Poker Game Development Company

AIS Technolabs is an award-winning Poker game development company offering poker development services. We follow a streamlined process to develop quality iOS and Android-based games. Our developers are always ready to solve technical glitches that hinder your gaming experience. We ensure that your gaming software reaches the market with no bugs.

AIS has mastered the art of developing online gambling applications that are entertaining and engaging. We have in-depth knowledge to create an advanced and customized Poker game. In addition, we assist our clients in integrating payment gateway solutions to store all critical data securely.

We can develop poker games that resemble live poker online games. Our poker software development services are trustworthy, appealing, realistic, and secure. We pride ourselves on our excellent graphical capabilities, admiring UI designs, bug-free product, and versatility. We are well aware of the latest technologies, techniques, and tools to build games. These qualities make us an ideal preference for different clients worldwide.

Play Poker with Exciting Features

AIS Technolabs develops precise Poker games enriched with exciting features. Our game designers, testers, and developers ensure to deliver premium quality software. We provide round-the-clock assistance and maintenance to our clients

AIS Technolabs provides cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We have delivered a poker game development service to 1000+ clients globally.

Our team develops games that allow players to play for real money or free. Our developers work with the clients to get each game customized as per their requirements.

Features in the Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

We have designed a user-friendly dashboard for the admin that allows convenient managing of data, messages, gamers, and other gaming events by the admin from a central location.

Manage User

Admin can have an in-depth check of their users’ data like gaming reports, registration details, and other information.

Game Management

Our online poker software development features easy game management capability that let the admin manage various gaming aspects like blinds, gameplay duration, gaming reports, and others.

Payment System

Poker game solutions offered by us are inbuilt using the most secured payment technologies. Hence, admin and players never have to worry about money loss or misuse.

Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

The admin can manage money deposit and withdrawals in a few clicks. It is also possible to check details of past transactions of a particular user.

Chips Management

The admin can add or remove chips as per the user’s requests to give them the most delighted gaming experience.

Game Setting

Setting new gaming policies and rules is very easy in our poker game software. Also, the latest business information can be updated as per choice.

Private Table

Admin can manage numerous Poker game tables and tournaments from a central location at one point of time in a hassle-free manner.

Rake / Admin Commission

Earning and managing rake commission amounts are very simple with our software as the commission amount automatically deducts from the player’s winning pot.

All Chips Report

This is an exclusive feature using which the admin can maintain a detailed report of total and remaining chips in the admin account.

Rake Limit

The admin can set different rake limits for multiple tables and tournaments in a single click.

Get a Profitable Poker Solution from Experts


Features of Poker Game App & Software Development

Profile Management

Managing unique profiles by the players is very convenient in our software. They can choose profile picture, language, name, and other information as per their choice.

In-Built Messaging System

With the in-built messaging system in our poker development software, players can enjoy a highly interactive gaming experience. They can share messages, texts, and emojis instantly with other players.

Get Help

Playing with our software is an absolute relaxation for the players as we have supported it with the best technical support.

Game History

Our poker game software allows you to fetch the live details of the gameplay as well as current and previous gaming moves of different players on your platform.

Easy to Install and Play

With quick installation and easy playing capabilities, gamers worldwide can enjoy a wonderful gaming experience in just a few clicks.

Exciting Game Challenges

Enjoy playing poker games with everyday tournaments and challenges and see the rewards and chips you earn to stay on the top.

Peer to Peer Gaming Experience

Players can enjoy a real-time playing experience with other players by enjoying live gaming with other players.

Additional Features of Our Poker Software

Club Management

The admin can create and manage new clubs and assign new club members as well. The club managers enjoy rich customization facilities for game tables, lobby, game duration, and other aspects.

Authorized Poker Script

We design a premium grade script for our poker software that caters to the requirements of players worldwide. To offer you the best, we test and certify the script beforehand.

Random Number Generator

With the RNG algorithm integrated in our software, you will never experience any licensing issues.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

Our experts have designed rich poker game source code that allow admin design multiple tournament tables and invite players from across the world.

Live Video

Players can enjoy playing live chat with their friends. The live video chat option makes the game more interesting and engaging.

Multi-language Support

The multi-language support in our software keeps the users engaged from different geographic locations.

Multi-Currency Support

With the multi-currency support feature in our poker software, the players can freely select their preferred payment methodology or cryptocurrency.

In-Built Game Engine

Our experts have built-in a powerful gaming engine that let the owner easily handle all game logics and data without third party support.

Progressive Web App

The poker website and app development offers fast loading speed with PWA integration. Users don’t have to visit app stores for installing the game.

Agent Module

It is very simple to create different agent modules such as Master Agent, Rake Commission, Child Agent, and Super Admin. The admin can also decide a lucrative percentage share for earning money rewards.

Global Gaming

Players can enjoy playing the game from anywhere and at any time. Our game supports cross-browser compatibility and is based on universally acceptable norms.

Multi-player Game

Players can enjoy an amazing time by playing live poker with their family and friends with the multiplayer feature.

Anti-Fraud System

For restricting all sorts of online gaming frauds, our poker software is backed with the top-notch anti-fraud system that ensures peace and security to the operators and players.

Easy to Download and Install

The live poker game developed by us is simple to download and fast to install. This spectacular game is enjoyable in just a couple of minutes.

Benefits of Our Poker Software Development Solution

Save time

We offer poker software in a ready-to-use form that integrates quickly and saves you a lot of time.

Own Your Code

Once you buy our poker software, we transfer its complete ownership to you including codes. You can change the codes, controls, and other aspects if you want.

Pay in Installment

No need to worry about making hefty payments as you can always pay us in affordable installments.

Highly Compatible

Our poker game is highly compatible and functions flawlessly on all mobile versions and platforms.

Four Exciting Modes

We have designed the poker game in four exciting modes like Holdem, shootout, jump, and Stingo that ensures players enjoy endless fun.

User-friendly and Attractive UI

The poker software designed by our experts is very easy to play. It comes in an attractive and visually pleasing interface, which makes it a treat to the eyes.

Artificial Intelligence

To let gamers enjoy a virtual gaming experience, we have backed our poker software with the advanced AI technology.

Robust Front-End and Back-End Dashboards

The poker solutions we offer are exclusive and come with the most user-friendly backend management system. The front-end system is fully secured and easily manages all gaming operations.


The backend system of our software is developed using MondoDB and Node.js technologies. As a result, you gain quick and enhanced estimation of complete gaming data.


You will always gain the most fascinating gaming time and bi-directional communications with our software as it is supported with the robust Socket.IO technology.

Built with Unity

We strive to deliver alluring live poker game apps and video poker game apps in 2D and 3D using Unity.


We practice a strict CI/CD process and regularly upgrade our poker game script to make sure our customers enjoy a seamless and advanced gaming time.


The efficient use of Docker by our poker game developers let owners enjoy high-end security, portability, and scalability on the server end.

Our Poker Game Development Gaming Solution

Excellent Poker Game Development Services

Poker is considered to be one of the trendiest games played by the user globally. Our company has effectively developed various kinds of online Poker software development games such as live poker cash games and live casino online games for our clients all around the world. Our skilled developers have established live online poker games with the best visual effects and realistic modules. We are well experienced and pay attention to the programming of jackpots as well as play-win ratio. We offer a live poker game app having cross-browser functionality. Our Poker Game Development Company Provide Services consists of standard functions in poker game app such as check, blinds, ante, bet, call and raise having automatic call capabilities. Our developed poker game betting limits contain no pot, spread and fixed limits.

We Build the Poker Game for all Platforms

Desktop Version

Our expert game developers deliver brilliant gaming solutions for all desktop devices. From Windows to Mac, we can deliver the most amazing poker software for all operating systems.

Web Version

We offer the best poker game development services for all web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, and more. With the use of cutting-edge technology, we make sure to deliver the best streaming and low data consumption solutions on web browsers.

Mobile Version

We are a leading game development company providing the best poker software for all mobile platforms. Our mobile version is highly responsive and compatible with all platforms like iOS, Windows, or Android.

Poker App & Game Upgradation & Customization Service

We are a professional poker game development company that understands that all casino owners like to regularly upgrade their games. We, therefore, offer premium yet inexpensive up-gradation and customization services to our customers. We regularly upgrade the various features of our software based on the latest technology. Our clients can anytime avail of our affordable customization services to get changes done to the features and functionality as per their preference. The utmost satisfaction of our clients is of prime importance to us.

Our Expertise in Game Development

Slot Game

Investing in our slot games will be a right investment for you as we design premium slot games incorporated with the latest technology. Having our slot game as part of your casino business will help you earn immense profits in a very short time period. Want to get impeccable slot games in a cost-effective frame?

Racing Game

The highly skilled and talented team of game developers at AIS Technolabs ensure that you get the most engaging and customized services for racing gaming. We develop brilliant racing games. You get the most exciting racing games with amazing functionalities.

3D/2D Game

We develop most fascinating 3D games featuring striking visual effects, multi-currency support, artificial intelligence, elite technology, and excellent compatibility with numerous devices and operating systems.We can provide you top-notch racing games with fabulous entertainment.

Unity Game

We are renowned unity game developers who can provide you with highly qualitative gaming solutions through our unmatched knowledge and skills. From testing, animation, graphics, editing, to optimization, we focus on every aspect to deliver you optimum results. We can provide you with spectacular Unity games with pleasing aesthetics and incredible features.

Why Hire AIS Technolabs Poker Game Developers?

We do our best to provide the most excellent solution for our clients and help them in achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction. We provide a devoted game developer for our clients, who have an enhanced insight into the online gaming solutions and can serve all kinds of poker development requirements. Our enthusiastic game developers are well qualified and trained in personal guidance that helps in creating the best game development plan for our clients. Our highly experienced team of developers also helps in getting the preeminent live unity poker games app as per the client’s requirement. Our experts offer innovative, creative and high quality poker development gaming solutions to our clients.


We have a team of professional game developers having vast experience. Get a range of iOS and Android games with our expert team and also experience the dazzling graphics with an extremely refined interface. We make use of modern technologies in order to help our clients with the best possible solution.

Flexible & Customized Solutions

We tend to deliver flexible and custom solutions to our clients as per their needs. We understand our client’s specifications and needs from different angles and help them in achieving their desired output. Our flexible solutions are designed in order to suit client needs with extreme flexibility. We do our best to provide smart service solutions using cutting-edge technology. Our affordable solutions also help in saving effort and time.

Expert Advice

Our clients can avail superb advice from our expert developers. We offer excellent solutions with our brilliant gaming experiences.

Hire the best Dedicated Professionals

We provide our clients the liberty to hire dedicated proficient developers who would allow the clients to alter and scale up or down as per their choice.

24/7 Technical Support

We are always available 24/7 and provide instant solutions through our 24/7 technical support. We offer a greater experience to the users with our seamless communication and help in providing more tailored services.

The Project Reviewed On A Daily Basis

We provide our clients with weekly or daily uninterrupted project reports. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction, transparency as well as seamless operations.

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Q. What is your distinction as a Poker game development company?

A. AIS Technolabs has been in the market for more than a decade. We have a track record of developing innovative and eye-catching multi-user games. Our team can efficiently plan, approach, execute and deploy a gaming project from the beginning to the end.

Q. Do you follow any methodology for quality control?

A. Yes, we practice a stringent process to deliver the best quality product. We have a separate team for quality control that scans every project meticulously before the final submission.

Q. What is ‘Poker Game Development’?

A. Game development means designing, developing, and launching a game. Similarly, the Poker Game development process entails the concept of designing, generating, testing, and building a game.

Q. What is Poker development for software?

A. Poker game software is developed to play the game on any website or mobile app. The development company ensures the integration of game features like designs, layouts, outlines of the poker table, cards, chips, and characters, etc.Poker development for software is developed to conduct the operations of Poker playing platform reliably and efficiently.

Q. What is your distinction as a Poker game development company?

A. You can send us your proposal and expectations to develop your website or Poker Game platform. AIS Technolabs would be happy to help you with all your requirements and enhance the profitability of your poker business.

Q. What is the cost of Poker software development?

A. The cost generally depends on the requirements from the client’s side. For further information, mail us your needs at the given email address or call the provided number.

Q. How can I hire a developer for Poker game development?

A. You can hire dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs. Our developers are trained enough to compile with the industry standards and effective administration.

Q. What are the companies that provide ready-made Poker scripts?

A. AIS Technolabs offers ready-made Poker game development scripts. We are an award-winning, well-established development organisation. We have a team of efficient developers who use innovative ways to develop the Poker Script.

Q. Do you provide Poker clone development services?

A. You can hire dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs. Our developers are trained enough to compile with the industry standards and effective administration.

Q. Do you provide Poker clone development services?

A. Yes, we deliver customised Poker clone development solutions to give you an exact replica of your favourite gaming app.

Q. What is readymade Poker Software Development?

A. The pre-developed programming application is known as ’Readymade Software.’ Likewise, the Readymade Poker Game development Software is created as a pre-made program to work at par with the other applications, fostering a similar platform at an inexpensive rate.

Q. What is readymade Poker Software Development?

A. The pre-developed programming application is known as ’Readymade Software.’ Likewise, the Readymade Poker Game development Software is created as a pre-made program to work at par with the other applications, fostering a similar platform at an inexpensive rate.

Q. What is Poker game development for a website?

A. The work of structuring, coding, developing, and deploying the entire website is known as ‘Website development.’ Poker game development for a website goes through the same process, performed for brand establishment and promotion.

Q. How to purchase/buy Poker game software services?

A. To avail of these services, send us an email or ring us directly. We sell these services at affordable prices, and we’d be glad to hear from you and resolve all your queries.

Q. How much does it cost to build a Poker game mobile application?

A. The expense required for building a mobile application depends on the requirements. However, basic development service prices start from $999 only.

Q. How to become an entrepreneur in the Poker game industry?

A. The poker game business has progressively become a hit among ambitious entrepreneurs. You could create a website or application for Poker lovers where they can play the game and earn from it. Making money from Poker is as easy as a cakewalk!

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