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Get Your IT Solutions At The Most Competitive Pricing

We, at AIS Technolabs, are quite aware that the pricing of packages has a major impact on your decision of the choice of the IT solution provider. It has been our constant endeavor to offer our clients the best services at the most affordable charges.

Flexible Pricing Models

Our pricing models are quite flexible, and we try to keep it as reasonable as possible so that you do not hesitate to outsource your requirements to us. There are certain parameters which determine the pricing of our packages.

For the benefit of our customers, we have kept our costing transparent, and we ensure that they are not over-priced, keeping a parity with the market rates. We try to take care that our rates does not become a deterrent in selecting us as your service provider.

Pricing Strategies

Material And Time

The deciding factors on the pricing are the time devoted to the task to be completed along with the quantum of job that has been done the final price for the package. The approach is realistic with a high degree of transparency. During the course of the job, our experts analyze the assignment and can determine the actual scope of work and the project time that needs to be devoted to the completion of the job.

It might get reduced or increased. In all cases, all changes are immediately intimated to the clients. The approach is a totally open and transparent one which helps nurture trust between the customers and us. Customers too are at an advantage and can exercise more grasp over the assignment.

Fixed price

In this type of costing model, there is no chance of any ambiguity. This type of pricing is ideal for projects which are very specific and definite. The scope of the job is totally known. We can tackle all the issues of the project with greater ease as we know what we have to accomplish exactly. Since the requirements are fixed, the time that needs to be devoted to the completion of this project is also known.

Based on the fixed parameters the costing is done on fixed basis. Our clients are also in a state of relief as there is no gray area that has to be calculated upon. Things are very discrete for calculation. The clients too have a great deal of flexibility as they are aware from beforehand how much they have to pay for the project.

Risk Reward Pricing

This type of costing strategy is a middling strategy considering the extreme ones. It is like an understanding deal between the service provider and the client. This type of pricing is beneficial to both the parties. The risk elements and the gain factors are shared by both the sides. The mode of pricing involves a flat structure of pricing.

Added payments are made when there are more achievements accomplished at the end of the project. The service provider and the client generally opt for this pricing method when both pay for the progress of a project. Both parties reap the success of the project. AIS Technolabs goes ahead as a Joint Venture Project with its clients in these types of projects.

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