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Skillshare Clone Script

The advent of e-learning solutions and online teaching methodologies have changed how the world learns and accesses education. E-learning solutions have become commonplace nowadays, with most corporations and educational institutes offering their customized educational software suites to both their employees as well as students across the world. This openness in the dissemination of knowledge has changed the course of human history, with more and more research being done to improve human life and conditions.

However, online teaching has been confined to the realm of educational institutes and multinational corporations, and it is primarily didactic in nature. There are a large number of skilled individuals who want to share their skills and knowledge to others across the world. Skillshare is one such resource which provides an online teaching platform for professionals and individuals to share their valuable knowledge and insights. AIS Technolabs lets you create your own customized online teaching platform along the lines of Skillshare.

Skillshare Clone Script

What is
An Online Teaching Platform ?

An online teaching platformis an online software solution which provides skilled individuals and professionals to disseminate their knowledge through the internet. Most knowledge gathering and dissemination has relied on large corporations or universities, since they would own the patents and copyrights to these sources. With the advent of the internet and the rise of the open-source movement; a large number of individuals prefer to learn and create interesting solutions to problems themselves.

Online Teaching Platform
White label Learning Software

This requires collaboration on part of both the pupil as well as the teacher. A collaborative learning software lets you create your own skill-based solution for dissemination of information. AIS Technolabs has garnered a reputation in the market for offering high quality online teaching platforms and customized collaborative learning systems.

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What are The Benefits of
Collaborative Learning Software ?

Collaborative learning software solutions have a large number of benefits over traditional e-learning solutions. Collaborative systems allow students to share their knowledge with their peers while teachers receive constant feedback from the students. Such a system is built on the foundation of didactic discourse between the teacher and the pupil, with each sharing their perspectives with one another.

Another benefit of collaborative systems is the creation of networks to aid and support students on their journey. This ensures that students are not only able to grasp those concepts, but apply them creatively to achieve their desired results. From the perspective of skilled professionals, it is a great way to express their learning, and earn money through it. Collaborative systems allow teachers to monetize their classes, and even earn revenue based on the number of premium subscriptions that students enroll to.

AIS Technolabs provide organizations with the ability to have their own collaborative online learning software; with software systems similar to Skillshare for a superior collaborative learning experience.

Collaborative Learning Software

Skillshare Clone Script

AIS Technologies provides organizations with a customized Skillshare clone script that provides all the functionalities of the Skillshare system, with added benefits of full customization for all graphical aspects. The Skillshare clone script provides the following functionalities:

  • Shared learning modules
  • Class creation, with calendar functionality
  • Online class promotion on social media
  • Referral systems
  • Free and Premium Class modules
  • Feedback mechanism for teachers
  • Student Networking
  • Compensation for Teachers
  • Multiple Payment Solutions
  • Customizable Backend Panels for Teachers and Students
  • Server Administration Control


With a collaborative e-learning solution, AIS Technolabs provides organizations with the very best in online teaching platforms that can provide a steady revenue stream as well as let the organization contribute its knowledge and learning to individuals all over the world.