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Social Media Script

Social Media is a wonderful platform where communities share news and updates online. Gone are the days of radio, newspaper, and television. Social media helps in spreading any news within seconds. It is one of the best ways to advertise products and services cost-effectively. And as the demand for social networking website is multiplying, people are seeking user-friendly and best social media script in the industry. To meet the demand and fulfill the requirement of social networking websites, we at AIS Technolabs have uniquely designed a reliable and scalable social media script integrated with all the high-end features required to design your social networking website. In addition, if you want to be a pioneer in the social networking industry, we can extend and customize our script as per your specific requirement. Our script comes in with the following features:

Social Media Script


Our team of designers put their full efforts and spend lots of time to work on performance improvement ensuring that our scripts are suitable for your growing business.


No technical background required! Our script enables you to add, delete or edit any part of the website.


Your user can access your social network clone on a PC, tablet or a smartphone. The social content can be adapted perfectly to any screen size.


Our social media script includes various unique features that will help you to overcome the problem of abusers and spammers quickly and more effectively.


Your website can run on multiple languages simultaneously, including right-to-left content direction.


it is well optimized for search engines so that the website doesn’t get lost in search results and users can find it easily.

Social Media Software

Social Media Software is a solution that helps organization for social media conversations through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the help of listening technologies, this software enables an organization to understand how the public views them. We provide you powerful social media software that helps you to manage your social presence with ease and also enables you take the right decisions instead of just the data-driven ones. Our social media software ensures that you manage all your accounts efficiently on various social media platforms from one single tool only.

Social Media Software
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Social Media PHP Script

Our social media PHP script is the ideal solution that covers all the basic and advanced features that essential for Social Media website. It is highly customizable, and you can utilize this script as per your network. There are both private, and group chats options include in our script. Your users can easily upload videos from their respective device and can share it quickly. While uploading videos and photos, your user can set the privacy level of who can view their photos online. The Privacy section incorporates several settings for users to control how others interact with them through their profile. Whether you are looking to create a social website for your business or just your common interest group, our social media PHP script can help you lots of its built-in features.

  • Responsive design
  • High secure coding
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Profile Management
  • Account, the Privacy setting
  • Notification
  • CMS Management
  • User Management
  • General Settings
Social Media PHP Script

Social Media Clone Script

Social Media Clone Script, by AIS Technolabs, is a robust platform that helps in building a connection among people of several groups like professional colleagues, friends, social, etc. With social networking sites, it becomes very easy to find people with the same interest who reside in their network and to seek their help when required. Our Social media clone platform is highly customizable which enables us to modify and customize it to match with your all requirements. Whether it is a user interface tweaks or a responsive Social Network web design requirement, we do it all for you are eager to listen to your requirements.

The primary focus of our team is to exactly understand your requirements related to social networking site development website and then deliver you optimum solutions while considering market and your target audience in mind. We comprehend that a serious project needs functional, technical, financial and emotional commitment. Get in touch with us to get the best social media clone script that can help bring your idea to reality so that you can go to market with confidence. Avail the following benefits with our offered Clone Script:

Real-Time Tracking
Search Restaurants
Profile Creation
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