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Every person involved in online business is using online payment method in order to make and collect payments. An efficient payment gateway can allow you to make your transactions in a safe and secure manner. Through a good payment gateway, you can accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks, etc. in a hassle-free manner.

We, AIS Technolabs, being the leader in the field of IT Consulting and web solution providing, offer our clients the best-in-class services for payment gateway integration in order to simplify the process of receiving payments through a choice of payment methods. With our years of rich experience in this field we provide a reliable and customized service from allowing you to pick the service provider of your choice to the flawless integration of the payment gateway. Our client retention rate is more than 80% which itself tells the story of our success.

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Payment Gateway Integration Services

We facilitate online purchases by customers, from a merchant’s website through payment by internet banking, credit and debit cards etc. We integrate your website with the numerous payment choices offered by numerous banks, money card brands and different payment processors. Our payment integration services have helped several clients to offer completely different payment choices on their website, supporting their varied business needs. Our team of pros use the topmost technologies to make sure payment transactions are secure and quick. They also have major experience in PCI complaints integrations, SSL integrations, API and hosted android payment gateway integration.

A well-designed payment gateway is very essential for any E-commerce site be it a retail store, a ticketing site, a recharging site and many others. Not only it allows the users to carry out financial transactions sitting at their home, but enables them to do so in a flick of time. Our offered integration service allows your customers to make online payment using their mobile, laptop, smart phones, tablets or any other compatible device.

Here are some
of the prominent features of our
payment gateway services:

  • Provides real time transactions through debit and credit cards
  • Provides multilingual support
  • Provides online consumer authentication
  • Provides real time reporting and reconciliation
  • Provides custom payment solutions
  • Provides multi-support payment gateway solutions
  • Provides multi-currency conversions
  • Provides powerful fraud management system
  • Provides automatic recurring billing option
  • Provides alternative payment options
payment gateway services
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We offer customized and high-quality payment integration solutions to our customers. While providing you the integration solutions we keep in mind your product, your end-users, and the market. Our certified developers are competent in working with varied payment gateways to simply accept all major credit and debit cards. Our skilled team can integrate any kind of shopping cart together with your website effortlessly.

Besides, we tend to additionally consider all types of technical problems regarding such integrations and then provide you a trouble-free expertise from beginning to end. We use our expertise and knowledge about the main gateways and connected Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) such as PayPal, link point, authorise.net and Google checkout, to provide you the best possible solution.

Our payment integration considers every possible technical solution in order to provide you a thriving payment transaction service. A correct integration of the gateway with ecommerce app development relevant services provides easy payment, which attracts more customers and thus enhances the sale of your store. Our professionals guarantee secure, fast and consistent online transaction integration based mostly upon the technology such as ASP.net and C#, ASP and PHP, or ASB.net and VB. Our multilingual page available in major languages provides a wider international reach. The customers who prefer content in their native languages will engage more with your website leading to an increased user experience and exaggerated dealings success rates.

payment gateway integration services

Our developers don’t seem to be solely experienced in straightforward payment gateway integration services, but additionally in hosted model payment integration, continual payment integration, accommodative payment integrations, and mass payment integration. Our services offer the preceding kinds of payments and guarantee optimum fraud prevention to the purchasers in their online transactions. We also offer the solution for the failed transaction problem. Suppose, your customer enters wrong card details, or selects incorrect payment option, or there is bank downtime, etc. and the transaction fails. Now going through the entire process of filling the payment details can be tedious and time consuming. To solve this difficulty, we have developed a smart retry system. Through this system, the steps involved in filling the entire details again can be skipped and the customer can be redirected to an intermediary page where he can choose an alternate payment option to complete the transaction successfully.

So, don’t think twice and avail our services to develop a trustworthy payment portal for your business and at the same time customize your payments page to the look & feel that suits you the best. You can also upload your brand logo and modify the color and theme to create a truly branded and seamless experience for your customers.