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Photography is one of the most artistic pursuits taken by mankind. From hand-drawn imaging to light-sensitive chemical photography to the modern-age digital photography, the pursuit of capturing visible images has been a part and parcel of human civilization since time immemorial and has been a precursor to the advancement of human technology. Even today, hundreds and thousands of engineers are working to create the most optimal camera equipment: one that is portable, lightweight, and can capture imaging as vividly as seen by the human eye. It has spawned an entire profession, people who capture and fine-tune images for a variety of purposes.

The digital age of the 21st century has seen the phenomenal rise of the internet. The internet, a global communications medium using computing devices to intercommunicate with each other, has changed the way humans interact, converse, and transact with each other. This has also changed how people share and promote photography as a form of art and business. The various benefits of the digital medium of photography have made photographers embrace modern technology with elan. To promote their artwork in the digital realm, photographers have embraced the internet and all of the conveniences it provides in a wholehearted manner. To this end, AIS Technolabs provides top-notch SEO and digital marketing solutions for photographers looking to make a mark in the industry. Our services include SEO for wedding photographers and SEO for photographers.

Photography Through the Ages

The art of photography is one of the most insightful and valuable passions created by man. Since time immemorial, man has been obsessed with capturing the sights and sounds he sees on to a medium for later perusal. While ancient image capturing required the hard work and toil of artists to draw and paint images on canvas and paper, the modern form of photography appeared in the mid-1800s; with the ability to capture an image using a light-sensitive material, the image entered a blackened box through a lens. This simple solution provided a simple outline, something with which we as humans could recreate our world on other objects and pause time momentarily for eternity. The art of photography was slowly perfected to recreate picture-perfect details of objects with utmost clarity. Unfortunately, for most of the past two centuries since the dawn of photography, these images were monochrome, capturing only light and shadow.

The advancement in photographic film technology throughout the early decades of the previous century enabled the recreation of color imaging on high-quality photographic plates, ones that encompassed the entire gamut of the visible spectrum. However, the existing form of photography was complex, both as a storage medium, as well as a medium for recreating images. The underlying technology was that of focussing light reflected from an object to a ‘film’ coated with some form of light-sensitive material. This material needed to be processed to generate a ‘negative’ with inverted light information. Upon shining light through the negative, the final image could be viewed or printed out onto paper. To simplify this complex process, scientists and engineers created solutions where light would excite a device that would convey that information electronically, and be stored as a sequence of 0s and 1s; giving rise to digital photography.

Digital photography equipment came to the consumers by the late 1990s. Just as with its film precursors, old digital cameras captured images that were grainy, lacked depth and detail, and were bulky and inconvenient. However, since the technology was similar to that of computing technology, using semiconducting material to convert light to information; the improvement in the computing industry saw the improvement of the quality of digital photography equipment. As of the late 2000s; the emergence of high-quality and practical digital cameras made photography simpler and more practical. Digital photography received its greatest boon from smartphones. Smartphones are portable computing devices that can perform a variety of functions. Advancement in light sensor technology started making the sensors smaller; small enough to be incorporated onto devices that were no more than a few millimeters wide. The large screens of smartphones provided exceptional ease of use for capturing images. The growth of the smartphone as a viable image capturing device has made them comparable to professional-grade cameras; and the computing power of these devices allowed consumers to not only capture images but also process them and store them en masse.

In the current day and age, photography has become democratized, giving anyone with a smartphone or a DSLR the ability to capture high-quality images for their personal use. With the growth of social media and the internet, it has become easier to share and spread images throughout the globe in a matter of seconds. The immense power of digital photography has made communication easier and more vibrant, with information being shared not only through the medium of text, but also through the medium of images.

Why SEO for Photographers

As a professional photographer in this day and age, it is imperative for you to differentiate yourself from the millions of amateurs out there who possess the same equipment. While skill is a great differentiator, it is not enough, and requires the use of proper channels to reach out to the necessary target audience. This can be solved by proper planning of online marketing for photographers, which can be done through SEO for Photographers. To this end, AIS Technolabs creates tailor-made plans for photographers to ensure that their craft reaches the necessary audience and consumer base easily.

To ensure that your message is clear amongst the fog of millions of digital images and communication, an effective SEO for Photographers strategy is important. At AIS Technolabs, we analyze over 200 factors that can affect how your website performs and ranks on popular search engines, and fine-tune it to ensure that the message is conveyed in the most apt manner through SEO for Photographers. Moreover, SEO is a cost-effective investment, which involves a lesser marketing budget while providing comparable gains. With the market changing every day, a well-optimized site can change the face of your business. We understand that SEO for Photographers is a long-term investment for you, and therefore we have created solutions that provide incremental benefits; with each benefit compounding over time to improve your position in the photography industry.

The photography industry is filled with various types of photographers, each with their unique specialties, and each being a master at one particular aspect of the craft. At AIS Technolabs, we understand the dynamics of the industry, and how to leverage your position across the industry for the type of photography that you master. Here are some of the fields of SEO regarding photographers that we are going to discuss, starting from SEO for Fashion Photographers to SEO for wedding photographers.

SEO for Fashion Photographers

The world of fashion is built through the eyes of photographers. Fashion photography involves the capturing of images of models and clothing material which are used to populate the catalogues of fashion designers. Considered as one of the most glamorous jobs across the world, as a fashion photographer, you interact with people from various walks of the fashion industry; capturing their thoughts that they have woven into clothing items through your photographic lens.

SEO fashion photography is an industry in itself, with heavyweights dominating the sphere. As a fashion photographer, either as a budding novice or an accomplished veteran; it is important to build an online presence to showcase your artwork, and to gain prospective clients. To this end, AIS Technolabs provide complete SEO solutions for fashion photographers.

Website Optimization

For a fashion photographer, it is important to showcase their work on their website, allowing prospective clients to find you and acquire your services. We at AIS Technolabs undertake a thorough analysis of your current website status, and optimize it for speed, as well as for SEO requirements. Since you want to display your images as clearly as possible, we strive to ensure that redundant data transfer is minimized. In addition, we will clean up your site, removing excess JavaScript and other systems which are not necessary and re-implement them using standardized and lightweight solutions, ensuring that pages load fast on both mobile and desktop screens with ease.

About Page and Contact Page Optimization

As a fashion photographer, it is not only important to showcase your work, but to also showcase your background as well as references from people you have worked with in the past. Your ‘About’ page is as essential as your portfolio while trying to acquire prospective clients. At AIS Technolabs, we enhance the About page, employing some of the best content writers to create informative and engaging content on your about page, allowing visitors to quickly understand your passion, your experience and the exact nature of your work. In a similar vein, your ‘Contact’ page is a vital part of your communication. It is like the business card that you provide to your prospective clients. We fine-tune your Contact page and provide your clients with various ways to communicate with you directly through the webpage. In addition, we also strive to make the page as interactive as possible, ensuring that you get to know who is looking for your services and what are their requirements as well. Furthermore, to ease in SEO processes, we will fine-tune your Contact page to act as a landing page for your PPC campaigns, providing dual functionality from a single interface.

SEO for Wildlife Photographers

Considered to be one of the most satisfying of all jobs, the task of a wildlife photographer is to take images of wild animals in their natural habitat. The task of a wildlife photographer not only rests on capturing images, but capturing the majestic glory of wild animals, enhancing the worldview of these animals and capturing the awe-inspiring creations of nature.

Wildlife photographers are considered to be a rare breed, with immense talent, patience and perseverance to capture the beautiful and glorious creations of nature. As wildlife dwindles due to anthropological reasons across the globe, wildlife photographers are some of the highly sought after in the profession.

To ensure that your work reaches the right audience, modern social media provides some of the best tools at your disposal. However, to ensure that these systems are utilized to their maximum potential, at AIS Technolabs, we create unique solutions that help you promote your work and gain the attention of prospective clients across the globe through our online marketing for photographers.

Instagram Optimization

One of the niche social media solutions, Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app for Android and iOS devices. The app is managed by Facebook, and is currently one of the largest and most active photo-sharing social media solutions out there. The audience on Instagram prefer to explore new and innovative photos that can capture their imaginations. At AIS Technolabs, we create customized and tailor-made solutions to enhance your Instagram portfolio, ensuring maximum coverage to the appropriate target audience. Similar to other social media, Instagram uses hashtags to group and collate photos into various segments. We have a well-researched list of hashtags, and use similar methodologies to SEO keywords in building and optimizing hashtags to enhance your reach. As a highly emotive and innovative medium, Instagram is perfect to reach out to a global audience, and gives you the ability to convert regular viewers into followers and fans alike.

Blog Setup and Optimization

For those who love wildlife photography, a blog is the perfect solution to document your journey, your challenges, and your experiences to your viewers. For those going out into the wild, every day is not only an opportunity; but an experience to observe nature up close and in person; a feeling that a large section of the city-dwelling populace miss throughout their lifetimes. In addition, a blog brings your photos to life, allowing you to document the situation, the feelings and the emotions while you were capturing those photos. At AIS Technolabs, we understand your drive for capturing the awe-inspiring moments of nature, and create tailor-made blogging plans that can be incorporated into your existing website. Our tailor-made blogging platform also consists of various solutions which lets you compose them from anywhere you like, and post them instantly. In addition, we optimize your blog section, so that it becomes an integral part of your SEO; allowing search engines to peruse and index your content. Furthermore, to ensure that your content stays on top, we implement SEO techniques to promote your blog to the top of search results pages for both Google and Microsoft Bing.

SEO for Advertising Photographers

Imagery has always been an essential aspect of advertisements. What is more attractive than any textual description? An image, and advertising photographer delivers on that core premise through the use of images in advertising. One of the most important parts in any form of print or online advertising is the need to have knowledge about macro photography as well as long and distant shots in his or her repertoire.

As an advertising photographer, it is imperative in the modern era to keep a portfolio of all of the work he or she has done, as well as the brand associations of the portfolio. To this end, AIS Technolabs provides top-notch SEO and digital marketing solutions to advertising photographers across the world.

Portfolio Optimization

A portfolio of an advertising photographer is of vital importance in order to showcase the work done by the photographer, the brand associations maintained by the professional as well as to showcase his or her quality of work. To this end, AIS Technolabs optimizes the portfolio page to enhance search engine rankings, and to enhance the visibility of the photographer in the online realm. Profile page optimization entails two major tasks:

Alt Tags Optimization

Alt tags is a short form of the term alternate tags. It is an inbuilt feature of HTML to allow images to be tagged so that they have some contextual information. Alt tags are of vital importance in SEO, since they allow search engines to find and index the images properly, and ensure that these images are visible not only during textual search, but also when searching for images. Alt tags link binary image formats such as JPG and PNG to provide additional information to the search engines for easier categorization, as well as provide context to the viewers too. At AIS Technolabs, we extract alt tags directly from the metadata embedded in the images through a specialized program, ensuring that these processes are automated for each photo uploaded. In a similar vein, alt tags can also be updated from the file names directly. In addition, to ensure even greater context, the images can be renamed through a script to add important keywords to them, so that they are also optimized for search engines as well as for readers.

Image Grouping

For advertising photographers, images are taken of various kinds, and of various different products. To ensure that the portfolio reflects the entire gamut of the photographer’s experience, AIS Technolabs has created scripts that can automatically group these images according to their type, the brands they represent, the type of photography, and the type of product they pertain to.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the building blocks of optimizing pages and images for search engines. The keyword consists of phrases which are of vital importance, and distinguishes one image or a webpage from another. To ensure complete coverage of all SEO aspects, AIS Technolabs has an exhaustive list of keywords for photographers which are used to categorize and promote the photographer’s personal brand. Each keyword is carefully selected and matched against the given image or web page, and scanned through an algorithm to check for its viability. Once a suitable keyword is found, it is optimized by connecting those pages to other sources on the internet, such as social media posts, forum postings and other locations, ensuring that the search engine finds linkages of the keywords across the internet. Such external linkages enhance the page rank and its position on the search engine results page for maximum visibility.

SEO for Wedding Photographers

One of the most vital tasks for photographers, wedding photography is a vital part of the entire photography industry. By sheer volume, wedding photography number is higher than all of the other forms of photography combined. The task of a wedding photographer is of vital importance, since they capture a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment for two individuals. Since it is the most common form of professional photography, this segment is one of the most fiercely competitive segments. This requires proper campaigning through SEO for wedding Photographers. For those making a mark in the wedding photography industry, search engine optimization and social media optimization is of vital importance. SEO for wedding photographers is a constantly increasing scope for marketing for wedding photographers.

Facebook Optimization

With the advent of social media, it has become easier for people to share thoughts, images and videos online, and the same also refers to businesses. In the wedding photography industry, it is more common for people to look for wedding photographers through social media such as Facebook, since it not only gives them a context of their work, but also provides a personal touch, since they can see the profiles of other people who have availed these services. As a result, contracts for wedding photography are mostly undertaken on social media. To ensure that the wedding photographer’s social media and Facebook page is optimized, AIS Technolabs provide top-notch solutions to optimize social media profiles and Facebook pages. Facebook page optimization entails link-building through word-of-mouth publicity as well as brand-building through advertisements. AIS Technolabs curates the target demographics of these ads, so that the right ads are delivered to the right people. In addition, these ads are linked to landing pages on the photographer’s website to ensure that all leads are captured accurately. In addition, the company also provides complete information updation so that prospective clients can communicate with the photographers directly using their communication medium of choice; either through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or email.

Local Search Optimization

The search for wedding photographers is highly local in nature, with prospective brides and grooms tending to choose photographers based on the location of their wedding. As a result, to optimize the local visibility of photographers, AIS Technolabs entails local search optimization; opting for specific keywords that pertain to the local flair and requirements of the particular region. The company has a curated list of keywords that are deemed most apt for local wedding photographers and incorporates them on the photographer’s social media and web feeds, so that local search results display them on the top. In addition, with the introduction of Google Business Listings, AIS Technolabs lists photographers on the platform, so that search results for location-specific requirements are met directly through these media. Furthermore, to accentuate the listings, images are also tagged geographically, allowing photographers to use the inbuilt GPS devices of smartphones and tablets to showcase their talent within specific location details.

SEO for Boudoir Photographers

Boudoir photography is a niche segment of the photography industry. It is a French style of photography encompassing intimate and romantic shots of people, meant for private and personal enjoyment. Boudoir photography combines eroticism, intimacy and a deeply personal setting to recreate images of personal passion, without being explicit; rather focusing on suggestive aspects of the human psyche. This form of photography is usually undertaken not by professional models, but by couples who want to document an intimate part of their lives.

Website Security Optimization

Since boudoir photography is deeply personal in nature, photographers who dabble in this art form and promote online need to have top-notch security systems in place to protect the privacy of their clients. To this end, AIS Technolabs builds top-notch security solutions for your website, ensuring complete privacy and ease of mind from external attacks. At AIS Technolabs, we build security through a time-tested solution, encompassing three important aspects of data security:

Secure Data Storage

To ensure that the files and images on the web-server are protected from external threats, AIS Technolabs evaluates the current security standing of the website, and optimizes how data is stored on the server, through industry-grade disk and folder encryption technologies. This ensures that only select files and folders are accessible to all, with other important files being accessed only by the photographer or the system administrator.

Secure Data Transmission

One of the most difficult aspects of data management is the secure transmission of data from the server to the client device. To ensure that data transmission is fully encrypted, AIS Technolabs employs some of the best cryptographic techniques that encrypts all outgoing data from the server. As a result, only the intended recipient can access the data, while all others receive incomprehensible data which cannot be reconstituted back to its original file structure.

Secure Data Access

Data access is a vital point where external threats are most active in order to steal vital information. To plug in loopholes in data access, AIS Technolabs creates strict rules following industry standards which do not allow anyone to bypass the access point. Secure data protection is done on the web server through the ‘.htaccess’ file to block incoming requests to secure files and folders. In addition, file and folder encryption is used to prevent misuse of data. Finally, to ensure that all passwords are stored in a secure manner; AIS Technolabs provide photographers with solutions to generate pass-phrases: a set of words and letter combinations which are almost impossible to crack using brute force technologies.

Online Marketing for Photographers

While SEO is an important aspect of total online visibility, it is only a part of the overall online marketing strategy for photographers. To make the best out of the internet, photographers have built online marketing strategies which best showcase their line of work, and showcase their talents online. In order to ensure maximum visibility, AIS Technolabs entails a 360-degree online marketing strategy for photographers, with complete marketing support in each and every sphere of the online brand building exercise.

Brand Building

For a photographer, one of the best ways to distinguish between his or her work from that of their competitors is through building a brand of their work. Brand-building encompasses a wide variety of aspects including typography, imagery, logos and other details which work together as a whole to create an aura about the photographer. To this end, AIS Technolabs provide complete brand-building solutions for photographers with their online marketing for photographers, providing them complete assistance in typography selection for their websites and business cards, generating logos for their work, and optimizing them on both search engines as well as social media.

Mobile Site Optimization

With the proliferation of smartphones, more and more people are using mobile devices to search and transact for goods and services. In order to ensure that the photographer does not lose out on this aspect, AIS Technolabs provides complete assistance to enhance the visibility of photographers through mobile devices using their online marketing for photographers services. The company undertakes a thorough audit of the photographer’s website and suggests changes in its structure so that it complies with modern web standards, and is responsive in nature; allowing one web-page to reflow and fit any screen size. In addition, with services such as Google AMP, AIS Technolabs also provides AMP link building which is preferred over standard HTML web pages for mobile devices; ensuring your brand is one step ahead of your competition in all aspects.

Website Analytics

One of the greatest benefits of online branding and marketing is the sheer availability of data. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, where the visibility of the ad was based on the probability of its placement; online marketing generates a wealth of data, regarding who is visiting the website; where are the people looking for services, what are the kind of services they are looking for, when do they visit the website; what kind of devices are they using, and so forth. In order to make sense of all of this data, AIS Technolabs creates simple and easy-to-understand reports which can be used to tweak your marketing strategy; optimizing your services to the requirements of your consumers. With AIS Technolabs, we provide an in-depth understanding of what the consumer asks for, so that your business vision aligns with that of market demand.

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