CSGO Coinflip

This is trading and gambling platform for Counter strikes games assets. A user can see the trade items in his personal dashboard.

A user can start betting with live opponent via flipping the coin. Its luck based game as the winner decided randomly.


  • Login for users through steam API. (Steam API Integration)

  • After user login all inventory items will show to the user and they can trade.

  • First they will give their items to trade bots. (Deposit button)

  • And the items that they gave to us will gather in skin pool. -Winner will get picked as per the game logic and skins that he/she put in game.

  • Setting page which will ask to set trade offer URL for user.

  • Admin panel to handle min and max value for trading.

  • System bot to set the possibilities of a winner according to the skins and game logic.

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