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Swift iOS Development introduced by Apple enhances the app experience of the user with great features. The Swift codes enable developers to easily integrate the latest features into an existing app or develop a new app from scratch.

Swift is a universal, powerful programming language that is a modern alternative to Objective-C. Since its official release, Swift iOS has achieved great success and has now become the most popular programming language with the most easily adaptable tech skill.

Swift programming was primarily used to develop applications for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Many of the most talented developers adopted iOS Swift early on and transferred their existing projects to it, which has been a remarkable achievement for such a new technology.

Features of iOS development with Swift

Developers outdo the competition for iOS development using Swift and leveraging the use of excellent and latest techniques. They are better armed to build a flexible, reliable, and stable app, by meticulously hand-picking the right elements from the Swift framework.
  • Swift is available in the most recent XCode version
  • Swift makes apps compatible with the latest iOS versions
  • Swift supports inference and types do not have to be specified while declaring a value or variable

Benefits of iOS Development with Swift:

1. Swift apps are fast and efficient

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.From the start, Apple has positioned Swift as a quick and adaptable language. It is said to be more than 2.6 times faster than Objective-C, and the number grows with each new language it releases.

Even a small difference in speed can be a crucial element making a massive difference in defining the success of the language in developing apps. Swift can handle heavy computations making it the technology of choice for developers building fast and efficient consumer-facing apps.

2. Increases team productivity

Swift codes are similar to the natural English language. The clear and concise programming language produces a positive impact on the developer’s productivity. Swift provides all the necessary tooling and a great opportunity to see codes in action immediately. This makes the Swift development fast and efficient which ends up saving more time and money.

According to research, Swift remains one of the top most loved programming languages that contributes effectively to the developer’s motivation and productivity.

3. With a built-in safety feature
With developers using Swift for iOS development, the typical mistakes that occurred with Objective-C can be avoided with the advanced error handling system. Swift makes it less likely for programmers to make mistakes and ensures a smoother run. This adds an extra layer of quality control during app development.
4. Future-proof Apps
Swift provides the tools and resources to build apps for every device in the Apple ecosystem, from Apple Watch to Apple TV, ensuring 100% compatibility and allow extracting full potential of the hardware without any limitations. The language is evolving as a server-side programming tool currently, which also opens more possibilities for many future advances.
5. Strong corporate support
Apple is not the only a big name behind Swift, it is also working hard to bring the language to the cloud, advancing it further for server-side usage. Thus, choosing Swift for a project will provide a great variety of tools integrated with it.
6. Improved chance of being featured in the App Store
Apple often features apps that use latest technologies and follows best practices and trends. It is a great way to promote its products, and also an excellent opportunity for the apps to make it to the App Store charts. The quality of the product is essential for the app to be listed on App Store and hence using Swift increases the chances of enhancing the quality of the app.
The AIS Technolabs Advantage:

AIS Technolabs is one of the leading iOS App development companies that use Swift programming. We understand the perspective of businesses to grow ahead in the competition using the comprehensive iOS development Swift. Our mobile app development services are incredibly proficient, fast, intuitive and powerful in testing the apps on the basis of their usability, performance, compatibility, and functionality to give our clients an extra edge.

Our center of excellence continually tries to achieve the best through our deliveries to the clients. We are more than just developers, designers, or innovative marketers that help you achieve the desired results. We are an extension of your team and your long-term strategic partner, improving your growth-focused business, solve real problems and achieve your goals. Our services are cost-effective as we take pride in providing the right deliverable after a thorough understanding of the business objective of the client entirely.

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