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Social Media Marketing For Musicians

Most musicians seem to find digital marketing irrelevant but the truth is that most of their target audience is online. Like any business, the music industry needs exposure, promotions, and business optimization. SEO for musicians makes it simple to drive ticket sales, get in front of a larger target audience, and build a remarkable online image.

Social Media Promotion for Musicians

The advent of social media technology has completely changed the entire music industry. Instead of relying on ‘mix-tapes’ to share music, users are using social media services such as Facebook and Twitter to share their favorite songs and music videos. This change in technology has tipped the prevalent system of music distribution, and more and more musicians and artists are utilizing the power and advantages of social media to spread their music. AIS Technolabs has created a well-researched methodology which provides musicians, both budding artists as well as industry veterans with the ability to use one of the best resources out there and convert audience members to fans, and finally to audio sales over the internet.

Music over social media is highly different from other forms of social media promotion, and hence AIS Technolabs has created highly customizable social media marketing plans for musicians to ensure maximum reach and optimal targeting of the requisite demographics.


YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing websites, and has a daily reach of over 2 billion people every day. With millions traipsing on it for myriad topics, a YouTube account is imperative for any form of online visibility. YouTube not only lets you to showcase what your music is all about, but also lets you upload music videos, live performances, and skits. Other than that, it is one of the most popular search engines; and has a highly tuned algorithm section which lets listeners discover new artists, bands and musicians. Lastly, with so much traction, YouTube is one of the few channels where your music has the ability to go ‘viral’, spreading all over the internet and even to people who have never heard your work. In this day and age, YouTube has become an indispensable platform for promotion of musicians through social media.


The largest social media, Facebook has recently revamped its pages for musicians; giving you a glimpse into what your audience likes, and what the audience wants to listen to. In addition, Facebook allows for embedding of videos from YouTube, and even has its own video sharing service.


iTunes is one of the the largest music purchasing platforms. Originally developed by Apple for its iPod line of music players, it has become the de-facto music purchase platform for users. iTunes not only allows musicians to upload music., but also provides one of the most robust sales platforms for the sale of digital music, ensuring that you can monetize your artwork at the highest level.

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Social Media Marketing for Music Artists

With social media encompassing a large part of entertainment, AIS Technolabs has devised some of the most sound research methodologies which has the power to propel ahead of your peers and create a niche for yourself in the modern music industry. With its leading social media marketing solutions for music artists, AIS Technolabs allows musicians to recreate their magic through the digital realm.
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