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AIS Technolabs is a reputed mobile and web app development company, with an expert and experienced team of developers for customized Poker game development. We specialize in offering top quality poker game development services to our customers that guarantee higher user engagement. If you are new to the gaming industry or want to attract more and more target audience to your online poker games, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

We have a dedicated team of game designers as well as poker software developers who are well experienced in creating complex poker games having top-class security features and magnificent visual effects. Our poker developers are highly qualified and trained and adept at using the latest tools and techniques for online game development. AIS also offer customized poker software all over the world, offering you personalized solutions to meet your unique needs.

We are a one-stop-shop for poker game solutions. Our skilled poker developers add more and more poker games for our clients to meet their growing business needs and goals of increased revenue. We have proven capabilities in order to develop customized as well as complex poker game apps. In addition, we strongly focus on our customer’s budget and needs

We aim to transform our customers’ business dreams into reality. This approach and our world-class solutions have made us very popular poker app developers. We pride ourselves on our commitment and dedication to excellence. Our poker app developers deliver superior quality software within budget and projected timeline. Our poker developers are very responsive and their top-notch priority is the security of our valuable clients.

Outstanding Gaming Features of Our Poker Game Software

AIS have successfully developed various poker games such as live poker crash games or live online casino games for our customers worldwide

We develop online poker games with realistic modules, excellent visual effects, superb features and enhanced security standards. Listed below are some of the features of poker game software developed by our expert poker developers:

We Offer a Matchless Range of Astounding Features of the Admin Panel


Admin Dashboard

It is super easy for the admin to manage various aspects of the game like information of current gamers, live events, and data messages from a centralized location


Manage User

The admin can keep a close eye on every detail of the user like gaming reports, registration details, and other.


Game Management

Managing the entire game is very simple for the admin in our poker software. The table layout, gameplay duration, speed, blinds, and other aspects can be managed easily.


Payment System

Our poker developer have integrated a reliable payment system in our software to let the admin enjoy safe and smooth money transactions


Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

The admin can effortlessly manage withdrawal and deposit of money in its account. Also, there is an ‘advanced search feature’ using which previous transaction history of the users can be checked.


Chips Management

Keep a smooth record of the number of chips added or subtracted on ongoing user’s request.


Game Setting

The admin can establish unique policies and rules for the games. It is possible to update the business details and information as per your own choice.


Private Table

Let your players enjoy an amazing gaming time with competitive and exclusive game tables created by you. Once you create it, you can invite players worldwide.


Rake / Admin Commission

The admin can earn vast commission amounts, which is automatically taken away from the player’s winning pot and deposited into the admin’s account.


All Chips Report

Creating a detailed report of leftover balance and total chips is very easy. It is convenient to keep record of chips added or deducted to the admin account.


Rake Limit

Admin can easily define new rake limits for individual game tables as per his preference.





Our Poker Game Developers Have Introduced Innovative Features for the Players that Make the Game More Interesting

Profile Management

Players can create their unique profiles to enjoy the game. They can upload profile pictures, enter details, and easily manage it.

In-Built Messaging System

An interactive game time can be enjoyed by all players with our in-built messaging system. Messages, emojis, and more things can be exchanged live.

Add Friends

Add new friends and earn rewards. Also, create new lobbies with your friends and keep enjoying an exciting time.

Money Deposit And Withdraw

With our advanced security system, players will gain secured withdrawal and deposit of their earned money.

Get Help

We provide complete technical support to players to ensure they enjoy a seamless experience while playing with our software. We immediately address your entire application related troubles.

Game History

Players can check their previous game history such as money invested, earn, lost, and others.

Easy To Install And Play

Our poker game developers have created the game using the advanced technologies. As a result, it is very convenient to install and play.

Exciting Gaming Challenges

Every new tournament let players enter into a world of numerous exciting challenges. With our software, unlimited fun is achievable.

Peer To Peer Gaming Experience

Enjoy a real-time multiplayer gaming experience with your peers. You can also set a new game with your peers.

Amazing Additional Features Make Our Game More Amusing

Club Management

The admin holds the power to create new clubs and add and remove members to the same. The game tables, gameplay duration, lobby, and other aspects can be customized.

Authorized Poker Script

Our premium poker game script serves to the requirements of players across the world. It is a tested and certified script from industry experts

Random Number Generator

We have developed our poker game on the basis of RNG algorithms and it is also certified from RNG as licensed software.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

The source code of our game is developed by proficient experts that allow convenient hosting of innumerable tournament tables and invite countless players.

Live Video

The live video recording and chat functionality allow players to enjoy live gaming sessions. Live videos can be enabled or disabled at any time during the game.

Multi-Language Support

Players can pick a language as per their preference to gain absolute enjoyment.

Multi-Currency Support

Players can choose either their preferred currency or Cryptocurrency. Our gaming software supports all kinds of currencies.

In-Built Game Engine

Our poker software developers have designed a highly robust engine for our game that let experts easily manage entire game logics and data without requiring third party assistance.

Progressive Web App

We offer a quick app development experience to our users. Our game is integrated with PWA that allows the users to install poker app without checking through app store.

Agent Module

Admin can create numerous modules using our software. Rake Commission, Child Agent, Super Admin, and Master Agent are some of the modules supported by our software through which admin can earn huge profits.

Global Gaming

Our gaming software offers a rich gaming experience to the players worldwide.

Multiplayer Game

Play challenging and exhilarating tournaments with multiple players at a time.

Benefits of Our Poker Game are Uncountable that Will Make You an Industry Leader!

  • flexible-team-hiring
  • Save Your Time

    Our poker game comes in a ready – to – use form that can be quickly downloaded and installed. You can start playing it immediately as soon as it is installed.

  • own-your-code
  • Own Your Code

    Once you buy our software, you gain complete ownership of the game engine, back end, front-end, and control of the game.

  • pay-in-installment
  • Pay in Installment

    Paying for our software is very convenient as you can always pay in affordable installments. The amount is fixed as per your convenience.

  • Highly-Compatible
  • Highly Compatible

    Our poker script runs equally well on all platforms and browsers. You can use a platform of your choice and run our script on it.

  • buil-with-unity-3d
  • Four Exciting Modes

    We provide a robust gaming solution in four exceptionally enjoyable modes.

  • Impressive-UI
  • Impressive UI

    With an interactive and user-friendly interface of our poker software, players have a wonderful time on the tournament table.

  • Artificial-Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Backed with the advanced AI technology, our poker script allow the users to enjoy a compelling virtual gaming experience.

  • Robust-Front-End-and-Back-End-Dashboards
  • Robust Front-End and Back-End Dashboards

    Managing all game aspects and controls is very convenient with our robustly designed front-end and back-end dashboard systems.

  • /NodeJS
  • Node.js

    Our expert game developers have utilized MondoDB and Node.js technologies to develop a powerful backend system that allow smooth and fast estimation of all data.

  • socket-io
  • Socket.IO

    Based on the advanced Socket.IO technology, our game will deliver you an unmatched experience and allow enjoying two-way communications between the clients and servers.

  • build-with-unity-3D
  • Build with Unity 3D

    You can get the Unity 3D version of our script that runs flawlessly on every device.

  • ci-cd
  • CI/CD

    We regularly update our poker game following a strict CI/CD process. This way, our users always enjoy playing with the latest features and technologies.

  • docker
  • Docker

    Our skilled game developers have used Docker at the server side to offer enhanced portability, security, and scalability to the users.

Our Poker Game Gaming Solution


Whitelabel Solution

The Whitelabel is the most effective solution to an online poker game with the ultimate unique offerings. we offer whitelabel solutions for poker gaming.


Turnkey Solution

Turnkey poker game solutions provides you with the complete package for the pokey gaming needs, which Is essential for the robust online poker game.


Cryptocurrency Solution

Cryptacurrency poker solution is a distinct product In the field of the gaming arena. In this solutioh a secure cryptocurrency payment system will be Integrated with poker game solutions to protect all the fraudental activities.

Our Poker Game Customization Process


Understanding Requirements

  • Get in touch with our client to know
  • Understand client’s needs
  • Comprehend the client’s business and its current process

Proposing Solution

  • Proposing Solution
  • Suggesting the best solution in terms
  • Finalizing the suggested solution
  • Preparing blueprint structure


  • Start developing the app
  • Develop main functions and sections
  • Get it reviewed from the client


  • Start testing the app
  • Fixing bugs if found any to make the app smoother
  • Get final review from client’s end


  • It’s time to deploy the app to App Store
  • Hand-over to client and deploy to client’s server
  • Finally, the app is ready to use for users

Support & Maintenance

  • Support Team
  • Maintenance
  • Review

Technology Stack



  • Socket



Programming Languages

  • node-js


  • angular-js

    Angular js

  • unity3D

    Unity 3d



  • MongoDB

    Mongo DB

  • google_firebase-2-512




  • amazonS3


  • SSH-Access

    SSH Access

End-to-End Online Poker Game Development Services Offered By Us


Our Poker software developers are proficient in providing end-to-end solutions. Our games are very reliable, secure and available for both IOS and Android platforms. We engineer native, hybrid and web poker gaming apps with cross-browser functionality for tablets as well as mobile phones. We develop the most alluring 2D and 3D poker games using JQuery, .NET, SQL Server, HTML5, Flash and MVC. We build live poker games including tournament features with game fresh capability and quick turnover. We program an advanced management portal for the admin for disabling the rules and changing the configurations and rules in real-time. We implement messaging and live chat features for the social gaming experience. We offer free play opportunity via autoplay opponents for practice and entertainment in the game room.

We Build the Poker Game for All Platforms


Desktop Version

We deliver outstanding gaming solutions for all kinds of desktop devices. You can run the desktop version of our game easily on Mac, Windows, and other operating systems.


Web Version

We deliver the best poke games for all web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others. Our poker app developer use the latest technologies to offer the best streaming experience with low data consumption on all web platforms.


Mobile Version

The mobile version of our poker script is rich in advanced features. It is highly responsive and allows the admin to create various tournaments for the players with cryptocurrency and real money. The single app runs seamlessly on Android, iOS, and Window platforms.

Upgradation and Customization Service

Our poker script comes in a one-time cost and offers immense numbers of benefits, upgrades, and customization capabilities. Our experienced and knowledgeable game developers practice strict CI/CD process to regularly introduce new upgrades and functionalities to the users. We believe in offering an unparalleled experience to our clients and for this our clients can enjoy theme upgrades, sound upgrades graphic upgrades and more along with great customization capabilities. The users can anytime contact our technical experts as well to gain an uninterrupted gaming time.

Our Expertise in Game Development

Mobile Game

We are a globally reputed name for developing the finest mobile games rich in 2D and 3D effects. Our mobile games are rich in animation, integrated with innovative technology, feature-rich, and come with an amazing gameplay.

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Running Game

We are the leaders in the game development industry who are committed to offer exceptional running games for all platforms. You just have to tell us your requirements and we will turn it into a high money earning business.

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Racing Game

We craft exhilarating racing games with stunning graphics and out-of-the-box gameplay. Interesting story mode and captivating features can help you engage large numbers of players in a short time frame.

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2D/3D Unity Game

Our game developers uses Unity 2d/3d game development technology, to deliver the best outcomes on your table. The games developed in Unity are fast to download, easy to play, highly interactive, and loaded with rich features.

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Are you looking for top-class Poker Game Developers? AIS Technolabs can provide you with a dedicated team of efficient poker software developers to help you develop outstanding poker game software and online experiences for a global audience. We are also specialized in maintaining and encrypting for ensuring our client’s privacy. Our teams have the abilities to develop various kinds of poker games for entertainment and comfort. Hire the best poker game developers from us and increase your users while improving user satisfaction


Get Daily Insights

Our dedicated team will provide our clients with daily or weekly status reports, and are always available to address concerns, comments, and questions. We pride ourselves in providing 100% client satisfaction and top quality service.


Expert Game Developers

We have an expert and skilled team of game developers having years of experience. Our expert game developers transform online video game requirements into reality.


Customized and Flexible Solutions

Our expert poker game developers offer customized and flexible solutions to our esteemed clients. They stay connected with the clients and help them in achieving the desired results. We deliver flexible solutions that suit the specific needs of the clients with extreme flexibility.


Best Game Studio

Get a variety of Android and iOS games with our expert and experienced team of professional developers. They implement eye-catching graphics and make use of the latest tools and technologies in order to serve our clients with the best possible solution.

Get the smart and flawless solutions Supported by Cutting-Edge Technology Offered by Our Poker Game Developers

AIS Technolabs is the premier provider of custom software development solutions for businesses all over the world. Consult with our game software solution specialists for poker development services that help in overcoming the software technology challenges. Our skilled developers provide a personalized solution as per the needs of our clients. Hire our committed expert developers and get a full array of superb benefits including on-budget and on-time project management. Our fully custom online gaming software solution needs no licensing fees during the project completion. We complete our client’s project meeting 100% specifications accurately. We promote flawless communication in order to provide users with superior experience and also help in providing more tailored services

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Admin Panel
Andriod User Application


A. Yes, we can create a ‘how to play’ section on request that will guide the players on each step and help them understand the game rules, strategies, and tips.

A. Our software supports all languages. You can share with us the list of languages, which you want in your poker software and we will integrate the same for you.

A. The replicate item in the form of a code repository is depicted commonly as the Script. Likewise, the Poker game Script acts as a robust item which not only helps in software development, but also helps in the management of the web pages and the entire platform.

A. The executable commands needed for the development of software and carrying out all the features of the platform is known as the Source Code. Alike this, the Poker game Source Code is also needed for coding the software and generating the websites/applications out of it.

A. The collection of instructions to build a robust platform is known as the Software. Accordingly, the Poker game Software is also built to facilitate all the platform operations smoothly and efficiently.

A. The pre-developed software program is known as Readymade Software. Similarly, the Readymade Poker game Software is developed as a pre-made program to facilitate the operators for developing a similar platform at an economical price.

A. The application developed with the intention to utilize on devices like Android or IOs mobiles is known as application development. Similarly, the Poker game app development is a significant process of attracting more prospects in a popular medium.

A. The development of websites which would contain extraneous information is known as website development. Likewise, the Poker game website development refers to the coding and markup of a website including the process of development, deployment, designing, content generation, etc.

A. The job of designing, creating, deploying, and coding performed by the developers is known as Software development. With this, the Poker game Software development is done to facilitate the software creation and operation.

A. If you want to purchase a faultless Poker game Script, give us a call or drop a mail to the below mentioned mail id of this page. We will get back to you as we receive your mail.

A. We at AIS Technolabs, a renowned Poker game Script provider, offer high-quality Poker Script services. Additionally, Poker is the most famous and profitable online gambling site in current trends. We have also developed Poker Scripts that help the platform to stimulate, thereby getting acclaimed as the best Poker game Script company.

A. With a highly competent staff of developers, we at AIS Technolabs can help you get your Poker game Script built up using innovative strategies. We give customized services to clients all around the world, thereby providing tailored solutions. Hence, get your business started with the help of our team of excellent Poker game developers.

A. We can bet on the part that our Poker game developers at AIS Technolabs are the best among the rest because they:
  • Provides cutting-edge solutions
  • Provides project reviews regularly
  • Understand the requirements
  • Provides excellent gaming experiences
Hence, hire our developers to get the best services related to Poker game solutions

A. In the event you face an issue while downloading a Readymade Poker game Script, we will help you. However, to obtain this help, call our experts, and they will help you through the process until it gets installed on your server.

A. Only experienced and proficient organizations can offer readymade Poker game Script related services. Similarly, if you are hunting for a reliable Script that too at a reasonable price, then do not think anymore, and place a call to us at AIS Technolabs. We will help you and assure you with an efficient and robust script, thereby making your software more appealing and alluring to the audiences.

A. The ‘Source Code’ for a readymade Poker game Source Code forms an important part during the development process of the websites/apps. As a result, those organizations acquiring proficiency in the updated software trends and current technologies stay active and competent in the market. A highly professional firm like us at AIS Technolabs provides the best readymade Poker game Source Code.

A. The cost to develop a Poker game depends on the features, complexities, and technologies you want. We first discuss everything in detail and then quote the final price. We can always create a game that fits into your budget.

A. Yes, we do offer custom game development services, which are tailored as per the unique needs of your business. In addition to custom solutions, our poker game is secured, compelling and profitable.

A. It’s hard for a developer to predict the cost before understanding your requirements. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt that the advancement cost will remain inside the price starting from $999.

A. There lies a lot of confusion regarding the costs and estimation required for building a Poker game mobile application. Notwithstanding, with us at AIS Technolabs at your closest approach, you don’t need to take stress regarding the cost and budget procedures. We offer ideal and alluring costs for developing Poker game mobile applications. However, the primary expense may vary between $2999-$49,999.

A. We at AIS Technolabs are regarded as the best Poker game Script development company, as we try to meet all our clients’ needs and ensure them that our services are realistic, reliable, safe, and appealing. Our professional team of developers offers services to our clients all over the world by product high-end solutions and excellent results

A. We at AIS Technolabs have the top-notch developers and designers in our team. In this way, our profoundly talented group provides the best of the services involving the latest strategies and techniques. Hence, hire our Poker game developers to get effective services, thereby maintaining proper end to end encryption strategy.

A. With the help of competent game developers and proficient designers at AIS Technolabs, you can create your Poker game website, thereby producing an intriguing platform comprising mainly of amazing features and exciting Poker game services.

A. In case you are worried regarding the downloading process, then just relax! Our group of developers at AIS Technolabs will assist you with the entire downloading cycle of the readymade Poker game Script and get it installed in your web server readily.

A. The time it takes to develop a product varies based on the coding language used along with the features sought. Even a simple project, on the other hand, normally takes at least three months to finish. Similarly, the period of developing a Poker game script may also increase as a result of the complications in the development process.

A. The cost of developing a Poker game Script is determined by the complexity required in the software and various other criteria from their side. We’d be delighted to have a more in-depth conversation with you about it. For further information on costs and pricing, please contact us.

A. Indeed, Poker game Script is truly worthy and reliable. In addition, if you wish to have a Poker game application, then a decent quality Script is very essential. Henceforth, without a script, you can never build your software. So, a script seems to be of utmost importance for building any platform.

A. Poker related demands are highest these days in the market. Hence, to satisfy these requirements, thereby enhancing your business, get your Poker game website/mobile application started with us at AIS Technolabs. This will not only put a trustworthy impression on your firm, but also, will take your business to the peak among the others.

A. Certainly, it’s a wonderful idea to start your Poker game website/mobile application. This will help you to analyze the market trends and the demands of the Poker lovers in the current generation, thereby enhancing your profits and revenue.

A. You may control your online platform and facilitate the operation of poker software devoid of any issues by using an efficient Poker game Script, thereby attracting more users to your platform and generating huge revenue. This way, you can approach the path of becoming a billionaire

A. An individual can very easily establish his vision of becoming an entrepreneur in the Poker game industry by creating applications/websites in the same field. However, before that certain points needed to follow are:
  • Introduce a classic platform with respective admin and user panels
  • Procure a registered license
  • Ensure safety in the platform
  • Provide real-time functionalities in the platform
These all points will help an individual to achieve his dream, thereby approaching the ladder of success.

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