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Smartwatch App Development

The evolution of computing devices has come a long way. The advancement of semiconductor technology has made it possible to miniaturize the functionality of the gigantic computers of yesteryears to literally the palm of our hands and around our wrists. Some of the smallest computing devices; smartwatches have transformed from the pipe-dream of science fiction enthusiasts to real usable devices that one can buy today. Wearable computing devices such as smartphones are proof of a huge leap in semiconductor technology, and major tech companies such as Apple and Google have invested billions of dollars to improve the technology.

Smartwatches are tiny devices, usually the size of a wristwatch that feature nearly all of the functionality of smartphones; as well as additional functions to measure a large number of bodily functions. AIS Technolabs is a pioneer in the latest field of smartwatch app development.

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smartwatch app development

What are Smartwatch Apps?

smart watch app development

The beauty of a smartwatch is its programmability. This core function allows a developer to build complex programs that can perform a variety of functions; from displaying maps to playing music, and from playing video games to measuring bodily functions. While smartwatches have been around since the early 2000s, their popularity exploded with the advent of touchscreen-based devices which work in a similar fashion to a smartphone. The introduction of the Apple Watch as well as Google Wear platform from rival Google has allowed for easier development of smartwatch apps for a wide variety of functions. AIS Technolabs has garnered a reputation in the market as a pioneering smart watch app development company, with an esteemed clientele based throughout the world.

A smartwatch app is similar in nature to a smartphone app, with a few modifications.


Due to the lack of screen screen space, smartwatch app developmentuses the use of voice to control all of the important input functionalities for the device. AIS Technolabs can use both native as well as third-party voice recognition libraries to implement voice input systems to smartwatches.


Smartwatches, due to their limitations usually run as stripped-down versions of popular operating systems such as Android and iOS, aptly renamed Wear OS and WatchOS respectively. AIS Technolabs provides full-blown smart watch app development services for both operating systems.


Due to the lack of space, smartwatches incorporate gesture controls to provide users with the ability to perform common tasks on their devices. AIS Technolabs uses native libraries and third-party modules to develop gesture-controlled interfaces; providing natural support for smartwatch apps.


Most smartwatches incorporate a wide number of physical sensors and monitors to perform a wide variety of tasks to monitor bodily functions. Due to the close proximity of the device to the user’s skin, smartwatches are used to incorporate functions such as monitoring of heart rate, altimeters, barometers, GPS tracking systems, thermometers, pedometers and other useful components. As an ongoing effort, AIS Technolabs has partnered with luxury health management companies to provide smartwatch app development services for their consumers.

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The Outlook for the Smartwatch in the Coming Years

The smartwatch was initially developed as an add-on for smartphones, allowing users to view notifications without taking out the phones from their pockets. However, a lot has changed since the initial days of smartwatches and they are now considered more as fashion accessories than just another electronic device.

A wide range of companies, with background in technology and fashion have developed smartphones for their consumers. Technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, and LG have all developed their own smartwatches; while major fashion and watch-making brands such as Casio, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Cartier and Timex have all developed smartwatches; often using the Wear OS as their platform of choice. In addition, various small and medium-sized businesses are using some of the latest marketing and funding ventures such as crowd-sourcing to port operating systems such as Linux, Sailfish OS and others to smartphones.

This shift in market and the change of market characteristics have provided organizations with a greater way to interact with their consumers using the smartwatch. AIS Technolabs combines its sheer domain expertise to develop apps for smartphones and has created unique and tailor-made solutions for its smart watch android mobile app development services program; providing organizations with a unique opportunity to have their branding and their application functionality not only in the pockets of their consumers, but also on their wristwatches. Being a pioneer in the industry, the company looks to pave the way for the development of smartwatch apps.

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smartwatch app development