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Do you want to own a flourishing online business that keeps reaping enormous profits without consuming too much of your time? At AIS Technolabs, we can offer you at reasonably priced conditions in the form of pokerstars software. With the growing popularity of online poker, it has become a fruitful business, which is beneficial both in the long-term and short-term. So, if you are looking for pokerstars clone software that is rewarding for you and engaging to your players, we are experts in providing that.

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Enriched with best games and tournaments, fast withdrawals and secure deposits, our pokerstars script is award-winning software that can make you become the next industry leader. People can play for real money and stay engaged. We, as a leading poker development company, rollout awesome solutions for beginning your online business in a short time duration.

The company offers a full suite of features and tools for successfully maintaining and operating an online poker platform. From creating successful campaigns to attracting new players, our developers design the best application for numerous platforms like Android, iOS, and other platforms. Our poker game is for everyone. We ensure that the players can play Poker without any technical obstacle or hurdle. Hire a good poker development company like us and get a feature-ready poker software

Instantly Setup Your Own Pokerstars Script Pre-Built with Brilliant Features

Our pokerstars script is packed with innumerable features including live game chat, high scores leaderboard, administrator control panel, adjustable buy in limits, tournament tables, and a lot more. Even if you don’t have any prior website or game development experience, you can easily use this software and offer a live online multiplayer poker experience to players.

Enthralling Features of the Admin Panel Boosts Excitement Level at Every Step

  • User Management

    Managing each detail related to the user is now a hassle-free task for the admin. Keep a systematic arrangement of registration details, game reports, and other details of the users.

  • Admin Dashboard

    A flexible dashboard for the admin allows smooth management of all game controls. From deleting a user to joining new members, everything works with a single click!.

  • Game Features Management

    This exclusive feature allows the admin to manage distinct game aspects like table creation, speed, gameplay duration, blinds etc.

  • Payment System

    Preferred payment system integration makes the gaming experience secured and trouble-free.

  • Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

    Withdrawing and depositing money has never been so easy. Everything is on your fingertips! Also check the history of previous transactions by clicking on the ‘advanced search’ option.

  • Chips Management

    New chips can be added and old chips can be removed according to the user’s choice.

  • Game Setting

    We offer efficient pokerstars for sale that makes it extremely easy to allocate new game rules and policies. You can even update current details of your business like addresses, and other information.

  • Private Table

    Admin can provide an option to the players to invite other users from family and friends and play fresh on a new private table.

  • Rake Limit

    Increase the earning capacity of the admin by assigning a new rake limit to each table.

  • Rake/Admin Commission

    Profitable rake amount gets auto deducted from the player’s winning pot. It instantly gets deposited to the admin’s account.

  • All Chips Report

    View the total of all chips and monitor the balance left after adding or deducting the chips from the account.


Introducing Spectacular Pokerstars Software Features for the Players

Robust Additional Features for Your Pokerstars Clone

Unleash the Exceptional Benefits of Our Pokerstars Software

We Build the Poker Game for All Platforms

desktop version
Desktop Version

Want pokerstars software for desktop players? We can offer you the best one that runs smoothly on Mac, Windows, and other operating platforms. Packed with immensely awesome functionalities, it is a real treat to the players.

web version
Web Version

Offer players an appealing and elite choice of gaming in the form of a web version of the pokerstars software. The software runs smoothly on all platforms and browsers and is available in a ready-to-use format.

mobile version
Mobile Version

An apt fit to every screen, the mobile version of our pokerstars software is a responsive and engaging solution. It delivers a real-time gaming experience and comes with amazing cross-browser compatibility to let you enjoy playing poker on varied platforms like Windows, Android, and Mac.

With Superiorly Tailored Upgradation and Customization Service You Can Enjoy Every Bit of The Game

The key to keep earning profits from our pokerstars game is to offer customers something new and latest. Buying our pokerstars software will be the best decision you have ever made and hiring us for upgradation and customization services is even better. Obtainable at a very nominal fee, these services are based on a strict CI/CD process and ensure to offer quick delivery. With it, you can upgrade the software with the advanced features. Hence, you avail of the most exciting and stimulating game experience

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Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Pokerstars software development?

We are one of the leading pokerstars software development service providers that have already served hundreds and thousands of clients across the globe. We have backed our services with ace quality and incomparable standards, which makes them the best in the industry. Our team experts have designed the most amazing game solution proven to offer a matchless gaming experience within your budget.

Some of Our Accentuating Factors are As follows:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have conquered immense success over the years by offering our customers the best at affordable prices in the industry. The price charged by us depends on the type and features of the gameplay you require in your software.

The time for project delivery depends on your requirements. Software with basic features is delivered quickly, while one infused with advancements and upgrades takes time. We make sure to take the shortest time and offer rich support afterwards as well.

The code employed for the establishment of the main program, i.e, the PokerStars software and the website pages is known as the ‘PokerStars Script.’ This same exact Script is encompassed with a variety of functionalities needed for the proper execution of tasks in a platform.

Another repository code used by the clients for setting up their own application/website is known as the ‘PokerStars Source Code.’ This exact Source Code is essential in case of running the various tables in a Poker tournament, thereby helping the players to take interest in the game completely.

The application which uses intuitive and innate features to facilitate the operation of a PokerStars platform is called ‘PokerStars Software.’ Additionally, this software acts as a product that is incorporated within a system to enable its smooth operation.

PokerStars website/mobile application requires PokerStar Software to execute all the functionalities and run the platform. However, it takes almost three months to develop the software. A quick solution to this is the Readymade PokerStars Software that comes in a pre-built structure.

The program which facilitates the developmental process of an app, that helps in increasing the efficiency of a business, and automate the process is known as ‘PokerStars app development.’

The codes and the programs facilitating the process of web programming, web designing, database management, and web publishing is known as ‘PokerStars website development.’

The programs responsible for the development of the codes, concepts, documents, tests, and the other frameworks and components in a poker platform is called ‘Poker Stars Software Development.’

Connect with us, at AIS Technolabs, either through email or you can call us, in order to purchase/buy the PokerStars Script from us. The Script designed by us is robust and economical, to suit the needs of all.

There are lakhs of gambling fanatics all throughout the world, playing this game at their comfort zones. Hence, to get your own platform started, get access to the best pokerstars Script company by collaborating with us, at AIS Technolabs. We will assure you to provide you with the best PokerStars Script related services.

To start your own business using PokerStars Script, communicate with us at AIS Technolabs. Our creative and innovative team provides all script related solutions, while helping you to set-up your business online.

Dedicated and committed developers should be hired to obtain the best results. However, the PokerScript developers at AIS Technolabs are talented and committed to their work, thereby providing personal assistance and guidance for developing the poker-related services.

Well, it’s quite an easy process. To download the Readymade PokerStars Script on your server, e-mail us at our provided mail id. We cover a vast range of platforms, dealing with the same. So, whether you use an Android, Mac or iOS device, we can help you to download the Readymade PokerStars Script in all the devices.

Companies that provide readymade PokerStars Script seem to have enough skills in the poker business. Along with this, they also do have a complete tech support team along with Script development professionals, thereby facilitating the players with a perfect platform to get essence of the gambling business.

Yes, we can help you choose your preferred managers and developers among our expert team. We hold the best in-house team and make sure that our customers are catered with top-notch gaming solutions.

There are a handful of companies dealing with the same service. However, for readymade PokerStars Source Code, get in touch with us at AIS Technolabs, we are considered to be one of the top-rated companies dealing with the same business.

The cost for building a pokerstars website is based on the complexity of the features that you wish to incorporate. Along with this, the time, and size of the website, also influences the cost for building a pokerstars website.

To have a better understanding of the prices and the costs for building the PokerStars mobile application, do ping us in the below given chatbox. Type your specifications and requirements over there, one of our developers will then get in touch with you instantly.

If you sit for surfing, then you will land up with a lot of options, thereby being unable to select the best among them all. Henceforth, remove your worries by associating with us at AIS Technolabs, a leading and an award-winning PokerStars Script development company, dealing with customized solutions and services in the same.

Look for only those Pokerstars Script developers who will deploy qualitative, innovative and creative solutions for setting up your platform. However, at AIS Technolabs, developers provides:
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Tailor-made services

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Proper guidance and advice

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Project updates regularly

This is why the PokerStars Script developers at AIS Technolabs are considered to be the best among all others.

To build your own pokerstars website, contact us at AIS Technolabs. Our efficient team works using customized technologies to produce personalized and robust websites and applications.

Before downloading, get access to the purchased item from us. Then using that, download the readymade PokerStars Script quickly and easily. This downloading process would get completed within just a few minutes. Then press the agree button in the ‘End-User License Agreement’ window. For further queries, call our experts in the above mentioned number in this page.

To analyze and get the estimation regarding the total costs of PokerStars Script development, fill in the form, provided at the left corner of this page, and get a free quote from us regarding the costs and all.

If you are determined to commence your venture in PokerStars, you need to build your website/mobile application. However, to create the web pages, you need to have a well-programmed PokerStars Script. It is a code repository that also helps the platform to function efficiently.

In the poker world, pokerstars is a new attraction for the players. Therefore, with the constant increase in the number of fans, it has become quite popular among those who want to start their venture. So, it is necessary to create your PokerStars website/mobile application.

Starting your own pokerstars website/mobile application is a good idea if you plan to commence your business in the world of poker. This industry is gaining popularity each year, making it a flourishing environment to generate good fortune with proper hard work and a quality platform.

If you aim to generate loads of money from the PokerStars Script industry, opening up an online platform will be a good idea. However, to build an efficient functioning website/mobile application, you will have to get a PokerStars Script developed by AIS Technolabs. This will assist the platform to work smoothly and will draw more players from worldwide, thus taking you step-by-step closer to your wish of becoming a billionaire.

Not everyone can become a successful entrepreneur in the PokerStars world. It requires following a systematic way that includes acquiring a license, building up a website/mobile application, implementing marketing techniques to create brand awareness, etc. All these together can help you become a successful entrepreneur in the pokerstars industry.

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