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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Do you have a cab booking startup or an established taxi operating business? Isn’t it tiring to keep track of all the drivers manually? Have you ever thought about going digital to manage your business operations more efficiently and easily? Our competent mobile app development team of the taxi booking app will help you automate everything from cab reservations and payments to the total number of drivers and taxis and report generation.

We will create a taxi booking app such as Uber that includes integrated rider and driver apps. Armed with a team of experienced taxi app developers, our taxi booking software development company has already worked on multiple Uber-like taxi app solutions.

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Taxi Booking App Development Company

Best Taxi App Developers

To create taxi startups and aggregator sites, we make use of cutting-edge technology. Track your fleets in real-time, optimize operations, and provide a superior tour booking experience to your passengers. For businesses and government, we deliver white label taxi app solutions to meet the needs of workers and people looking for transportation.

Our easy solution provides a host of features for travelers, drivers, administrators, and dispatchers, with the ability to add advanced features, integrations, and customizations according to business needs. If you are looking for a taxi booking app development company near me, you can trust AIS Technolabs for a feature-rich solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Advanced Features Of On-demand Taxi App Development

The Taxi booking app provides a very nice user experience with easy options for booking a taxi. With a fantastic Google Map user interface, with the place, time, and fare calculations in real-time. The driver who wants to make driving a smooth and hassle-free job is also taken care of by our taxi booking app development company near you.

Quick Booking

Drivers can get ride-bookings through the taxi booking app. Along with the right to accept or reject any request for ride bookings, it allows them to generate revenue. On our taxi booking app like Uber, the users can make really fast bookings.

Live Tracking

The driver may update the status of the ride after the request to collaborate has been successfully approved by the driver with our on demand taxi app development solutions. That can be reflected immediately in the app and through push notifications to the user. The user can share his/her ride status with someone else and ride status can be tracked online.

Fare Calculator

Your clients are given several choices to pay for their ride with our taxi booking app. Our taxi booking app development company delivers a solution, which has an integrated fare calculator system based on the traffic and demand. Now, users can have a ride and pay later, which will apply the balance of the previous pending bill to the most recent trip.

Easy Payment Options

Users can make payments using cash or card payment options. Our taxi booking app like Uber allows payment via bank account, third party app, digital wallet, or cash. The driver can subscribe via QR code scan payment and also direct subscription via the integrated payment gateway in the app.


For the processing of the ride, valid customers need to produce OTP for authentication with our on demand taxi app development solutions. Your customer must give a valid phone number during the registration process and a specific OTP will be sent and the same number needs to be provided for authentication purposes.

ETA and Status

The driver may update the status of the ride after the order has been successfully approved on the app. That can be reflected immediately in the app and through push notification to the user.

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Benefits of Taxi Booking App Development

An end-to-end Taxi App Development Solution with
Some Main Benefits for Companies and Taxi Start-ups

White label Solution
Chips Management
efficient management of drivers
Partners Payment System
Listings management

Admin App Features Of Taxi Booking App Like Uber

As the business/platform manager, you can rely on our taxi booking app developer that empowers you to view and monitor all aspects of taxi booking operations. From an easy to use browser-based panel, packed with rich features such as an integrated taxi dispatch system and open to custom integrations, our taxi booking app development company integrates everything according to your particular requirements and business goals.


Admin and other user roles can see various variables such as tax, ride cost, subscription fee,and other variables that can be controlled by the ride company and admin users.

Driver Management

Display and authorize new driver signup requests, and manually add new drivers when necessary with our taxi booking app development company.

Passenger Management

View the records of all registered users on your website, view their reviews, and provide them with personalized offers.

Payments Management

Automatic billing settlements and accurate trip history for your driver partners keep transaction records clear.


Get helpful insights into how your organization operates with key metrics, so you can improve and expand faster.

Driver App Features of Our Taxi Booking Solution

Our taxi booking app development company develops an integrated solution with multiple user-friendly features for the drivers.

Quick Registration

Enable drivers to fill in basic details from inside the app and upload appropriate documents such as passport, vehicle registration documents, etc.

Real-time Requests

Drivers get pinged on the app and get a quick program approval or decline GUI.

Trip Details

Drivers get user trip data and built-in navigation to make a smooth pick up and drop, building customer loyalty.

Track Payments

Right from the taxi driver app, drivers can monitor their daily earnings, view pending payments, and get helpful insights into their results.

What Business Model Do We Follow?

In-between Ads

Monetize your mobile app to make money and earn huge profits with in-app ads. Plan the right strategy to provide a better consumer experience.

Mobile Version
Premium Access

Provide access to premium features to the users and boost market penetration. Users get extra benefits by paying for additional features.

Mobile Application Development
In-app Purchases

Our team creates true value with in-app purchase models for your mobile apps. You can bolster the users’ trust in your brand and generate revenue.

Cost of Taxi Mobile App Development

Not only do we provide you with features and integrations to customize your taxi booking app solution, but our taxi booking app developers also provide you with how to pay for your taxi app creation project. We deliver the best return on investment as an experienced taxi booking app development company near you. The specific cost of a taxi booking app like Uber depends on many considerations. For the exact cost of a taxi booking app like Uber, contact us.

Why Select us as Your Partner to Develop a Taxi Booking App?

As a renowned Taxi Booking App Development Company, we represent the best in class taxi app development service at AIS Technolabs. Our taxi booking app developers create a clean code structure to ensure your app’s best performance. To get top quality app development solutions, recruit our professional taxi app developers. Our taxi booking apps like Uber increase a great demand for your developed solutions. Being a top production company for the Taxi Booking App, our custom app makes it profitable and secure for both clients and taxi drivers.

AIS Technolabs offers full services for mobile and web-based platforms for the creation of taxi booking apps. Our professional taxi app developers can create a fully-featured, user-friendly taxi booking app including driver interface and admin panel, with immense expertise in providing a wide range of online cab booking app solutions.

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100% Privacy Protection
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Budget-friendly Apps
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Frequently Answered Questions

Yes. Our taxi booking app development company can design and develop a taxi booking app for your business. It is possible to access apps we build on divergent devices, be it Android or iOS.

Copyrights and control of the code for your taxi booking app will be solely owned by you and we will not participate in it.

Even if you have a small number of registered drivers, we suggest you invest in your company’s development of a taxi booking app like Uber. This will help you to provide a better service to all stakeholders.

Our taxi booking app provides a number of payment gateways such as net banking, payment wallets, debit or credit cards, etc. Let us discuss your requirement and we’ll add all necessary payment gateways.