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SEO for Travel Agency

Assist travel agencies to enhance and optimize their websites for maximum impact

Travel agencies depend on internet basic traffic for the majority of their business. Potential travelers almost always search online for destinations to visit, where to stay, how to reach, how to get cheap flights, local tours and transportation, the best time to visit, visa requirements, and other such related topics.

In order to get visible to these potential customers, travel agencies have no option but to keep their websites optimized. With right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and strategies travel agencies can significantly increase organic traffic to their site and thereby increased inquiries and more bookings. AIS Technolabs being the most renowned travel SEO agency is well equipped in optimizing travel portals and websites with its vast SEO expertise. AIS Technolabs as the leading SEO travel agency can be your trusted partner to build and/or optimize your travel website for maximum benefits. We provide all types of online marketing services for SEO for travel agency.

seo for travel agency

Here’s how AIS Technolabs Services can help

Travel SEO Company

A successful travel SEO Company is one that has adopted a focused, long term SEO strategy for the website of their clients. While there is lots of advice online on how to master SEO, SEO for travel agencies is not the same as to say SEO for an eCommerce website. Following are multiple ways how we at AIS Technolabs, the most trusted and leading SEO travel agency can assist our customers in the travel industry:

Well focused SEO strategy

SEO needs to be focused around products and services the particular travel agency is offering. Depending on the core focus of the agency, such as city tours, hotel bookings, flight bookings, etc, the SEO strategy also needs to be focused on these target audience and keywords. Experts from AIS Technolabs, a leading travel SEO company worldwide, will work with you to understand your business and identify the most suitable SEO strategy for your travel business.

Selecting the right domain name

Well begun is half done. Selecting the right top-level domain is crucial to better visibility on search engines. For example, www.ABCLondontours.com will do much better than www.ABCToursandtravels.com or www.ABCCitytours.com because of the focus on London and the presence of London the domain name. The SEO Experts of us, the most renowned travel SEO agency will guide you in detail on these aspects to ensure a perfect head start.

Content-focused on end-users

Writing for SEO and getting listed on the search engine is only half the battle won. For a successful inquiry/conversion, content should be really useful to travelers and potential customers. Having lots of keyword-stuffed articles but not giving specific information (cost, where to book, availability, etc), poor page design and navigation, slow site, mobile-unfriendly sites often turn off potential customers. AIS Technolabs, as the most trusted travel SEO agency, provides SEO service that will ensure content strategy not only helps in SEO but also is relevant and effective on prospective customers, increasing chances of conversion.

Ease of sharing and bookmarking

Unlike an eCommerce purchase decision (say of a trimmer) which is an almost instantaneous and single-person decision, travel bookings are taken collectively in consultation with friends and family. Thus an SEO friendly travel agency should ensure its contents are easy to share on social media sites, on email, WhatsApp, or other popular mediums. A potential customer who visits the site today may make a booking only after a week, once he/she is done consulting his/her friends and family on this tour/travel. AIS Technolabs, as the most trusted SEO travel agency powered SEO will ensure the contents are easy to bookmark, share, and revisit.

Ensuring Dynamic Content

Compared to real estate or eCommerce, the travel industry is highly dynamic. Weather information, visa rules, prices, accessibility, offers and other information crucial to travelers keep changing. Some attractions close down and new attractions open up. A potential customer expects his/her travel agency to provide the latest and relevant information. Thus a travel agency website should have provisions to provide regular updates. AIS Technolabs, the leading and the most experienced SEO travel agency helps travel agency websites stay dynamic and up to date using multiple curated and proven strategies.

Being Mobile Friendly

The majority of searches happen on the go via smartphones. Design and SEO for mobiles is a bit different from what’s traditionally done for the web. A travel company cannot afford to ignore mobile traffic. Thus travel agency website SEO should have enough focus on mobile phone users- easy navigation, optimized images, quick loading, focused content, right font size, and minimum distractions are key to make a site successful on portable devices. AIS Technolabs, as the most well known travel SEO agency, has optimized several websites for mobile consumption and has the best of the breed expertise and practices in this regard.

Quality Link Building

Websites linked by other trusted websites score high on search engine results. Quality links should be earned over time and should not be purchased. AIS Technolabs, being the most efficient travel SEO Company, will provide link building services and help secure legitimate, quality links from external sites to boost your site’s credibility and search rankings.

The Right use of visual contents

Too much text is boring to read. A picture speaks a thousand words. Having the right amount of visual content- animations, maps, graphics, video clips, etc are critical to retain the interest of the reader, give them information in an effective way. At AIS Technolabs we know is better than anyone in the industry and our SEO strategy for travel websites includes curated photos, videos, and other visual content. Visual media can retain a visitor for longer, boost site metrics, and credibility in the eyes of search engines.AIS Technolabs, the most renowned travel SEO agency will help you achieve this with ease. We promise to never upset you with our services regarding SEO for travel agency.

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We understand you might be flooded with cheap proposals from hundreds of companies and individuals offering travel SEO services. However, be advised that the SEO services industry is often marred with over promise and under delivery. Scrutinizing and selecting the right partner ensures there will be no disappointment later. With our years of experience as a SEO travel agency providing SEO services to a wide range of travel agencies and companies, you can be assured of best of breed practices, techniques, and execution guaranteed to yield better than expected results. Due to our expertise as a travel SEO company, our ground-level research, customized strategies, and relentless effort in execution are always appreciated by our clients. We make sure that you get the right SEO for travel agency. Your investment in imparting right travel SEO will pay off in terms of increased traffic and higher conversion. Trust us with your site optimization and SEO requirements and we will not disappoint you.