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Peer to peer lending also called P2P lending is an innovation in the financial industry. It is an excellent solution that connects verified borrowers looking out for unsecured personal loans with investors who wish to earn higher returns on investments. Verified borrowers are listed on P2P lending platform while investors can clearly see all details about the borrowers before lending them money.

It is a transparent, easy, and convenient solution that let investors offer money as a loan as per their convenience. With an efficient peer to peer lending app, it is easier for people to participate and register. If you wish to avail the advantage of this business model then we, AIS Technolabs can help you in that. We are a reliable company that can create a first-class peer to peer lending websites and apps. As a result, you get a process that is smooth and hassle-free.

Already, peer to peer borrowing is a huge success and has stood as a reliable alternative to financing across the globe. With every passing year, this process is gaining traction and slowly becoming an attractive investment option for investors. So, practice peer to peer lending in order to meet your monetary goals.

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Features that Make Our
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AIS Technolabs makes money lending much more easy, safe, and rewarding from all aspects. With our p2p lending websites and apps, you can generate a seamless stream of passive income with regular repayments on a monthly basis. We function with the aim of keeping the costs low.

Some exclusive features we integrate into our peer to peer lending websites and apps are:

Strategic Information Technology

We incorporate numerous strategic information technology features into a single platform such as lending tools, investment functionality, and debt collection, retail banking software, and a lot more.


At AIS Technolabs, we let you customize the credit model as per your preferences. You can conduct reverse auctions as well as automate bidding and lending for your customers in just a few clicks.


The software created by us includes a customizable module for application forms, issuing loans, matching algorithms, signature functions for lenders and borrowers, and much more.


If you belong to a country where it is mandatory to meet certain laws for peer to peer lending services then we will create app abiding the same. You don’t have to worry about it at all as our experts take everything into consideration in order to create a fantastic app that is as per your country’s rules and regulations.

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P2p lending is an intelligent way of debt financing that lets individuals lend and borrow money without using any financial institution as an intermediary. Peer to peer lending enables investors as well as borrowers to transact on their own terms and conditions. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading creators of p2p lending websites and apps that facilitate such transactions in a convenient way. We make sure that with our apps and software you can easily handle the documentation part and make funding a reliable, quick, and convenient process for your customers.

    No matter which operating system you want your app to work on, we can create it for you. We make sure we bring you a solution that is a perfect match for your company’s choice and strategy.


    We can provide you with a variety of scripts and APIs on the market. You just have to decide whether you want them in software or an application.


    You must avoid hiring different developers for distinct parts of the process as it can cost you huge expenses. We are a single agency that offers you everything from promotion to prototype.


    We create apps that deal with distinct personal data of users to ensure that you avail absolute security. It is important to make sure that every issue is handled from the very beginning.


    Design planning is an integral part of the app or software development process for peer to peer lending services. We make sure that the app is easy to use and attractive to see for your target audience.


    At AIS Technolabs, we put in place one of the best data security and safety standards to make sure your data and details are protected at all steps. We maintain absolute confidentiality of data shared by our customers with us.

Avail Astounding Benefits of
Peer to Peer Lending Services from the Experts

AIS Technolabs is a reputed and top leading peer to peer lending company that can create secured and efficient websites or apps based on the size of your project. Partnering with us can help you avail the following benefits!

Hassle-Free and Quick Process

AIS Technolabs offers a seamless user experience in terms of creating apps. We offer a quick and hassle-free development process and make sure that the app incorporates all modern features.

Customized Eligibility Criteria

We create customized apps for our customers. You can customize the eligibility criteria including job experience, financial history, prospective employment, and budget management of your customers.

Easy Domain Registration

The domain is the address of your website. If you don’t have one, we can create a unique domain name for your company. Since domain registration requires money we make sure that the process is done at the lowest possible prices.

Integration of Payment Gateways

We integrate numerous payment gateways into your app to make sure your app delivers a rich experience to the users.

Intuitive User Interface

The peer to peer lending websites created by us comes with a highly intuitive and flawless user interface. We use the latest technologies to create apps that offer a rich experience to your users.

Technical Support Service

From testing and debugging to after launch support, we offer all of it. We destroy all bugs and errors to make sure that your app performs excellently on your desired platform.


Some of the core benefits of creating your software or app from us are you get lots of features such as:
1. Payment gateway integration
2. Secured and reliable platform
3. Excellent user interface and design
4. Customized features

Before launching the app or website, we conduct a marketing campaign, offering your customers, investors and borrower’s discounts, higher or lower interest rates and more reliable conditions for granting a loan.
Moreover, we also include security measures to protect the app from scammers who want a loan but disappear as well as from hackers who can perform phishing attacks.