PHP Auction Script

PHP auction script is a solution that enables a person to sell their product and services by online auction, participants then bid on the certain products, and the highest bidder will win and take away the product or services. With this script, the auction process becomes simple and easy as similar as have seen in the real world. You can also create an online auction for any products like property, jewelry, vehicles, electronics, clothing, home, pets, etc. We, at AIS Technolabs, are leading software Development Company, highly engaged in providing feature-rich readymade PHP auction script with responsive design that runs on all compatible devices.

We have built a script with a user-friendly admin panel that is flexible for all kinds of business modules, digital products, real estate, and used products. Our Auction script has different payment gateways and supports multi-language. The script is implemented with inbuilt SEO, friendly URL, spam control and catch management system. This script will work in low bandwidth internet and is one of the best marketplace scripts for the auction business. The best feature of this script is that it supports the multi-currency along with multi-language.

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PHP Bidding Script

PHP Bidding Script is the basic plan and user can place the highest bid and get their desired products and services. The multiple payment gateway systems help in paying money in a secure and hassle-free manner. Due to its multiple language integrations, the auction site becomes extremely reliable and user-friendly. We offer Auction Script PHP on which users can bid on products using smartphones; bidding platform provides higher recommendation among the people which upsurges the growth of the business.

If you are looking to enable online bidding on your site, PHP Auction Script is the ideal tool for this purpose. It will help you manage bids in real time and keep clients up to date on the bids they have made. The installation process is very simple and easy and do not require in-depth IT skills and are organized very intuitively. As per your need, you can change the color, font, translate and change texts and titles, review customer details, etc. in a few simple steps. Have a look at how it works:

Online Client Profiles

To place a bid, your customer first needs to register. And then they will be able to bid for your goods and services, check their bids, and update their profiles online. On the other hand, you can check the entire customer’s detail and their bids in the back-end system

Notification Messages

The messaging module in the system enables admins to customize different emails. On each new registration on your website, you will receive an email. On the other hand, the client gets the notification after successful registration, and if they have won a bid

Bidding Process And Management

With using a button in each product’s profile, registered clients can offer a bid. They will see the total number of bids already placed and the highest offered bid. Admin can see the full list of bids for each product and manage them as required.

PHP Auction Software

AIS Technolabs is pleased to provide you PHPauction software that will turn your website into an online bidding marketplace where clients can ask for a variety of products and shop online. Our offered software is simple to use, and you can install it within 10 minutes of purchasing. The highlighted application of the script gives you a chance to make a definitive productive online penny sell off-site. If you want a solution branding your Auction Script website, you can post your script on our website. Our offer script comes in with the following features

  • Manage Online Bids

    Our auction PHP script once installed enable you to monitor all bids in real time, customize the bidding process and sell a wide range of products and services online

  • Responsive Design

    The online bidding script has a mobile-enabled design to help clients to place their bids from any device. You can change the color or fonts to best match your website appearance

  • Add Multiple Categories

    You will be able to create various categories and assign numerous products to each of them. If required, you can show or hide a specific category.

  • Sell Products

    Each product you post online auction system goes with a title, short description, and detailed description, as well as multi-image gallery enabling you to add and edit optimum quality pictures.

  • Php Source Code

    With this feature, you can customize the online bidding system yourself; you will need a Developer Licence. You can request on-demand custom modifications.

  • Notification Messages

    Admin and customers will always get notified with the smart notification module integrated into the auction script. Customize and send confirmation emails.

  • Set Bidding Time

    Automate the online bidding by setting the closing time of each bid. The remaining time is shown in each product’s profile

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