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Android, as we know, is one of the popular mobile operating systems out there. Most of the popular and top grossing games like PUB G, Dream league soccer, etc., at present are housed by Android platform.
Whether it is about traditional games or modern day online/real-time game, Android remains the first choice for e-gaming firms to launch their app. Though iOS is the other option, the number of users and popularity that Android can garner for your game is unmatchable.
Traditional and popular games like slot machines are also adopting the Android way of operation for reaching out to the users. Android slot machine source code development or slot machine android app development is the leading choice of gaming firms these days.


Users also enjoy such kind of a gaming experience as android app based gaming allows for maximum exciting options to be integrated regarding user interface.

Firms can get Android-based source code developed for their slot machine by consulting and hiring the services of professional Android game developers. These services can be hired on a project to project basis or in a comprehensive manner.

AIS offers you a chance to get your Android source code developed from developers who have delivered some top grossing games on the platform today.The experience of delivering numerous Android gaming solutions makes us the right choice for your gaming app development.





Features Of Admin Panel


Login/ Registration

We help you develop easy login and registration panels for android slot applications through social login integrations.


On-screen bet/ play/ cash buttons

Intuitive user-interface development through the addition of useful buttons that elevate the gaming experience.


Coin / token hopper monitoring

Easy management of coins and tokens through a dedicated monitoring system for increased business operation transparency.


Manage payout System

An ultimate payment processing system that has a dedicated dashboard for managing all money related operations, including deposits and withdrawals.


Deposit and Withdrawal

Secure 3rd party payment integration that allows users to get a dedicated channel depositing and withdrawing money.


Manage animation

Give reigns to users to manage the gaming experience as per their choice through animated features and improved gaming experience.


Auto play

An out-of-the-box auto play mode where players get to assign a computer to play various slot games instead of them.


Push Notification

Advanced push notification system to improve your communication with your users with added elements such as emojis, creatives, etc.


Support Complaint Box

A dedicated customer support system that manages user queries on multiple channels and provides you a dedicated platform to respond.


Slot Game Master

Increase the interest of players with slot game master that offers progressive wins on spinning a multiplier wheel.


Reel Master

A vertically positioned grid that spins once a player places bets on different symbols and lands on them, a player either wins or loses.



Instant reports that offer you in depth insights on different operations happening over your platform for improved decision making.

Features of Players

Login/ Registration

Make logins and registrations as easy as it can get with the integration of social logins such as facebook, google and instagram.

Game Types

Development of various types of slot games that help you increase engagement over your platform and profitability.

Slot Table

Slot table development including different types of symbols, buttons and other elements. Our advanced algorithm can handle thousands of players at once.

Auto Play

Advanced features such as auto play mode allow players to decrease their inputs by choosing a computer to play instead of them.

Join Daily Tournaments

Manage daily tournaments and contests on your platform and pique up the interest of players in your app through interesting events.


Inclusion of bonuses based on the activities of the players on your platform, this gives you a chance to retain players daily.

Create Private Virtual Slot Tables

Creation of virtual slot tables that allow players to enjoy a betting game with people that are in their social network.

Easy Deposit And Withdrawal

Secure and easy deposition and withdrawal of money on your platform through 3rd party payment gateway integrations.

Uncover Treasures

Make gaming more rewarding on your platform by elevating your user experience through small treasures hidden in different spots in the game.

Win Virtual Jackpots

Increase fun and engagement for the players that are only interested in playing without placing actual money on the slots.

Premium Access Slots

Increase competitivity in your players by exciting contests that allows them access to premium slot tables, having more entertainment.

Main Features


Referring to the zig-zag and straight patterns on the reel that define the winning and losing of a bet.


Wilds are the slot symbols that replace any other symbol to provide a winning streak and win more money through your platform.

Free Spins

A free spin is a provision provided to players to win a bonus prize when a player lands on 3 or more scatter reels; we have added special conditions for triggering it.


Volatility of the platform defines the winnings and losses on a game. We have advance algorithm that makes the game more exciting while balancing wins and loses well.

Scatter Pays

Scatter pays are a very important component of slot games where high-paying symbols are built to match the theme of the particular slot title.


Game coins are virtual currency that is used by the players to place the bet. A player can add more coins by depositing more money and cash it out also.

RTP (Return To Player Percentage)

Return to player is a percentage that defines the chances of winning a bet. Our algorithm offers the percentage between 0-99% with unprecedented accuracy.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels are the game animations that make the gaming experience more ultimate on your platform as it increases the visual experience.

Expanding Scatters

On activating the free spin bonus expanding scatters are triggered. Our algorithm is designed to randomly select and come up in the bonus round to take the positions in the reel.

Split Symbols

Split symbol is an icon that is integrated in the game that doubles up different symbols and takes the place on the reel space of the regular icons, wilds and scatters.

Multiplayer Symbols

Increase the fun to multiple folds by allowing multiple players to join in a game of slot.

Bonus Games

Added bonus games that are based on RNG to provide gaming outcomes based on each spin with five pools of RNG.

AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs being a certified Android game and software development company assures you of delivering solutions that can add value to your business. We put in wholehearted commitment to bring the best as per clients’ needs.

AIS offers you following benefits as your Android source code development service provider:

  • Clone script based code development option
  • Clone app based development as per clients need
  • Developers with better experience in the domain of Android gaming
  • Rigorous testing before delivery of the solution
  • Real-time data flow facility in the developed app
  • Server game hosting an online multiplayer option
  • Development as per Google’s defined algorithms
  • App for iOS is also developed
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Cyber secure solutions to be extended to clients

If you are looking for android slot machine source code development, android app based online game development, clone app or clone script based app development then you can connect with us through our website. One can register their inquiry on our official website.

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