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Social Media for Event Planning

Beginning of The New Online Generation

If you want to expand your event planning business and reach out to more people who require your services, then there is no other place like Social Media. This is considered as the fastest growing marketing platform as it has millions of users from every corner of the world. Therefore, AIS Technolabs offers you this opportunity where you can focus on your expertise while we take care of the marketing on different Social Media Platforms. Our social media experts are trained and experienced in providing several services used to make your promotion a success. We assist you in Social Media Page Creation, Page Optimization, Social profile creation, Social Media Report, etc.

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social media for event planning
Make Your Marketing Digitized With Social Media

We, at AIS Technolabs, are here with exceptional services that are sure to expand your business by using the latest marketing techniques. Our experts are available 24*7 with their assistance to take your business in front of an ocean of users who are available on different Social Media Platforms. If you are planning to hire dedicated resources, we provide you with trained, experienced experts who are dedicated to offering you optimum services on Social Media Page creation, posting, optimizing your page, advertising, reporting, etc. We also provide you reports on competitive analysis, which will help you understand your competitors and their marketing policies. With our services, it is sure that you will be creating a brand for your organization in no time.

Is it important to advertise on Social Media for Event Planning?

Social Media has become an addictive and a common place to gather that we all happen to log onto it daily habitually. This gives a chance to the organizations to advertise their products or services but simultaneously creates a huge competition for each other. Our experts are well experienced in this field. Therefore, we provide you with optimum facilities with which you do not have to worry about your account being kept unnoticed somewhere in this pool of competitors. With the help of Social Media, you will be able to Target a Wider Range of Audience, Build Brand Awareness, Build Strong Relationships, Track Your Customer, Expand Your Business, etc.

Target Wider Range of Audience

Social Media makes your business visible to those audiences who can become potential customers later. These platforms provide the scope of targeting your audiences based on their age, location, interests, preferences, and hobbies.

Build Brand Awareness

As said earlier through social media advertisement, you will be showcasing your services in front of thousands of potential customers. This will provide you a scope to build awareness of your brand. Your business will be known even by people residing outside your city.

Build Strong Relationships

Social Media provides you the advantage to target your audiences based on their age, geographical location, interest, etc. This results in getting you authentic customers who may become ready to provide you further work and build strong relationships that are sure to help you in expanding your business.

Track Your Customer

Different Social Media Platforms provide different tools to analyze and track your social media audiences. Some of these are Friends+Me, Followerwonk, Tailwind, Social media insights, Google Analytics Audience report, etc.

Expand Your Business

With social media, you can display your business in front of an ocean of audiences, and you will increase the chances of getting more customers and thus will be able to expand your business more than you are now.

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Expand your business with our services for Social Media for Event Planning

AIS Technolabs provides you with a range of services to help you create your custom Social Media Campaign and make it a huge success. We are backed up with a full team of highly trained experts who will first make a record of your requirements, analyze your website, collect all the required data and information and then create a strategy to find the optimum process to make your advertisement reach the targeted audiences that you have selected. We make sure that your profile and the advertisements are eye-catching enough to mesmerize your audiences’ hearts.

Social Media Management

It is important for you to create a profile on different Social Media Platforms and advertise your services on them in the right way. This makes it difficult for you to manage all of your accounts. Hence, we assist in managing all of your profiles on Social Media for Event Planning.

Event Planning Industry Specific Social media audit

We provide a Social Media Audit facility. This helps to calculate and analyze your profile and results. Based on this analysis, we improve your profiles and optimize your page to help you be on top of Event Planning.

Event Planning Industry Specific Competitive analysis

We assist you in your Social Media Competitive Analysis. With the help of this analysis, you will understand who are the competitors to your brand, which social media platforms they use to broadcast your services, etc.

Event Planning Industry Specific Social profile creation

With our experienced experts, you need not worry about the creation of interesting and engaging profiles. We collect all the required information from you and then create a perfect profile to suit your business that helps you catch people’s eyes.

Event Planning Industry Specific Community monitoring

Our experts are well versed in the latest tools and provide you with social media community monitoring service. This helps you to observe and listen to whatever important is discussed on Social Media about the services provided by you. This is an effective way to communicate with your targeted audiences.

Social Media Page Creation

We create the best, functional, engaging, and attractive Social Media pages based on your goals and requirements. Our experts provide you with simple yet classic pages that are sure to draw your audiences’ attention. This way people can understand their marketing strategies in social media and can use this as an effective way to communicate with the targeted audiences.

Social Media Page Optimization

We analyze your profile, strategies, and its pages timely to point out the areas where it can be optimized even more than before to bring maximum results. We are available around the clock for your profile page optimization.

Event Planning Industry Specific Advertising

We are experts in providing Event Planning Industry Specific Advertising services. Our services help you create a perfect advertisement to suit your business and its goals. Our services will bring in more loyal customers.

Social Media Report

Our job does not end with the creation of your profile. We provide daily in-depth reports on the performance of your advertisement and profile. This helps you to understand the areas that require changes to make an optimum presence on social media profiles so that you reach out to your audiences.

Event Planning Industry Specific Post Creation

We have a team of content writers who can easily come up with innovative posts on Event Planning based on your needs and requirements.


With us being here, you do not have to keep a record of whether your posts are published on or not. We take full responsibility for creating and publishing your posts on the Social Media Platform.

Why Choose Our Services
For Social Media for Event Planning?

Our quality services in Social Media for Event Planning provided for your business is enough to prove our worth. We are available around the clock to help you through your campaign. Your time is precious for us so we are dedicated to providing you with optimum services within the least time possible. We also charge reasonable fees keeping the small-scale businesses and startups in mind. Our experts look forward to providing you with accurate services and reports that take your business to new heights. You are always welcome to customize your advertisements, profiles, and strategies according to your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is expert in providing services for your marketing on any type of social media platforms available on the internet. For example: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

We offer our clients services at a very affordable range of prices. However, the prices may vary depending on your goals, requirements, and the efforts required for creating your complete campaign. The fees can also include the costs of managing the profiles, which becomes a recurring expense but at an affordable range.

Your point of contact will be the project managers. We assign dedicated project managers to communicate with the clients and understand the audiences on social media platforms whom you have targeted based on the age, geographical location, interests, preferences, etc.

Yes, we provide you an experienced team of designers who are dedicated to creating you a perfect post based on your ideas and requirements to suit your business.