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Real Time Mobile App Development

Today mobile applications have become the heart and life of e-commerce economy. Almost all the online businesses have their apps to interact and transact with the customers. Among mobile apps, Real time mobile apps have gained popularity due to their ability to connect and work on online data.

Having a real time mobile app has become a necessity for ensuring proper growth and development of your business through profit and customer base expansion. Today most of the traffic on websites is driven by portable devices like mobiles and tablets. Catering the needs of the mobile-based audience is the most important customer retention strategy in e-commerce these days.

Real time mobile app development and mobile app launch require the availability of technically skilled and qualified workforce. Since all business owners can’t offer to maintain such a team for their business it becomes necessary for them to avail the services of a dedicated team working in the same domain.

The teams of IT professionals and mobile developers that help these businesses to develop their own personalized and customized real time mobile app work as technical support and assistance provider.

AIS Technolabs has been working in the domain of real time mobile app development for quite some time and is known for its ability to deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions to its clients.

What actually is a Real-time Mobile app?

Real -time mobile apps unlike their static counterparts work on data that is getting acquired in a real time basis rather than acting on a stored or defined data. Real time mobile apps can be best defined by chatting and texting apps that acquire and process data simultaneously.

Due to the rapid expansion of internet there has been an increase in usage and downloads of real time mobile apps. The dynamic and flexible nature of real time mobile apps is a crucial factor that turns the game in their favour.

Why you need a Real Time Mobile app?
A question that always pops up in the minds of business heads and marketing managers is do we need a mobile application design for our business? Or why do we need a mobile app? Well, these questions occur due to the ignorance on the part of business firms in regards to the importance of these mobile apps for their business
A real-time mobile app brings in following benefits :
Ease of integration:
Real time mobile apps are easy to integrate with various social logins such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. A user’s data can be retrieved in real time from his/her social login to create a profile for the respective app. Thus it provides hassle free login and profile creation which is not possible in static type app.
Development of a real time mobile app is quite cost-effective as compared to a preloaded static type app that has all the data loaded. The real-time connect and quick simulation saves the development cost on data storage and operation.
Two-way communication:
A mobile app provides a two way medium of conversation between you and your customers. Customers can give essential feedback whereas you as a business owner can get a feed of what customer wants and produce the services/goods accordingly.
Ease of maintenance:
Maintainance of mobile app is crucial for its smooth and optimum functioning. A real time mobile app provides easy maintenance facility in face of regular updates. Unlike static apps where data loading and adjustment is required for update real time mobile app are updated on daily basis.

Apart from these benefits ,a real time mobile app provides a good source for data collection in regards to visitors behaviour as they browse through the interface of your app

AIS Technolabs is a pioneer in offering web-based real time mobile app development solutions. The company has the distinction of serving clients from across the globe. The in-depth knowledge and understanding of the needs of the client is what make AIS Technolabs stand apart from other Mobile app development solution providers.

AIS Technolabs as a real time mobile app development service provider brings to you a dedicated and professional effort from their side that suits the current and emerging needs of your business. We at AIS Technolabs understand that how important is it for your business to look perfect in its online presence.

When you choose AIS Technolabs as your real time mobile app development solution provider than you can avail benefits such as

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  • Solutions tendered by highly qualified and skilled developers
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  • Clean and smooth functioning app
  • Scalable App that can be browsed on number of devices with ease
  • Nominal rates of tendering solution
  • Defined and detailed process of designing and developing a mobile app
  • Testing of App multiple times to deliver you a bug free solution
  • User friendly interface to enhance user experience
  • Smoothly navigable app
  • App that supports latest version of all the available mobile operating systems
  • Regular updates in-app to enhance security features
  • Additional services offered at minimal price
The need for a real time mobile app for your business can’t be denied. You can delay and deliberate on the topic, however, at the end of the day, you have to choose the path of  b2b mobile app development. The reasons are clear that if you want your business to grow then you can’t ignore the platform where the majority of the customer base is engaged. Mobile apps being such platforms require them to be incorporated into your digital marketing strategy. In simple words, a mobile app can be said as an engine for your customer base expansion.

To connect with AIS Technolabs for getting a mobile development solution for your business you can register your inquiry on our official website www.aistechnolabs.com