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Why Should You Hire An Expert For Developing Mobile Apps For School?

There are so many issues that schools have to deal with daily, and apps for school are not just cool, but practical. When parents are calling one after another to check if there is a rainy day holiday, it is a great idea to have a mobile app for schools that can just send a push notification to everyone at the same time. The interesting thing is that while an app for school sounds like fun, the reality is that school app development can be quite taxing as it contains a lot of features and there are a lot of ways to do it. Trust AIS Technolabs to create stellar apps for school that are not just functional but easy to use.

Here are some of the common features that can be expected from the app:
Push Notifications:

The entire population of the school can be notified in an instant about any urgent development through the apps for school developed by the App Developers. At the same time, the operator can single down any contact from their database of student information to send out any message in case of emergency.

Geolocation Services:

There are lots of school events that are not always held at the school. From annual prize day to sports day, there are lots of off-site events. Integrating geolocation services via Google Maps can actually save a lot of hassle on both ends.


Everyone knows how messy children are with newsletters. Chances are that they will end up becoming a paper boat before recess. So, saving paper and making the newsletter more permanent can both be achieved by going digital with Android and IOS apps for school.

Homework Scheduler:

There is no way to cut corners on homework anymore. Any piece of homework can now be totally set to a schedule and planner via the mobile app. The best thing is that parents get the information instantly and they can access it at all times.

Online Curriculum:

This is applicable to all kinds of educational institutions and the fact that advertising the curriculum and courses is an integral part of the school business. Most schools already have websites that do it, but it is easy to integrate it into the app as well.

Parental Uploads:

The beauty of a mobile app for schools is quid pro quo – all parties benefit from it. Parents can upload documents such as medical certificates, absentee notes, and signed documents directly from the app without having to come down to the school.

Choosing Between iOS and Android Apps for School

There is a lot of deliberation involved with what operating system to choose when building a mobile app for schools. Truth be told, it is always best to have both operating systems – Android and iOS in your corner if budget is no constraint. But at AIS Technolabs, we realize that this ideal scenario does not always play out. School app development is a progressive measure and like all good measures, it is best to analyze the users first. Before getting down to actually creating the app, it may be a wise decision to first conduct a survey as to how many parents use what operating system. Some of the major concerns with building apps for school can be overcome by talking to the parents as well and asking them if they have any specific concern. It is good to address everyone involved and come to an informed decision regarding it. Chances are that parents will absolutely love the idea and this will turn out to be much more convenient for everyone.

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Why Hire AIS Technologies for Getting a Stellar App for School

Apps for school can actually eliminate a lot of frustration and miscommunication from the side of the school and the parents at the same time. A lot of parents are working couples these days and as it is, they have a lot of responsibilities. If they have to come down to the school to deal with every little thing, it can be both inconvenient and frustrating. At the same time, the school cannot make every decision by itself without involving the parents and there are some things that parents definitely need to know about their child. Having a single app dedicated to solving all these problems just makes sense.

The way these apps work is by enforcing security measures so that the children are never put in harm’s way under any circumstance and the data is always privileged. AIS Technolabs has been in the app development business for five years now and during the time, we have catered to over three thousand clients. It can be difficult to choose a developer with so many competitors in the market; so, we let our client list and testimonials do the talking.

Try AIS Technolabs for the best educational app development solutions that are both smart and practical. We make sure that everyone gets what they need. Education is a serious business and we take it seriously as well. Hire our professional and experienced developers of mobile app for schools and apps of other educational purposes to get ahead of the game in the smartest and most feasible ways possible.