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Begin your own food delivery Business with our Swiggy clone app

Are you looking for Swiggy app source code? Do you want to build a food delivery app like Swiggy? At AIS Technolabs, we have experienced and talented mobile application developers who can help you to build Swiggy clone applications. Our developers ensure that all the features and functionalities are available in your application. If you are looking for a reliable Swiggy clone development company, you’ve come to the right place. For more details you can contact our consultants and experts for more information about the project. We are open to your suggestions and would be happy to guide you for Swiggy clone application development.

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Swiggy Clone App

Why Develop a Swiggy Clone Script?

Swiggy is one of the leading food delivery applications that is used by millions of users across the globe. With a Swiggy clone app, you can easily start your online food delivering application. It is quite beneficial for you to have a Swiggy Clone script because such kind of application is already successful. Many food delivery apps in this sector are in quite demand these days. With a white label solution, you can easily start your Swiggy cline app development with some new features and extensive features. With mobile application development services, you can easily leverage ready made applications, that will make your brand big and get more traffic. With 10+ years of experience in the mobile app development industry, we have been working with small and large businesses across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and others. We can provide you with feature-rich Swiggy app source code to grow your business.

Different Features in Swiggy App Source Code

Advanced Features

Swiggy Clone script and Swiggy source code come with a large number of advanced features, and it is the refined version of the Swiggy mobile application. It comes with a large number of features that can be added to your version of application to make your brand unique. Swiggy clone application development will offer your frontend end as well as the backend of the application. You can be assured that you will get high quality Swiggy app source code from us.

Push Notifications

In Swiggy like app source code, you will get the feature that gives you an option to send notifications depending upon the different features in use. If some order is made or delivered, it shares the automated massage.

Track Rider Location

With our Swiggy source code, you get the feature to track your rider’s location. It is one of the advanced features that many food delivery applications make use of.

Payment Services

Different payment options are integrated with the Swiggy clone app, Customers can make online payments that can be directly given to the sellers. It does allow users to pay on cash on delivery.

Promo Codes

Promo codes are what excites many customers. Different food applications such as Swiggy clone application contain the promocode features that offer a huge discount to customers that provides better customer experience.

Explore Restaurants

With a food delivery application, different users and customers can explore different restaurants available on your application. Customers get a choice to order food from anywhere.

Track your Order

Swiggy app clone has a unique feature that allows customers to track their orders. Such applications use advanced technologies to track the location of the delivery person.

User Reviews and Rating

Customers and users can review your services and restaurant that will help you improve your services further. With such reviews and ratings, you can find which food restaurant is leading in your application and show listings accoridngly.

Social Sharing

Swiggy like food delivery application has different social media plugins features that allows customers to share different restaurants and your application with their friends and followers on different social media platforms.

Menu Management

If any restaurant owner is making use of a food delivery application, menu management is quite easier. With such a feature, any restaurant owner can create and change the menu.

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What are Different Features Available in
Admin Side Application?

Manage Users
Site Earnings
Payment Gateway
Game Settings
Order History
Sub Admin Moderators
Restaurant List
Partners Payment System
Manage Users

What are Different Customer Features in Swiggy Clone App?

User Login

For customer side applications, we ensure that it has a feature where users can have their own account on your Swiggy clone application. For each user we assign different sessions for ordering food from a Swiggy clone application.

Add Special Instructions

While ordering food on Swiggy like app source code, unique feature allows the customers to add special instructions for restaurants according to their needs. It will help them to interact with restaurants easily.

Payment Options

In the customer side application, our developers have integrated different payment methods. Customers have a large number of choices that allow them to make payments using any method such as UPI, Credit Card, Debit card, wallets, cash on delivery, etc.


Our customers can share referrals with their friends and acquaintances which gives them a good discount. If any referral joins, customers get lots of advantages while ordering.

Real-time Tracking

Once the food is ordered our customers can track the delivery person’s location on a real time basis. We have integrated advanced technology that allows your customers to track delivery.

Search Restaurant

We have a search feature in the customer side application that allows your users to find restaurants on their local city basis or on cuisine that they want to order.

Different Features Available For Restaurants in
Swiggy Clone Application

Restaurant Availability

Restaurant Availability

In this feature, users can explore the restaurants that are offering food delivery services. Your restaurant partners can list themselves for different locations and choose hours of operation when the delivery can be made.

Add or Remove Features

Add or Remove Features

With the Add or remove feature, restaurant partners can add some new dishes or cuisine or remove some based on their speciality and customers’ demands.

Delivery Auto Dispatch

Delivery Auto Dispatch

Your restaurant can enable or disable the feature like auto dispatch. It will help them to automate the process of delivery once order is made and is ready for delivery.

Status of Order

Status of Order

Your restaurant partners can check details on status of order like pending payments, cancellation of orders etc. It helps you with real time data about your order.

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

We offer general settings in the restaurant side of the application. Restaurant stakeholders can check the details of the delivery of the order made by the customer. It will help you to assist customers in case of any trouble.

What are Different Delivery Person Features in
Swiggy Clone App?

Status of Delivery Person

We have integrated different features that allow you to track the status of the delivery person. It offers the security feature since it is integrated with both customer side application, and restaurant side applications.

In App Navigation

We have integrated an in app navigation feature for all your delivery partners. They can use this feature to check different restaurants and order status for making delivery more easy.

Earnings of Delivery Person

Based on the deliveries made, one can track all the payments received from customers in the wallet or as the cash. We include different features that allow them to track earnings on the basis of different durations.

Job History

A delivery person will get all the details about the job history about them. All the job history is stored in the delivery person database that can be used to track the employment history.

Information of Delivery

As a delivery person, one can track all the information about delivery that is done. It will help them to keep track of all such information that might be useful for getting payments.

What Business Model Do AIS Technolabs Offer for
The Swiggy Clone Application?

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Our developers build different panels for Swiggy mobile application clones. We design an Admin panel in which admin like you can perform different operations to add, modify, delete any of the restaurant partners.

Customer Panel

Customer Panel

With the customer panel, your customers can access different listings available for the restaurant. It will allow them to make orders and use different features like social media sharing, bill payments, etc.

Partner Panel

Partner Panel

We have a special panel for all your restaurant partners. With such a panel, your partner can do listings and add menus for your customers and along with it they can add cost and offers.

How Much Does It Cost To Build
A Swiggy Clone Application?

Our developers quote you the cost on the basis of design and technologies on which you want the mobile application. We do charge differently for Swiggy iOS application development, Swiggy Android app source code, frontend development and admin panel for your Swiggy clone app source code. You can send us your requirements and we shall help you with a custom quote for Swiggy app clone.

Why Hire Us for a Swiggy App Clone?

AIS Technolabs is the leading mobile application development company that offers the services in different countries like UAE, Australia, Canada, Europe and many more. We have a flexible hiring model that allows you to hire Swiggy clone app developers according to your requirements.

We assure you that your Swiggy clone application would be at par with leading food delivery applications. It would help you to establish your brand that will attract a large number of visitors. With our Swiggy clone mobile application development, you can get error free and custom made functionalities for your Swiggy clone mobile app.

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