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CSGO Coinflip

This is trading and gambling platform for Counter strikes games assets. A user can see the trade items in his personal dashboard. A user can start betting with live opponent via flipping the coin. Its luck based game as the winner decided randomly. PHP

In this thriving gaming industry, one thing that has been attracting a huge chunk of gamers is multiplayer and real-time gaming. There are more and more takers for multiplayer/server based gaming, thanks to the excitement and adventure it brings in playing along with players all across the globe.

Games like CSGO Coinflip, PUB G are some of the popular multiplayer games that are attracting most of the gaming traffic nowadays. CS:GO Coin flip is an exciting duel style game, played in one on one mode where both the players have 50/50 chances of winning.

Those in the gaming industry are moving towards such real-time gaming setups for which software/game development firms are bought on board. AIS Technolabs as a pioneer in gaming solution development has earned a name for itself as an efficient gaming solution provider. With a global service network, we at AIS offer you the best of the services in a time-bound and effective manner.

CSGO Coinflip Features


  • Login for users through steam API. (Steam API Integration)
  • After user login all inventory items will show to the user and they can trade.
  • First they will give their items to trade bots. (Deposit button)
  • And the items that they gave to us will gather in skin pool. -Winner will get picked as per the game logic and skins that he/she put in game.
  • Setting page which will ask to set trade offer URL for user.
  • Admin panel to handle min and max value for trading.
  • System bot to set the possibilities of a winner according to the skins and game logic.

Real-time game development

Real-time/multiplayer gaming is not an easy task to set up. To handle the complex coding and development needs a team of professional and experienced coders is required. Apart from that graphics, sound, motion effects are also required to be handled in a proper manner.

To make this possible, a whole team of skilled professionals is brought on board with each one being assigned the task as per their specialization. AIS Technolabs offers you that freedom to hire developers on a project to project basis. Thus, allowing you to choose the best for your project.

Real-time game development
game development solution provider

AIS Technolabs

At AIS Technolabs we understand the importance of a software/Nft gaming solutions for our client’s business growth, and thus keep any lag on the back foot while tendering services.

Some of the benefits that one can avail by choosing AIS Technolabs as game development solution provider are:

  • Interactive gaming experience on website based setup
  • Ease of connecting with the global and local server
  • Frequent updates to keep abreast with gaming needs
  • Professionally trained and qualified developers to work on development projects
  • 24 x 7 assistance
  • Cross-platform, and online based game development
  • Smooth interface for mobile gaming
  • Nominal rates of tendering solution
  • Interactive user interface to suit the genre of the game
To connect with AIS Technolabs for your 3D unity game development needs, visit our official website www.aistechnolabs.com and register your inquiries. Our team would get back to you shortly.
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