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Slot Game Development Company

Online casino gaming has created a huge impact in the last few decades with the volume of gaming reported to be more than $41.5 billion in 2015. The volume has tripled to $13.8 billion that what it was in 2005. According to a research that suggested that if 20 new online casinos were opened in the US every year, $5.2 billion would be generated just by the end of 2020.

slot game development

About AIS Technolabs

AIS is one of the leading slot game development company in California. We produce most secure slog games with the best graphics. We design the game module with intricate details and club it with the intelligence of game architects. We are having advanced slot machine programming tools, updated ideas and exponential experience which act as the backbone of our brilliant slot game development. We are also providing game developers on hire basis. With our hiring model, we ensure a proper set of qualified, diligent and talented developers. We have developed games for a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms.

Our slot game package comes with the complete host and secure client connect with ravish gameplay, upgradable models. Our slot game is of high quality, as it is tested against full load capacity, efficient gameplay, multiplayer options, user-friendliness and guest mode.

Slot Game features

2D and 3D animation

An animation is a key to every successful casino game. We are using 2D and 3D animation in order to enhance the gaming appeal and popularity.

Unique design

We develop our slot games by considering the targeted audience. Our unique ideas with internal and external designs will help you to retain a large number of players.

Background music and audio effects

We also add background music and audio effects. The players can select audio effects towards their gaming concepts and storyline. They can also mute or set the audio with respect to their personal preferences.

Mathematical model

The slot game development that we create is of high volatility and sustainability. We create exciting gameplay that ultimately generates hefty returns.

Flash and HTML5 technologies

We always use advanced multimedia technologies like Flash and HTML5 in order to provide the best experience to the players.


The players can connect with their Facebook friends and Gmail contacts or Apple IDs in order to get a real-world scenario and leaderboard gameplay. The leadership board can be set up to multiple duration as per the requirements which will attract more slot game lovers. This social feature can also help you to engage the players and to spend their time with your unique creation.

Chatting and communication

The players in the slot game can also communicate with each other. They can make their decision, can discuss the tactics while playing the game which ultimately enhances the overall gameplay. They can also use the slot app and slot machine software in order to facilitate continuous gaming.

Multilingual support

In order to target worldwide clients, we have created multilingual support in our slot game platform.. Our developers have added different languages which help you to gather global audience and players.

In-app features

We have incorporated an interesting feature to play the game with real or virtual money. The players will be capable of premium in-app purchases which yields handsome returns on your investment. The players can have different payment options including credit or debit cards, an online banking system, PayPal, and others.

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Slot game
development at AISt

We develop very appealing slot games with 2D and 3D effects. We also define the pay table, game rules, line representation, and level concept in order to calculate payout percentages. The players can get free spins, bonuses, winning logic and jackpot progressives which will enhance their gameplay.

During game development, we program payout emulators and math engine simulators to organize one million cycles of game logic to evaluate payouts and receive high-level results in no time. Our developers integrate Reliable Random Number Generator for creating the game by using Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG library. We also program the PAR sheets in order to arrange the structural characteristics including hit frequency, odds of winning and payback percentages.

In order to maximize the performance with primary and secondary databases, we develop cryptography protocol to secure the application data. Besides, the players also need to have key agreement, entity authentication, secret sharing, multi-party, non-repudiation and symmetric encryption facility. The slot games developed by AIS are having a cross-browser functionality to play for fun and social gaming experiences.