Steller App

Bring Your Physical Presence to Online Shopping

Bring evolved to life on your front door with our jaw-dropping augmented reality app. Find multiple shops in one place without switching between multiple apps. You can find anything you need.This augmented reality app is loaded with 23 categories, and more than 350+ traders for each location. Steller is built with augmented reality display, you can quickly discover were in the city each service or products is located.

You can also check out products from the store and read about each one to make your decision which products or services you have to choose. All these are handled quickly and officially from the Steller app.


How Steller App Help Your Business?

This augmented reality app is a whole new way to market your products. Any company can add store location worldwide and manage these store from anywhere in the world. Steller will provide instance direction of your store to the customers. So that customers can easily reach to your store to buy the products or they can also buy easily through the Steller app store. There are many more surprises hidden inside the Steller app to make you happy.

Seamless Store Visualization with AR

Open camera on Steller app and find out the services in your location you are searching for. The app will display store at your location in 3D augmented reality. Tape to store display on your screen to know about it services, products, location, and many more. ACCELEROMETER and MAGNETOMETER sensors must be build inside your device in order to run the application successfully.


Steller App Design for Better Experience

Steller, the augmented reality app design, is your one-stop shop for mobile media development. It is totally based on artificial Intelligence. Our app design handled everything from concept, design, development, strategy, and launch. Our determined and creative design team approaches for each segment of app design with professionalism and care to create high-quality apps. Our apps design main motto is to helps you to reach your goals in simple steps.


Stellar App Features to Enhance User Experience

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    Find Store with an augmented reality 3D Map view.

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    Handle your account activity with easy slider screen.

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    Separate panel for business, User, and Admin

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    Easy to customize app according to your need

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    Purchase and sell products in your figure tips

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    Highly Secure Interface

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    Get analytics data in real time

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    Get all products details in single touch


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