player’s account. The amount is immediately transferred to the admin’s account.


Our Poker Room Management Software Offers Most Thrilling and Immersive Features for the Players

  • Create / Manage Profile

    Players can easily manage their profiles by providing personal details including profile language, picture, name, and other selections.

  • Add Friends

    A great way for the players to earn recurring bonus is to keep adding new friends during or after the game from across the world.

  • Live Chat

    Using our advanced poker room software, players can chat among each other during the gameplay and delve into fierce competition.

  • Money Deposit And Withdraw

    Our software is integrated with an anti-fraud detection system. As a result, players enjoy safe money withdrawal and deposit.

  • Get Support

    Get instant responses for all your queries from our expert support team.

  • Game History

    Keep a complete record of all your game sessions with our efficient poker room management software. From money invested to earn and loss, you can record everything.

Fantastic Add-Ons to Our Online Poker Room Software make it Truly Captivating

Our Proficiency in Online Poker Room Software Development Brings to Your Tons of Benefits

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Save Time

Our poker software comes in a ready-to-use form. It downloads and installs fast and saves a huge time for the user.

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Own Your Code

Gain total ownership of our online poker room software by having access to its backend and front-end codes and game controls.

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Expert Professionals

No need to look for any external assistance as we are experts in each field. We offer comprehensive solutions under one roof.

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Pay in Installments

Buying our poker room software is very easy. You can pay the money in affordably priced installments.

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We have created a robust backend system using MondoDM and Node.js offering a fast and precise estimation of complete data.

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Cost-effective Solutions

We deliver poker room management software at affordable prices.

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Save Development Time

Save total time for development by partnering with us. We offer projects in the shortest time frame.

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Our CI/CD process regularly upgrades the poker script as per the latest technologies and maintains fast delivery of projects.

We Build the Poker Games for All Platforms

desktop version
Desktop Version

Have limited money and time? You need not worry as we can develop the best poker software for your desktop players. Your users will rave our offering and will enjoy 100% amusement and fun.

web version
Web Version

We deliver to you the best poker room management software that renders an exceptional experience on all web platforms. It is a customizable and full-fledged design packed with amazing features.

mobile version
Mobile Version

Gift your mobile players, fully responsive and versatile poker software. The poker software allows creating tournaments for players with real money and cryptocurrency. Best apps are obtainable for Android and iOS platforms.

Upgradation and Customization Service

Purchasing highly efficient online poker room software is not enough to keep your players glued to your game. You have to keep up with their upcoming requirements and changing preferences. The only way to offer them the best gaming time is by using our affordable upgradation and customization services and by serving them always new!

With our reliably priced service, it is possible to upgrade various functionalities of the game like animation, sound, and others. You can customize the distinct functionalities of the game and make necessary changes as and when you want. Just hire this service and get ready to enjoy timely updates!

Our Expertise in Game Development

Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Online Poker Room Software Development?

We are experts in creating user-friendly poker solutions for web, mobile and desktop channels. Our poker room software allows users to launch fully branded and customizable poker rooms, supporting numerous currencies and languages. We are a prestigious and well-recognized software development company holding expertise in delivering custom poker game software which is integrated with futuristic and modern features. We aim at providing impeccable poker room management software development solutions to our esteemed clients who aim to engage more and wider audiences and enhance their business’s overall revenue generation.

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We program management portals to let admin manage game rules and configurations in real-time.

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We deliver projects on time and adhere to best quality standards as per the latest industry norms.

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We introduce poker features with refreshing game capabilities.

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We offer fully flexible and customized solutions that are bound to offer the top-notch experience to the players.

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We serve entertaining and feature-rich poker games, which are ready to go LIVE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The development costs priced by us include a host of expenditures, like marketing analysis, customer surveying, developmental engineering, and others. You need to sit with us to have detailed knowledge.

We are a team of professionals who first figure out the scope of the project and then stick to it. We define project deliverables and assign our team accordingly. The project is broken into plans, tested early and often.

The poker application which is compatible and fully-integrated with various codes and programs is known as ‘Online Poker room Software.’ This software can be customized based on individual preferences and behaviours, thereby supporting the entire performance in a platform.

To find the most user-friendly and advanced Poker room software online, partner with us. We at AIS Technolabs, with the help of our knowledgeable and talented wizards, provide top-notch poker room software services. Our services are extremely popular throughout the world of poker, and various gambling games.

The professional and the strong team related to online poker room software development present at AIS Technolabs are completely well-versed and skilled in a-garde technologies. The developers over here try to provide contemporary solutions with proven tactics, thereby providing the best solutions to the clients’. Hence, to get top-notch software created, hire our developers from AIS Technolabs.

There is a great need to Outsource online poker room software these days. Also, with its vast availability and cost-effective nature, it’s access is rising at a huge rate. This way the production costs can be reduced, thereby limiting the budget.

To do online poker room software online, reach our developers by calling them at the above-mentioned contact number. They will help to build an online poker room software and will help you to add necessary elements like, functions, features, sound effects, etc., to facilitate smooth-working of your platform.

As the best poker room software company in India, AIS Technolabs, with the help of the poker room software developers ensures to provide the best range of services, thereby helping you to build such a platform, that would facilitate customer retention and market expansion.

The reputable companies that provide the best online poker room software remain updated with the latest techniques and methods, thereby providing customized and personalized poker room software solutions.

The best way to do online poker room software online is by hiring committed and dedicated developers from us, at AIS Technolabs. The poker room software developers will try to build the strain of trust among various consumers, thereby delivering top-graded services.

Things required to be done for setting up an online poker room software are:
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Discussion of the plan

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Developing a mini-version or prototype

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Developing the original version

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Test and Launch.

The rules needed to convert the data from one state to another state is known as online software conversion. The online poker room software conversion is similar to this, thereby searching the data, then converting it to another process.

If you are trying to find the best Online Poker Room software, then chat with us at the below-mentioned form. We at AIS Technolabs are considered as the most leading and efficient poker room software provider in countries like, UK, USA, Canada, and India.

Starting a business using online poker room software is incredibly a great business. This requires an entire team consisting of qualified experts. This exact service can be found at AIS Technolabs. Additionally, you can also save your cost and time while getting advice from us.

Companies dealing with a host of custom poker solutions, along with a wide range of other poker solutions, thereby not compromising in quality, reliability, efficiency, can be considered the best online poker room software companies.

Our team manager offers you access to all collaboration tools related to the project. We make sure absolute transparency is maintained during the process.

Companies that provide instant online poker room software maximize their revenue and profit by developing these sorts of solutions. Along with this, they do also take utmost care by maintaining with the futuristic and trending patterns, needed to engage and attract more customers.

Companies that provide affordable online poker room software strive to deliver the best and the most efficient poker room software solutions, created with the help of the experts at an economical price rate.

It’s hard to determine the financial contributions in order to get online poker room software. Additionally, you can save the fixed capital while developing the technical aspects needed to develop an online poker room software.

The cost of hiring an online poker room software provider generally variates with the level of experience that the provider is having. However, it can fluctuate between $12-$50 per hour.

The Internet is the optimum place to search for a poker room software provider company in India. However, on every search engine, AIS Technolabs is ranked as the most worthwhile organization to deliver quality products within tight deadlines.

If you want to convert your online poker room software through online mode, AIS Technolabs can help you with that. With our skilled developers, we will assist you in every way possible to help you excel in the field of online poker room software conversion.

The tip for selecting an online poker room software provider company is through its experience. AIS Technolabs is one such organization that has a team of highly enthusiastic and skilled developers with more than a decade of experience in this field. To hire one, make a call, and our support group will connect you to them.

If you are availing of the readymade version, it will take only a few days to get the product. However, if you wish to hire a developer and get the product built from scratch, it can take up to 3 months to receive the completed version.

It is difficult to state a fixed price of the online poker room software. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt that the advancement cost will remain inside the price starting from $999.

To build up an online poker room presence in the form of a website/mobile application, you need an online poker room software to run the platform and conduct all the gameplays smoothly without the fear of getting hacked.

It is always better to join hands with the brainiest ones, and in India, you can find all the advanced strategic brains. Therefore, it will be a brilliant idea to outsource your online poker room software work to India.

Yes, it is a wise idea to outsource online poker room software to India. This gives you the chance to get services from the industry’s top developers. From AIS Technolabs, you can get the optimum services at an affordable budget.

If you are looking for an affordable yet worthwhile service, AIS Technolabs will be the right choice. With years of practical knowledge, we try to deliver quality online poker room software within the specified time.

The online poker room software industry is growing significantly in recent times. Therefore, to become an entrepreneur, you need to issue a license on your name and get a website/mobile application developed to conduct all the tournaments, thereby generating a lot of revenue.

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