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Are you looking to build innovative lending software to connect lenders and borrowers online? Are you keen to change the shape of crowdfunding business model? Then building lending software is the right choice for you. Our team of experts is adept at creating the best lending software to customize the money lending software across different sectors such as retail, corporate, medical, lease financing and many more.

Peer to peer lending is a lucrative fundraising business model for connecting borrowers and lenders online. With the use of technology and new tools, the earlier hand to hand transaction model is now changed to the most profitable online lending system model.

About AIS Technolabs
Online Lending Software

We are a team of creative experts in the field of innovation and marketing. We are in the business of building solutions for your business needs. AIS Technolabs is one of the leading service providers completing over 20,000 projects serving different client needs. We are keen to create the online lending softwareas this is a new sphere we’re excited to embark; on this journey of building best peer to peer lending software in order to offer the best experience to both lenders and borrowers.

Through social media, peer to peer lending software has made it easier to find loans than ever before. From establishing a clear goal for your money lending business and building call to action to promoting events and connecting with business sponsors, your money lending software is essential to optimize your peer to peer fundraising efforts. Therefore, we work with you throughout the process. Good things do come in small packages and we, at AIS Technolabs bring the good things to your business by being the best solution providers in the industry.

We turn your decent mid size business into an online marketplace through our open source lending software. We offer your lending software in open source because it is inexpensive and offers a solution for many of your problems such as managing CRM, loans, savings, reporting, accounting, and many more. With the changing financial space and trends, it is clever to build a system in place that is easily customizable, adaptable and personal. This need gave rise to our powerful lending platform script

Excellent customer

Fully automated credit
decision making

Fast product creation
and delivery

Highly responsive

Fully adaptable lending models

Your lending model can be set to your requirements. Better yet, as your requirements change we will help you customize the money lending model accordingly. You can either go the Indiegogo way (something rather than nothing) or the Kickstarter way (all or nothing).

Customized Email Configration

We can help you configure email notifications for both borrowers and investors alike. In addition to this, we can help you set up project-specific notifications from specific sender to receiver and see that the generic settings for other projects do not change.

Google Analytics

In addition to all the above features, we offer our search engine rankings tracking and analytics system in order to track the traffic, evaluate trends and know more about the type of users visiting your website. Inherently, it is one of the best and most underrated tools to increase your sales funnel and improve your revenue.

P2P Lending Software Credit Ratings

You have the option of adding credit ratings of the borrower by calculating the interest rate of loans and maintain the credit history in your P2P lending software database.

Loan rates, Mortgage rates and EMI calculator

We will help you integrate the best calculator application to check loan rates, mortgage rates and calculate borrower’s EMI in line with their credit rating.

Loan terminology

We help you configure loan based terms based on specific frameworks such as credit score, loan purpose, yearly income, loan period, current assets and many more.

Mortgage management

As the mortgage is anyone’s one of the biggest liabilities, therefore, accurately managing it is an indispensable need. We offer you the option of managing your customer’s mortgage throughout the loan period because we build a strong system in place. In addition to this, we configure your system in such a way that your loan and mortgage management system proactively alert customers when and how they can save money.

Risk management

With our risk management module, you can actively evaluate trends, monitor risks and know the pain points before they turn into risks. Our team comprises of consultants, who not only have product development experience but come with a banking knowledge so we can develop a strong system in place to mitigate risk and improve credit quality. You’d get a number of additional features such as customized reports for each criterion, better tracking system, better testing system and automation of chosen processes.

Loan Management Lending Script

From checking loans in progress and loan history to calculating loan risk scoring and managing customer accounts we add features as specific as you want them to be. The best part is all of the features are available both in cloud-based solutions and on-premise deployment options. In loan management module, loan origination, loan servicing, portfolio management, loan decision support, underwriting and debt collection are covered. Administering loans and promoting and managing your customers is so complex, we make it possible with our lending script.

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