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Poker League Software

Are you somebody who wants to take your poker league software tournament and home games to the next level but at the same time tired of using spreadsheets and calculators to keep a track of your game stats? Well you may not be the only one to feel like that.

Our online poker tournament software can solve most of your problems. Not only can you schedule games, post news, update results, send invites etc from your customized admin panel, but explore many more options! Our software gives you many ways to increase participation of the players in your poker games.

Poker Tournament software mac features

Our software gives you two options to create your home page. First is the general version and the 2nd is the upgraded / Gold version.

poker league software

General Version

Public Or Private League Page

poker tournament software mac

Gives users access to your site either through a public URL or with a custom passcode,which allows them to view your site in private mode, without needing them to create a separate user account on your site.

Schedule Games And Send Email Invites

poker tournament software mac

Lets you schedule games one at a time or once for all. Then you can invite your players with just click of a button. Other ways to contact your players is by setting a game reminder or sending out emails with the game and location details.

Players Can RSVP With Links In Email Invites; No Sign-In Required

poker tournament software

Game announcement emails include three RSVP links; Yes, No, and Maybe. Players can send their response by clicking the appropriate link in the original email.

Record Game Results With Drag N Drop Interface

poker tournament software

Game results are recorded by simply dragging players into the position that they finished in. Players that didn’t show for the game are simply dragged to the “Did Not Attend” list. Bonus points and Winnings can also be recorded as part of the game results.

Leaderboard With Position, Recent Points, Wins, And Money Won

poker tournament software

League leaderboard shows up points, number of wins, and total winnings for the season. Beside each player’s points, his most recent points gained can be seen. The leaderboard has an integrated filter feature for larger leagues.

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Gold League Version

Automated game reminder emails

League admin can choose to automatically send out a game reminder every Monday of the week of a game and/or the morning of the actual game.

Past history

Full game history and past season leaderboards can be viewed by choosing the season from the seasons dropdown.

Game message board

Both admins and players can utilize the game message board to chit chat. Message board update emails are sent to all league members on the first post of a new game.

Integrated tournament timer with live results recording

You get the tournament timer and customized blind levels available on your league page when signed in as the admin. Integrated results pane allows you to mark players who break out of the game as it happens, without minimizing the timer.

poker tournament software

Virtual Trophies

Virtual trophies appear next to a player name if they finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in previous seasons. Players can hover over particular player’s trophy icon to see all of their accomplishments and related trophies.

Player Stats and Graphs

Charts available to show player stats for current season and lifetime.

League page customization

Upload your league, bar, venu, or sponsor logo to your league page as per your choice.

Profile Image

Players can upload a picture of themself or an avatar that best reflects their poker personality. Avatar will show next to his name on his profile page.

Poker League software advantages

  • User friendly
  • Best value for money
  • High defination
  • High performance
  • Regular updates
  • Multilingual
poker tournament software

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