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Supervise your Driver Fleet, Clients and Operations proficiently with our Taxi Dispatch Apps

Taxi dispatch software is the functionality essential for improving services, operating fleet, and boosting the revenues. We at, AIS Technolabs are the leading taxi dispatch app developer with advanced specifications and features. We provide you an excellent taxi dispatch solutions which prove to be the best for leading worldwide.

We provide taxi dispatch system, including feature-packed taxi-hailing apps for our customers to track, book, and get pleasure from their rides. You get the world-class taxi booking software from us for increasing your profits and enhancing your cutthroat edge. Our taxi cab dispatch system helps the owner to have full control over the app and taxi driver to rectify the services as well as time, which in turn helps the riders to travel contentedly to their target place. Moreover, we designed custom apps considering your business requirements, which further let you expand your automotive business online and globally.

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Modernize Your Cab Business by Choosing AIS Technolabs forTaxi Dispatch App

Development Services
We are the top App development company, and we bring opportunities for customers as well as business. We offer advanced features in Taxi dispatch system and gets abundant request to develop software for the same by many business owners. Our technical and innovative developer provides excellent solutions for a fleet management system that helps in improving user experience.

Our Technology Architecture
Our esteemed team of taxi app development makes use of vigorous technology stack to enhance your taxi dispatch software.

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On-demand Taxi Dispatch App Development Services for Fleet Businesses

Nowadays, this innovative technology of online taxi dispatch software has become a favorable change for the cab business. Our main aim is to develop a taxi dispatch solution to deliver consistent services to customers. Also, mobile apps are developed for both customer and driver to make it convenient for both.

With AIS Technolabs, you can enhance your taxi booking apps. Our taxi dispatch app development services include the following:

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    Schedule ride

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    Real-time Tracking

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    Instant Booking

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    Easy Onboarding

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    Native experience

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    Ride details

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    Fare estimation

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    Seamless payments

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    SOS button

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    Notification Alerts

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    Trip History

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    Promo codes

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    Rating & Reviews

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    Referral rewards

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    Build in-app chat

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    Help and support

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    Pickup suggestions

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    Mark favorite places

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    Dynamic pricing

AIS Technolabs aims to develop a taxi dispatching solution for delivering high-performance services by boosting revenues. Our entire taxi monitoring system app easily controlled by the owner, driver, as well as the passenger. Moreover, we provide a user-friendly app which does not require any technical know-how.

Choose Us For Bringing The Power Of Mobility To Your Business With Our Taxi Dispatch Management Solution

Our dispatch app designed by our accomplished developers is straightforward to use and ensure that all of your business users will love it. We update our taxi management system on a regular basis with the modern and advanced technology available in the transportation trade. The taxi software will help to dispatch the rides effectively and efficiently. You can easily control your taxi booking app from PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Smart progress for smarter revenue

  • Intuitive Design

    Our taxi dispatch app design team will create a simple admin interface along with user-friendly driver and clients apps.

  • Customized Apps

    We provide fully customized module for a driver, owner, and passenger according to the requirements of your business.

  • Infinite Booking

    Our taxi software offers users to utilize extensive database to locate the address as well as book cab.

  • Ticket System

    We help you to receive and send emails through our unique ticketing system by your customers.

  • Payment Gateway Support

    We offer an extensive and flexible list of payment gateway for accepting the payments anywhere and anytime.

  • Works Globally

    Our taxi app script supports multiple currencies as well as multiple languages to operate the app all around the globe.

  • Domain Expertise

    We are taxi dispatch software providers that are trusted globally with many successful taxi solutions.

  • Robust & Scalable

    Our taxi booking system is scalable and robust that supports many rides per day. The capacity can be increased depending upon the demands.

  • Driver Management

    Our system tracks the record of the driver through a GPS tracking system to check all the activities of the driver.

  • Customer Management

    Our system helps to create very useful statistics and invoices for each passenger.

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A glimpse of implementation & Launch process of Taxi Booking System

Registration & verification: Our Taxi app will offer email/password or social media for signing up and login facility. After creating the user’s profile, it will be approved and verified by the admin.

Profile editing: The drivers and users can easily update or edit their profiles such as name, address, email, phone number, and so on. The driver’s profile includes full information along with driver’s license

Matching: In this, matching is done to connect the nearby available driver. This includes several elements such as the driver’s status, car model, nearby drivers, driver’s rating, and location of the passenger.

Navigation: GPS tracking system is used to identify the current location of driver and passenger. The navigation step includes ETA, track the car movement, destination, and pickup location. We make use of several orientations, geolocation, and mapping APIs for building navigation apps.

Notifications: Our taxi monitoring system notifies the users by sending them an email, Push notifications, and SMS.

Evaluate Fares: The actual cost of the ride is performed at server side that involves the various parameters like fuel cost, arrival and target distance, traffic, peak hours, weather conditions, etc.

Making payments: There are different payment providers available for our Taxi apps such as World pay, Braintree, Stripe, and many more. We also support digital wallets like Walmart pay, Android pay, Apple pay and credit cards like American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and many others.

Feedback & Rating: After the trip, the drivers and passengers should able to get feedback by rating each other on the Taxi dispatch app.

History of booking & payment: The driver and customers can easily view the full statistics regarding previous trips such as date, cost, time, driver & customer name, car model, rating, etc.

Frequently Answered Questions

Yes, we provide taxi dispatch software which works seamlessly for small, medium, and large scale industries. The dispatcher, as well as admin panel created by our skilled developers, is customizable and configurable to meet the requirements of the taxi business.

Yes, the taxi dispatch software developed by our professional developers is very simple and easy to use. It is effortless, i.e., you have to manage the operation of daily dispatchers.

Our company developers set up the whole taxi dispatch software on your private servers and then take full control over the entire data.

Yes, the taxi dispatch software designed by our skilled developers can be used for any vehicle, whether you have a private vehicle or rental business.

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