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One of the core and fundamental businesses, the real estate business is fundamental for the growth and development of any nation’s economy. In the modern age, the internet has become a fundamental part of the society, with more and more people and businesses communicating, transacting and leveraging their businesses in the online realm; and the real estate industry too has become a part and parcel of this trend.

As with other businesses, the domain of real estate has shifted to the internet, with more and more prospective home-buyers looking for their dream homes online. The world wide web has opened up the market for realtors; for buyers it is easier to check and compare real-estate properties, while providing sellers with huge opportunities to tap into a fresh segment while providing the bulk of their services online. With the internet dominating large aspects of the business world, it has become important for realtors to adapt to this new mode of doing business with seo for real estate websites services.

To this end, AIS Technolabs assists realtors in building a rock-solid real estate search engine optimization campaign, targeting all aspects of the real-estate business to ensure a smooth and recurrent flow of visitors and prospective buyers and assisting real estate organizations convert leads to sales coming from the online realm.

Hire the best Real Estate SEO Services

The Fundamentals
of the Real Estate Business

The real estate business is the business of providing residential and commercial spaces for people and businesses to create homes and business opportunities. As a business, it encompasses various aspects inter-related to each other. The core of the real-estate business is dominated by two key aspects:

Construction :

Construction is the primary activity in the real estate industry. The construction of residential and commercial buildings for personal and business use is undertaken with the assistance of various ancillary sectors of the business. The key segments are:

Architecture :

The key work of architects is to create building plans and blueprints based on which the construction of the building will be undertaken. Architects are some of the most sought-after people across the entire industry, with their work being a mixture of art and science. The architects not only design the building and the facade, but also ensure the structural integrity of their work through rigorous use of mathematical principles. In addition, due to the various laws governing the construction of buildings, architects must follow guidelines set by governments to ensure that buildings have proper sanitation, air-flow and ventilation, fire safety and other structural safety measures.

In the modern age, architects use both traditional paper blueprints as well as modern 3D computer-assisted drawing methods to generate blueprints and graphics details.

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Real Estate Seo Marketing

Infrastructure :

The infrastructure segment deals with the construction of buildings, according to the plans and blueprints set out by the architects. The infrastructure segment is responsible for the procurement of raw material such as cement, steel, bricks, glass and other necessary items.

In addition, it is also responsible for the hiring of skilled and unskilled labor who work at the construction sites to build these structures.

Legal :

The legal department of any business in the real-estate industry is of vital importance. Since real estate involves the transfer of fixed properties and land assets, the legal department is tasked with the handling of all legal documentation related to the procurement of land for construction, attaining the necessary permits from municipal and government bodies which govern the construction of the buildings, submission of plans for electricity, water and sanitation connectivity; as well as overseeing the final handover of the building or parts of the building to the buyer.

Marketing :

Real estate seo marketing is one of the core functionalities of the real estate industry. The marketing department is primarily responsible for attaining buyers for the realtors; ensuring that the investment being made in the construction is fully realized. The marketing team starts working in parallel with the infrastructure team, providing buyers with a glimpse of their future homes and offices, as well as working with the legal team to oversee the smooth transition of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

The key aspect of real estate seo marketing is in lead generation. Lead generation entails generating leads from various sources and placing them through the sales funnel; converting names and phone numbers to prospective buyers. Traditional lead generation was done through out-of-home advertising, billboards, posters, newspaper advertisements and television advertisements. Modern forms of lead generation are usually done through the internet, social media, online advertisements and SEO for real estate websites.

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Real Estate
SEO Expert Services

An extremely competitive segment, the real-estate market is an industry segment which is primarily dominated by various macroeconomic factors such as the change in stock prices and changes in factors such as inflation and prices of essential commodities. However, quality housing is one of the basic human needs and there is always a latent demand for quality housing options amongst the populace.

To ensure survival in such a market, realtors have to evolve to understand the requirements of consumers, and modify their business operations and marketing strategies in a similar fashion. With a shift in demographics, more and more internet-savvy users are coming of age and are looking to acquire properties, both as assets as well as investment options.

As a result, it has become imperative for realtors to use the power of the internet to satiate the demand of the current generation of home-owners. To this end AIS Technolabs provides unique and tailor-made solutions for real-estate businesses to propel them one step ahead of their competitors with unique real estate SEO services.

Real Estate SEO Expert Services

At AIS Technolabs, we undertake a unique set of real estate SEO services which provide your prospects with an engaging view of their dream homes and offices; using the power of content marketing to pique their interest.

Blogging Services

To ensure that your prospects know the projects your organization is building and undertaking, it is important to build an appropriate blog that encompasses all of the work that your company does and showcase it on your website. To ensure that the blogs are well-written and engaging, AIS Technolabs provides superior blogging services as part of real estate SEO services. The company has some of the most talented bloggers who create engaging and marketing-focused blogs that provide your consumers with a glimpse of construction work that you have undertaken; as well as describe those details in a simple and easy way to comprehend.

Blogging Services
SEO For Real Estate Websites.

Image and Video Services Images speak a thousand words, say the age old adage; and none is more true than this time-tested formula in marketing. Images are a way for you to showcase the unique construction work you have undertaken both for outdoors and indoors. At AIS Technolabs being the leading real estate SEO company, we use some of the latest methodologies to enhance images and incorporate them into search engine solutions that ensure your work is highlighted the best way possible. To provide these real estate SEO services, AIS Technolabs have recruited some of the best real estate SEO experts under their banner who not only optimize images for your website; but also provide contextual meaning to them through the use of tags and metadata as part of SEO for real estate websites. Furthermore, with faster internet connectivity, AIS Technolabs also provides video optimization services where you can showcase your architectural grandeur in various interactive video formats, giving your company a solid marketing foundation built on the latest technological advancements.

Social Media

Social Media In corporation

Social media has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives; with over 2 billion people using these services to communicate and interact with each other. At AIS Technolabs, our team of real estate SEO consultants bring your social media presence to life, with optimization techniques that target the appropriate demographics. Our real estate SEO consultants also create advertising solutions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to target those demographics; and analyze data to ensure the maximum return on investment for your social media campaigns. In addition;

AIS Technolabs also creates top-notch social media optimizations for your Facebook page. Our real estate SEO experts create campaigns allowing people to search for your business not only on search engines such as Google and Bing, but also on social media such as Facebook. In addition, the real estate SEO company curates a list of appropriate hashtags that are used to spark interest amongst buyers. Our real estate SEO experts create viral content to ensure that your message is spread rapidly across all corners of the globe.

Real Estate SEO Company

As a leading real estate SEO company, we provide unique and tailor-made solutions for your real estate business in the following domains

Data Analysis Data is a key factor in all forms of marketing, and it is of much greater value in real estate SEO marketing. Due to the huge sums of money being exchanged, buyers are extremely aware of what they want, and use the power of the internet to scout for it. For realtors, gone are the days when data meant a notebook consisting of phone numbers for prospective buyers. Even a simple Facebook page provides a large volume of data from which certain key information points can be easily retrieved. Using data from multiple sources, being the renowned real estate SEO company, AIS Technolabs build a complete and composite picture of what users actually want and presents it in a neat and easily readable format to realtors, giving them the opportunity to tweak their ‘sales pitch’ in a more effective manner.

Social Network Monitoring Social networks have become an important facet of our day to day lives, and is one of the most expressive and emotive forms of communication out there. As a result, it can provide unique insights about what consumers want, what they are saying about the realtor, and what they think and feel about the geographical location of the real-estate market in the area. With multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat; each with their own unique twist to allow people to express themselves, it is a gold-mine for realtors to literally tap into the mindset of their consumers. The real estate SEO expert at AIS Technolabs provides unique tools which help to gauge what consumers are saying, and use that data to create meaningful insights for realtors to enhance their business strategy as part of the real estate SEO services.

Conversion Rate Optimization All marketers know the importance of the sales funnel, and how important it is to quickly maneuver consumers from their desired objects of interest to the checkout counter. This process is completely different in the real-estate scenario; simply due to the nature of the ‘product’ being purchased. A real-estate deal not only encompasses the transfer of money from the consumer to the realtor, but also has various legal frameworks to ensure that the ‘property’ being transferred has well-documented rights of ownership. Therefore, to ensure a smooth transition of a buyer from a prospect; AIS Technolabs provide top-notch web-based sales conversion techniques as part of real estate SEO services, that allow realtors to find the right prospect; and convert them into happy house-owners.

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Real Estate SEO Expert

The cornerstone of any real estate digital marketing campaign starts with real estate search engine optimization or SEO. The internet has allowed people to search for information on various computing devices, and companies jostle for space to come up on top of one another in search engine rankings. Almost all search engines today use an algorithmic approach to populate search results. We work as a real estate SEO consultant company by providing a set of unique and quantifiable real estate SEO marketing solutions that ensure that your search engine rankings are amongst the top for any search engine result; covering end-to-end real estate search engine optimization solutions.

Mobile SEO

The smartphone has provided internet connectivity to users at their fingertips, wherever they are and whenever they want to. This trend towards accessibility, along with the ease of use of smartphones has made it the go-to device for searching information online. AIS Technolabs lets realtors create impressive internet portfolios with specific target towards mobile users, allowing realtors to be on the top of search rankings done from mobile devices as part of real estate search engine optimization solutions.

Speed Optimizations

With websites featuring more and more detail, it takes a greater amount of data to convey those experiences to the user. Unfortunately, this data transfer takes a large chunk of time, and research has shown that people tend to prefer visiting websites which are faster to display on their devices. AIS Technolabs undertakes a complete audit of your website as a part of real estate search engine optimization services, and enhances key areas which improves the loading and access speed manifold.

Keyword Ranking

Any search engine uses keywords as the basis of their algorithmic search. As such, it is important for any website to incorporate keywords which make them unique from their competitors, and are easily defined amongst the common populace. At AIS Technolabs, we evaluate every requisite keyword suitable for your real-estate business or property, and incorporate the most useful ones to help you stand out amongst the crowd as an integral element of our real estate SEO marketing solutions.

Local Search Ranking

The real-estate business is essentially a ‘local’ business, since it always deals with locations. With advanced search algorithms, search engines are able to pinpoint localities, neighborhoods, and other geographic details, and incorporate them in their search results. In addition, real-estate buyers prefer to purchase real estate based on the location of the project. AIS Technolabs provides highly tuned location-specific keywords and other optimizations as a part of SEO for real estate websites solutions, which help buyers easily find out the right realtor for a specific locality or neighborhood.

At AIS Technolabs, we have recruited some of the best and brightest in the field of SEO for real estate websites & PPC who act as real estate PPC experts for your business, providing top-notch consultation for SEO for real estate websites for your company. This helps to improve your standing in the search engine rankings, as well as act as real estate SEO consultants to work with your organization to enhance the reach and marketing effectiveness of your campaigns.

Real Estate SEO
Consultation Services

One of the key benefits of online advertising is the sheer availability of data. SEO for real estate websites and online marketing solutions provide much greater visibility compared to offline marketing solutions with low investments. Our real estate SEO experts ensure a greater return on investment for each piece of advertisement. In the online sphere, there are two common modes of advertising.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click, as the name suggests, is advertising where the advertiser charges only based on the number of clicks being made to the advertisement. As a realtor, this has a plethora of benefits. With pay-per-click model of advertising, your organization gets a transparent view of who is clicking the ads, what kind of leads are the ads generating, and from which location the ads are coming from.

All of this information helps to fine-tune your marketing strategy to ensure that you capture the right eyeballs. To ensure maximum visibility, AIS Technolabs has a curated list of keywords which are modular in nature and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Our real estate SEO experts use pay per click advertising to promote your real estate services to a broad category of users, with the ability to fine-tune it to your exacting requirements.

We have a transparent process of keyword bidding, where we employ a statistical method to find out the most appropriate keywords, and use long-tail methodologies to weed out unnecessary ads, thereby lowering your marketing expenditure considerably.

In addition, as an SEO company in the real estate market; we optimize niche keywords that target your properties in a specific manner; ensuring that all of your bases are completely covered.

Cost Per Mile

Cost per mile or CPM advertising is used for graphic banner ads on websites. These ads are charged as per impression, with the industry standard of using a thousand views or impressions as the baseline. Cost per mile is a viable alternative to OOH or out-of-home and television advertising, which provides you with a cost-effective banner advertising solution for your real-estate properties. At AIS Technolabs, we create customized banners to promote your real estate properties and utilize the most effective channels to showcase them.

These banners are enhanced with the use of interactive elements which allow users to click on them and go to a landing page which encompasses all of the requisite details of the property.

Since the charges are based on the number of views, the process is completely transparent, with you getting the data regarding where the ads were placed, how many people clicked the ads, and how many leads were generated from the ads; leading to easier calculation of return on investment.

AIS Technolabs as a Real
Estate SEO Company

At AIS Technolabs, we have real estate app developers ourselves proclaiming that we are one of the few organizations that provide end-to-end solutions in SEO for real estate websites. As an organization, we have a global reach. We have provided services to organizations worldwide, specializing in real-estate markets in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore. In addition, we provide complete solutions from the beginning to the end of a campaign.

We understand that the real estate solutions are completely different from other products and services; since it entails a huge value, both in fiscal terms as well as in emotional weightage. The company has built a reputation for creating some of the finest online marketing campaigns targeting specific segments; and have created solutions that have enhanced various marketing aspects such as lead generation and lead conversion for various organizations across the world.

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