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Are you somebody who wants to take your poker league software tournament and home games to the next level but at the same time tired of using spreadsheets and calculators to keep a track of your game stats? Well you may not be the only one to feel like that.

Our online poker tournament software can solve most of your problems. Not only can you schedule games, post news, update results, send invites etc from your customized admin panel, but explore many more options! Our software gives you many ways to increase participation of the players in your poker games.

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Poker League Software game play

How to build your Poker Tournament Software in 3 simple steps?

1. Purchase Poker Tournament Software

You can purchase poker tournament software from AIS Technolabs where we can also add your company’s logo to it. Our poker tournament software for mac has been developed by a team of experts.

2. Add custom features to your poker tournament software

Our team can help to customize the features of Poker tournament software and develop future-ready solutions. The customizations are personalized and change as per client’s requirements.

3. Hire dedicated experts of poker tournament software

You can hire a team of dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs for creating Poker Tournament software mac from scratch the way you want it.

General Version

Public Or Private League Page

Give users access to your site either through a public URL or with a custom passcode, which allows them to view your site in private mode, without needing them to create a separate user account on your site.

Schedule Games And Send Email Invites

Allow you to schedule games one at a time or once for all. Then you can invite your players with just a click of a button. Other ways to contact your players is by setting a game reminder or sending out emails with the game and location details.

Players Can RSVP With Links in Email Invites; No Sign-In Required

Game announcement emails include three RSVP links; Yes, No, and Maybe. Players can send their response by clicking the appropriate link in the original email.

Record Game Results With Drag N Drop Interface

Game results are recorded by simply dragging players into the position that they finished in. Players that didn’t show for the game are simply dragged to the “Did Not Attend” list. Bonus points and Winnings can also be recorded as part of the game results.

Leaderboard With Position, Recent Points, Wins, And Money Won

League leaderboard shows up points, number of wins, and total winnings for the season. Beside each player’s points, his most recent points gained can be seen. The leaderboard has an integrated filter feature for larger leagues.

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Gold League Version

Automated game reminder emails

League admin can choose to automatically send out a game reminder every Monday of the week of a game and/or the morning of the actual game.

Past History

Full game history and past season leaderboards can be viewed by choosing the season from the season’s dropdown.

Game Message Board

Both admins and players can utilize the game message board to chit chat. Message board update emails are sent to all league members on the first post of a new game.

Integrated tournament timer with live results recording

You get the tournament timer and customized blind levels available on your league page when signed in as the admin. Integrated results pane allows you to mark players who break out of the game as it happens, without minimizing the timer.

poker tournament software mac Virtual Trophies

Virtual trophies appear next to a player name if they finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in previous seasons. Players can hover over a particular player’s trophy icon to see all of their accomplishments and related trophies.

Player Stats and Graphs

Charts available to show player stats for current season and lifetime.

League Page Customization

Upload your league, bar, venu, or sponsor logo to your league page as per your choice.

Profile Image

Players can upload a picture of themself or an avatar that best reflects their poker personality. Avatar will show next to his name on his profile page.

Enjoy a Marvelous Game Time with Most Elite Features of Our Poker Tournament Software Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard
Manage Delivery Person
Game Management
Ticket Management
Player Management
General Settings
Reports Management
Rake Limit

Get Ready to Delve into Unlimited Fun with Incredible Poker Tournament Software Features for the Players

Profile Management

Our poker tournament software is a wonderful solution that allows players to create and manage unique profiles. Players can enter details like profile image, preferred language, currency support, and other desired features.

In-Built Messaging System

We offer an interactive gaming experience to the players and offer them the ease to exchange emojis and messages with other players using the advanced inbuilt messaging system.

Add Friends

Our gaming solution makes it simple and quick for a player to invite and add new players from various geographic locations.

Money Deposit and Withdraw

Depositing and withdrawal of money is a simple process for the players. They can do it easily without experiencing any hassles.

Get Help

We offer unmatched support to our customers for all technical grounds. This is done to ensure you have the most wonderful and trouble-free gaming time.

Game History

Our poker league software lets players view their previous gaming history. Players can check all details related to the game.

Easy to Install and Play

We aim to offer you not only great entertainment but also absolute convenience. For this purpose, we provide the best software that gets installed fast. It is available in a ready to use form, and hence, can be instantly played.

Exciting Gaming Challenges

Our game is loaded with a range of captivating and engaging challenges. Winners earn bonuses, rewards, chips, and more other gains that make the game more interesting.

Peer to Peer Gaming Experience

Enjoy playing real-time games with your peers. Stay ahead in the competitive world and showcase your finest skills to become a winner.

Our Superb Additional Features for the Poker Tournament Software Makes it the Industry Best

Club Management

We bring an exclusive feature to your table using which you can create new clubs and allocate managers to the same. The members of the club enjoy awesome powers and controls and can customize multiple gaming aspects.

Authorized Poker Script

We provide a ready to use poker tournament software mac, which is authorized and certified by the top-notch authorities. You experience a stress-free and rich gaming time with our poker script.

Random Number Generator

To maintain absolute transparency among our players, we practice the process of RNG algorithm. Based on this, the winners are selected through random picks.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

The admin can enjoy hosting multiple tables and add numerous players to keep the game engaging, competitive, and enjoyable.

Live Video

Players can enjoy recording and sharing live videos of their game. Also, they can exchange messages and chats with each other to have more fun.

Multi-language Support

Our software is supported with multi-language capability that allow players to choose their favorite game language. This encourages player’s participation and enhances the overall game spirit.

Multi-currency Support

The poker tournament software offered by us lets you easily select your preferred currency. The chosen currency can be used to carry various transactions. You can also select the option of cryptocurrency.

In-Built Game Engine

We have designed a robust gaming engine for our software that makes it easy for the user to control distinct game data, functionalities, and logics without requiring third party integration.

Progressive Web App

We offer a smooth and fast process for downloading your poker website. You don’t have to search through distinct app stores as everything is readily available for you.

Agent Module

With the possibility to play various game modules, you can gain a highly relishing and enjoyable experience. The different modules you can create are Master Agent, Super Admin, Child Agent, and Rake Commission.

Global Gaming

Gamers across the world are fond of our software as it comes with the most advanced and rich features. Our game is a premium route to high entertainment and earnings.

Multiplayer Game

Our game is an extremely addictive one that can be played by numerous players at one time. It offers a high level of engagement to the players.

Secure Uncountable Benefits While Enjoying the Most Amazing Poker Tournament Game!

Save time
Own Source Code
Pay in installments
Undisclosed Identity
Four Exciting Modes
Impressive UI
Artificial Intelligence
Robust Front-End and Back-End Dashboards
Node js
Built with Unity 3D
android developers for hire

Our Poker Tournament Gaming Solutions

We Curate Top-Notch Poker Tournament Games for All Platforms


Desktop Version

If you are looking for an innovative poker desktop game, which is loaded with rich capabilities and alluring features, our software is the one. It is an amazing gaming solution enriched with top-notch features and run smoothly on all desktop platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. As a result, your players always gain an exhilarating game time while you enjoy profits!


Web Version

To please the web players, we offer a ready to use form of poker software that comes with impeccable functionalities and eye-striking graphics. Our game is flexible and scalable and fits perfectly to every screen. With cross-browser compatibility of our software, your players can enjoy it on any web platform.

Mobile Version

Mobile Version

With the advanced functionalities of our software, you can make a huge impact on mobile players and enjoy earning immense profits in the mobile game industry. The mobile version of our software runs smoothly on all gadgets and is highly responsive and pleasing in nature.

Upkeep Your Poker Tournament Software to the Latest Means with Affordable Upgradation and Customization Service

With so many games available in the market, it is essential that you offer your players the best experience. Hence, we lend all support in this regard and offer you upgradation and customization services using which you can upgrade the various functionalities of the software. The best part is that you can customize distinct game aspects at economical terms. The new upgrades are highly enjoyable, available at affordable norms, and will keep your players engaged. From game themes, duration, controls, to visuals, you can change a lot with ease!

We Hold Matchless Expertise in Developing Games for All Sorts of Platforms

Slot Game

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Racing Game

With the increasing craze of racing games among players of all age groups, having one is essential for success in the gaming industry. We, therefore, offer you the top-notch racing games that incorporate amazing functionalities, unmatched capabilities, and unique gameplay.

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2D/3D Game

2D and 3D games are always in demand. You just have to make sure you are delivering the best and sure you can make huge bucks from it. To ensure you secure long-lasting success in the field, we offer feature-rich games with incomparable traits and aspects. They are visually appealing, fascinating, and captivating.

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Unity Game

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Why choose AIS Technolabs?

  • We provide our clients a dedicated account manager and team of high-end developers to work on their project.
  • Our team provides real-time maintenance & support during the entire project execution phase.
  • We offer flexible engagement models to our clients.
  • Our developers stick to international coding guidelines & standards,and committed towards quality and timely project delivery.
  • We offer our clients value for money packages.
poker tournament software mac
Frequently Asked Questions

The total time required for developing poker software depends on a lot of factors, like the numbers of features you want, the kind of visuals you require, technology used for development, and more. We, but, make sure that a perfect solution is provided to you in the minimum time frame.

Yes, we offer easy payment solutions where you can pay the total amount in affordable installments.

You’ll need a repository code which would facilitate software development and website designing. This code repository is better known as the script, which allows the business to expand online through a well-developed software and well-designed web pages. Hence, get hold of a Poker Tournament Software Script designed by us to receive an excellent solution using cutting-edge technologies.

The Poker Tournament Software Source Code comes under the most useful tools that is required to develop and create an app/website. This Source Code is utilized mainly for developing the software, thereby handling all website’s functions.

The pre-developed application, commonly known as Poker Tournament Software, is mainly used for the development of applications and websites. This application acts as the lifeblood of the entire process, and without this, no website/mobile application can function smoothly.

The quickest option for individuals searching for an effective clone software has been named ‘Readymade Poker Tournament Software.’ This readymade option essentially fits the budget and time of an individual, thereby helping to build a robust online platform.

The tailored option available for individuals looking to establish their own poker app can be met through our Poker Tournament app development service. An individual can easily opt for this service and gain more customer insights from their competitor’s in this sector.

To launch a Poker Tournament Website, look for companies like us who specialize in Poker Tournament website development service. Through this process, you can design and develop a stunning website that will help you to attract more customers, thereby helping you expand your business.

The most significant step followed before the development of websites/apps is the development of a robust base,i.e., the software. This Poker Tournament Software acts as a coded application to design the online platform, thereby facilitating growth and development in a poker business.

Poker Tournament Software is available at various prices depending upon your requirements and the features asked for. However, you can get it at an affordable rate from us within a few days. To place your order, call us and get your product booked and customized using the latest technological advancements.

The best Poker Tournament Software can be availed from us at AIS Technolabs. Our unbeatable Poker Software Solutions include all the necessary and cutting-edge features required to attract a wide range of poker players to this casino gaming world, thereby helping them promote and market their gaming platform.

Get a futuristic and pioneering Poker Tournament Software through us at AIS Technolabs, and scale the heights of success by starting a new business in this industry. Using our Poker Tournament Software, attract a significant number of poker players to this world of casino business.

You can hire software developers with just a click on the internet. Visit our website and hire our professional and efficient Poker Tournament Software developers. They will help you develop robust and high-quality software using ultra-modern technologies so that it bangs out the most in the market among the others.

After purchasing the Readymade Poker Tournament Software, the same is delivered to you in small chunks of files, which you can easily download and install on your device. For further help, contact our experts to conduct this process seamlessly.

The readymade Poker Tournament Software is a delicate element in a website/app. Therefore, it is something to be handled by trained and experienced personnel only. AIS Technolabs is a company having a professional team of developers from the front line of this industry. Therefore, we can guarantee you with a safe, secured, and fast working readymade Poker Tournament Software within your budget.

Readymade versions are pre-built that are later on customized based on the client’s demands and requirements. Therefore, it is essential to update the structure based on the latest technological trends. AIS Technolabs can efficiently perform this task with ease because our developers are up-to-date with their knowledge of the advanced technologies.

You can contact us directly through different modes of communications like video chat, voice call, messages, email, or any other way you prefer.

A Poker Tournament Website requires high graphics and a strong base to carry out the online live poker games smoothly without any glitches and interruptions. This takes a lot of planning and cutting-edge programming solutions. Therefore, all these procedures involve a high cost on the part of development. However, with AIS Technolabs, you can avail of these services at a cost starting from $2999.

Poker Tournament mobile application involves monetary transactions and thus attracts hackers from worldwide. However, with the correct programming and a solid software base, any fraudulent activities can be avoided, thus securing the players’ financial interests. However, this might involve a high price due to the use of complex and advanced programming languages. With us, at AIS Technolabs by your side, you do not have to worry about the budget, as we offer our development services at prices starting as low as $2999.

To get the best Poker Tournament Software in the market, approach us at AIS Technolabs. Being one of the trustworthy companies, we offer you incredible Poker Tournament Software solutions to enhance your online gaming business, thereby helping you to increase engagement in your website/app.

In this ever-changing world of technology, it is essential to hire a well-versed Poker Tournament Software developer who knows all the latest tools and programming languages to develop the most advanced software. AIS Technolabs, you can hire the industry’s most skilled developers at attractive rates. If you want to know the procedures contact us soon and hire one for your software.

To build your own Poker Tournament Software, you need a developer’s assistance. With their knowledge of the latest programming languages, the developers will build up a strong and study Poker Tournament Software that can efficiently execute all the games and monetary transactions without any glitches, online theft, and hacking.

If you wish to download a readymade Poker Tournament Software, our team at the support section can help you with that. You can place your desired order with them, after which it is our duty to customize a readymade Poker Tournament Software according to your expectations. On completion, the software will be sent to you in formats that you can download without anyone’s help.

There is no fixed time allotted by the developers as to how much time it can take to complete the task. However, on average, it can take up to 3-4 months to complete the project. Generally, the time depends on the project size and the work complexity.

On the internet, there are numerous Poker Tournament Software vendors. Our cost of Poker Tournament Software development starts around $2999 and ends upto $49,999. This also includes the hosting, domain, and the entire customization process.

The Poker Tournament Software is really worthy as it can solve the majority of the issues related to the online poker game. The personalized admin panel is designed beautifully in this software to schedule the tournaments, update the results, send invites and update the results. Not only this, the software also provides numerous options for increasing the player participation in these online poker games.

Since 2007, the poker tournaments have become extremely popular among poker lovers worldwide. Therefore, it is easy to achieve success among these enormous opportunities growing each year in this industry. So, if you are aspiring to start your business in this field, investing in a good Poker Tournament website/mobile application will be an efficient idea. This will help you reach the maximum number of players sitting in various nations.

It’s actually an incredible idea to start your own Poker Tournament website/mobile application. With the constant growth of the opportunities in this industry, you can attain your goals in a very short period of time. Therefore, with the help of an online platform and good marketing techniques reach out to the maximum number of poker players worldwide.

A well-programmed Poker Tournament Software will help you build a robust website/app, thus helping you gain optimum security on the platform. This will safeguard the interests of the players and will increase the goodwill of your site. Thus, helping you move forward towards the goal of becoming a billionaire.

In order to become an entrepreneur in the Poker Tournament Gaming industry, be transparent and honest to your clients by providing them with the experience of a real-time poker game. Additionally, remember that:

  • You need to have a license before entering this platform
  • Apart from this, you also require a technologically sound-team to assist you
  • Most importantly, you need to build an app/website for the same
  • Finally, gain customers and beat your competitors.

These all will help you to become a pioneering and trustworthy entrepreneur in this sector.