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We are here to present before you yet another exciting marketing opportunity that is sure to open new doors for your business. AIS Technolabs, a leading SEM Agency, has brought to you Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service in which we provide you with a range of services that will help you advertise your products and services to a lot more customers worldwide. Among the various services that we provide some of them are Keyword structure, Search advertising, Display advertising, Remarketing ads, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, etc. So join us and take your business to another level that it was never before.

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SEM Agency

Leading SEM Management Agency

We, at AIS Technolabs, have a full team of dedicated experts who are looking forward to working with you and provide you with their Search Engine Marketing services. These SEM services will help you to advertise your products and services on search engine results pages. Our experts use the latest technologies to provide you the best online experience that you can never receive from old marketing techniques. Some of the common tools used by us are KeywordSpy, PPC Web Spy, SEMrush, SpyFu, iSpionage, Ad Text Generator, Google Traffic Estimator, Google Auction Insights, etc. With these, you will be able to reach customers on a wide range.

Why choose an SEM Advertising Agency?

Search Engine Marketing is a new form of marketing that has emerged in today’s world not long ago. It is being used by businesses quite a lot nowadays because at a budget-friendly cost, they can reach a far wide number of customers through the internet. These ads are shown on the top result pages of the search engine be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It involves paid advertising that helps to increase the visibility of the websites i.e. it increases the traffic of the website. Through bidding on the right chosen keywords, you will be able to reach potential customers and expand your business by letting more people know about your brand.

Reach your clients instantly

Through SEM, you can use both Pay-per-click and local & organic SEO facilities, which enables you to place your ads in front of the audiences as soon as you start your campaign. Therefore, it helps you to reach your potential clients instantly.

Increase brand awareness

SEM is a digital marketing technique that is used to promote your products and services. These advertisements are shown on all platforms of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. This helps to place your ads in front of all, thus increasing your brand awareness.

Build brand awareness

With an SEM Agency, you do not have to pay for the traffic. We, as one of the leading SEM agencies, provide you with a full proof PPC and SEO strategies that will guide you and be shown throughout the internet and will surely help you to create a new brand.

Target the right audience

We provide you with a list of main keywords, if chosen for bidding, which are sure to attract authentic customers to increase the chances of conversion. With our remarketing strategies, your ads will be shown again to those customers who have visited your website before, thus, widening the possibility of purchase.

Increase website traffic

Search Engine Marketing is designed to precisely target those audiences who can become potential customers. Our remarketing policy shows the same ads to those people who have visited your site earlier. Thus, attracting them more to your website. All these strategies help to enhance and boost up your website traffic.

Greater flexibility

SEM advertising agency provides you the flexibility to customize your campaigns based on the type of audiences and visitors that you want to reach and attract, their location, age, income, requirements, and budget. It also provides flexible options like, Ad extensions, Ad Optimization, helps to create differences in your strategy, and also helps you to compete with other brands.

Local marketing

If you are a local marketer and want to promote your business, then SEM is a great option for you. It will show your ads on top if local customers are searching on the internet for the same service that you are offering. For Example: ‘Beauty Parlors near me’, etc.

Qualified leads

SEM services are recognized for bringing and captivating authentic audiences i.e. right traffic. This is because SEM ads are customizable and will be shown to those audiences who are more likely to get converted to potential customers.

Consistent traffic source

Consistency in traffic is important for a website to maintain its visibility. However, this traffic often fluctuates. Therefore, to maintain this consistency ads are posted on different sites, which can help the websites to a certain extent from minimized traffics.

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Our SEM Services

We, at AIS Technolabs, provide you with a range of services to make your campaign as smooth as possible. Our experts are dedicated to assisting you through the complete marketing process and want to ensure that you get the success that you have dreamt of until now. With the latest technologies used by us and our experienced experts, you will be provided with quick and smart solutions within minimum time. To optimize your success rates, we provide you with Keyword structure, Search advertising, Display advertising, Remarketing ads, Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, etc.

Keyword structure

Right keywords are the essence of search engine marketing because it is the path through which potential customers are going to find you. Therefore, we provide you with experienced experts who will help you to bid on the right keywords that are sure to bring in more quality traffic.

Search advertising

Search advertising is the most commonly used form of campaign. Our search advertising helps you to place your text ads on the Google search engine result page, where it is visible to most of your targeted audiences. It also helps the advertisers to showcase their ads to the targeted visitors.

Display advertising

It is considered as the next best advertisement campaign, where your ads become visible to 90% of internet users worldwide. It also follows a specific internet marketing strategy to target the specific audiences and to design and build retargeting campaigns to enhance their brand.

Remarketing ads

We also provide a remarketing service. This service helps you to reach out to those audiences who have visited your site before. Your ads will be shown to them again even when they are watching videos.

Search engine optimization

We provide our clients with both local and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) facilities. This helps you to earn a free spot in the search results. This way you can enhance and promote your brand more than before.

Social media marketing

The social media platform is considered as the largest platform nowadays. Therefore, to attract more customers we provide our clients the social media marketing facility, where you will be able to target your audiences based on the location, age, etc.

How AIS Technolabs can be a part of your business?

AIS Technolabs is always looking forward to working with you in every aspect of your business. We are thus providing you an ocean of services that are sure to help you in your campaign and expand your business. We can provide you with strategies and ideas depending on the condition of your website and business goals and policies. We can also implement those strategies and create a complete marketing project. Our job does not end with it. We are also eager to provide you with reporting services in which our experts will deliver regular detailed reports to you about your progress. Analyzing these reports, our team also provides you with counter plans that are sure going to improve your revenue even more.

User Experience


We believe customers are the king of the market. Therefore, our main objective is to maximize customer satisfaction and to achieve that we have arranged every step keeping the client’s view in mind.



We provide you with a complete team of experts who can structure the optimum strategy to best fulfill and suit your campaign and business requirements. This strategy will purely depend on your goals and budget of your business requirements.



Our experts are skilled, well trained and certified to use the latest and advanced technologies and equipment, as well as tools to assist and guide you through your Search Engine Marketing campaign to enhance the sales of your brand.

Advanced Technology


Our job is incomplete without the analytics part. Therefore, our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your webpage and mobile traffic and then takes the necessary steps accordingly to enhance your brand.

Why Choose Us as an SEM Management Agency?

We value the time and money that you are investing in your Search Engine Marketing. Therefore, AIS Technolabs is here to provide you with the best of services within a minimum time-period and at an affordable price range. You are most welcome to customize your campaign according to your requirements and budget. Our experienced experts are dedicated to providing you with accurate services and report you about your progress at every step to maintain transparency. We are available 24*7 to assist you in your marketing campaigns and provide you better results than anywhere else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a way of marketing your business to promote your goods and services, then let us assure you that there is no other cost-effective marketing technique like SEM. They will create eye-catching ads with the right keywords for bidding that are sure to attract more customers than before.

Yes, we offer our clients a mix of SEM and SEO. We have trained experts to provide you with quality SEM services that include pay-per-click campaigns, local SEO, and organic SEO.

We have every quality to prove our worth to you. We provide our clients with a range of services at a budget-friendly package and complete the projects before the deadline. We are even available 24*7 to assist you with your problems.

We, at AIS Technolabs, respect and know the value of your time. Therefore, our experts are trained to provide you with the best quality services within the minimum time possible.