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The most valuable asset that a company has is its employees. Training them to do their jobs with excellence can take your organization places. That’s why building a training script is the most important thing you can do for your business. Our online training software can help enterprises to manage employees’ initial and ongoing training activities efficiently.

An efficient employee training process has a positive impact on different metrics within the organization which makes for an outstanding place of employment. AIS TechnoLabs online training software develops and strengthens different skill sets of employees with its online training scripts. It presents an opportunity for their career advancement.

It promotes consistency in overall employee experience and makes them future ready and helps them cope with the rapid changes in the organization. Our e-training software also helps an organization in succession planning where star employees can be coached as future leaders. It also implements and communicates risk management policies, compliance, ethics to employees promoting a robust organizational culture.

Features of the online training software

The employee training software is web-based software that is easily accessible and allows companies the flexibility to train employees who are located in multiple locations. Some features of this online training software include:

Creating Content
The software enables users to design and deliver courses and assignments using tools of the software.
Virtual Training
The software uses built-in teleconferencing features with which trainers and trainees no longer need to be in the same location; it holds classes virtually through a web browser.
On-demand e-learning
The content of the software is easily accessible on the web to employees with login credentials, and training can be completed at the individual’s own pace.
Advanced reporting
It helps employers use built-in reporting feature to discover how popular specific courses are, completion of the courses by employees and even track progress for entire team or departments.
Mobile Learning
The software lets learners’ access content and complete training through their phones or tablets. It also has a feature to enable trainees to check course materials, quizzes or messages from their trainer.
Certificate Programs
The software has certificate programs that users can track and manage for industries that require employee certification to perform specific job functions.
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Benefits of Online Training Software

The online employee training software has several advantages for businesses as creating online courses are much easier now. It has an intuitive interface that gives a productive experience to both learner and the administrator. The software can easily track and manage training completion with its extensive, in-depth reporting feature. It allows managers and others to access the reports that help them track their team’s progress better.

The software is compatible with most mobile devices including iOS, Android phones, and tablets so that employees can complete their training anywhere in the world on a connected device. It also reduces overtime costs and travel expenses of bringing employees off-site for in-person training. Hence with this software, you spend more time training than traveling. The online training software includes the function of teleconferencing, which reduces the amount of travel time and also saves time by reusing lecture materials. It also has a feature of adding videos as training material.

The advantage of Course management system

With the rise of a tech-savvy generation, online learning is gaining momentum. The time scarcity, the advent of multi-national companies and global workforce are the factors that have led to the invention of a flexible and cost-effective way of knowledge transfer using course management system in training software.

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