CSGO Auction

CSGO Auction There always have been some rumors already about the auctions, but with our CSGO Auction, nowadays more people believe that prime time of the Counter-Strike has started now. Continuing with high rank especially with the unknown battleground Players topping charts on the Steam and Twitch people are just wondering, about the rise of [...]

Jitendra Kumar
Facebook lead management

      About Facebook Lead Management A unique real time Lead Acquisition solution that power and scale the social media to deliver revenue from your social engagement. We did a bespoke software RRT and proprietary data assets which delivers web generated leads for UK and International clients. Website Visit Visit Website FEATURES Marketing prediction [...]

IPTV UI Screen

      About IPTV UI Screen A comprehensive, customizable IPTV solution to support online TV/Video stream. We have developed Admin panel and a middle ware Android app with STB integration. Contact us FEATURES Advanced system to manage live channels and playlist order Customizable channels and categories to each device Catch up TV Recording functionality [...]

Successful Channels

      About Successful Channels Successful Channels simple website built using WordPress that provides more information about the firm. At the same time it also showcases a Sales Tool for better management and to increase sales. Visit Website Published on :18.08.2014

SOL Speed Of Life

      About SOL Speed Of Life Seed of life Specializing in Psychedelic clothing and accessories from around the world. Psychedelic t-shirts and hoodies are 100% cotton and available in a huge range of styles, colors and sizes. Visit Website Published on :10.12.2015

Perfect Xp

      About Perfect Xp A product catalog build using PrestaShop that allows you to browse through the various products and services on offer and inquire about them. It also includes some customization to suit the requirements. Visit Website Published on :04.02.2013


      About Forziani Forziani is a Ecommerce jewelry designs shop. Forziani jewelry designs guide you to quietly reflect on your inner beauty and then project it outwards with sensuality and confidence. Visit Website Published on :04.02.2013

Ipad UI Design (E-Commerce)

      About Ipad UI Design It’s an ecommerce app, where seller can create shop in a few easy steps, they can build their own catalogue of products, respond to customers’ questions in real time, sell to thousands of people where they live, get marketing reports. Contact us FEATURES Multiple Product Categories Catalogs for [...]

Makeup Store

      About Makeup Store This is a fastest growing makeup store for Saudi Arabia market. It has Amazing Pixel perfect Design Quality. Store is developed using best online store CMS called Magento. Contact us FEATURES Store is in English and Arabic language Chat system for customer service Catalogs and Browsers Item description and [...]

CSGO Flip Coin and Jackpot

  CSGO Flip Coin and Jackpot This is trading and gambling platform for Counter strikes games assets. Games like flip coin, Lottery, Coin flip, roulette, Jackpot can be played here. A user can see the trade items in his personal dashboard. FEATURES Login for users through steam API. (Steam API Integration) After user login all [...]

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