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Business management is an art that requires proper planning, organization, and orientation of all the business activities in a holistic and comprehensive manner. This art of business management is crucial to make your business run smoothly and effectively irrespective of the scale of your operation.

In this era of globalization and digitization where the scope and dimension of growth and revenue generation have transcended boundaries the scale of business operation has also seen an expansion.

To manage such vast expanding business domain the incorporation of effective and efficient managerial techniques becomes all the more important. To ease out manual requirements in management ICT tools in face of management software are playing a crucial role.

One such effective business management software is Taxi Management Software. The fact that the app-based easy to go taxi or cab booking app system has seen an outstanding growth in past few years has inspired budding businessmen and entrepreneurs to take up the challenge and expand their business into this profit-making domain.

To manage and run this whole ecosystem/setup in which the entire app based system of taxi/cab booking works ICT and software tools are essential and the need for a Taxi Management System is felt the time you think of launching such a business.

Thus, to get a professional and perfect solution bringing on board practicing and experienced coders who have delivered some quality software solutions becomes the need of the hour. In that case, the thought of getting the software developed from IT/software development firms is not a bad idea. The reason being their technical and professional soundness in lending such solutions.

AIS Technolabs has been delivering dedicated and professional business management software solutions to its clients globally. An International team of professional and efficient coders at AIS brings with itself the experience of working on apps that have complex coding needs. To deliver to the needs of the client is the primary aim of our service delivery.

Taxi Fleet Management

In the online app-based taxi/cab booking system the crucial task is to manage the number of taxies/cabs that are associated with the business ecosystem. To get the updated status of each taxi/cab and its driver, the updates in regards to users booking, drivers’ data and profile, payout management are crucial parameters of Taxi/cab fleet management.

To manage such multiple and variable parameters a taxi fleet management software comes in as a handy tool. These fleet management systems are often developed as a part of Taxi Management Software and make a crucial component of these software solutions.

A taxi fleet management system provides ease of:

Profile management of
Cab driver

Registration of

Registration of
Taxi/Cab drivers

Integration of Taxies/Cabs
with a positioning system

Server base linkage

Real-time basis data and
information sharing

Connect with the fleet
at once or individual level

Organization of operations

At AIS Technolabs we offer such customizations to be incorporated in the software solutions as per the need and demand of the client.

Taxi App Solution

Taxi app solution is the ultimate answer to the management needs of an Uber-like taxi/cab booking business. The fact that the whole business idea is based on quick connects and integration for extending on demand and need-based facility calls for Taxi app to be developed.

In fact, the first step in business execution happens to be the taxi app development. To get a taxi app solution has benefits like:

  • Connect with users
  • Management of fleet
  • Ease of cab and driver registration
  • Connect with the server for both user and driver profiles
  • Real-time flow of information

  • Ease of marketing and promotion

  • Easy integration of multiple functions

  • Ease of login through social connects

At AIS we have delivered such taxi apps solutions in a time-bound and cost-effective manner.
Having worked with and developed solutions for our clients who are leaders in the online Taxi booking domain we have all the capabilities to bring the best on the table.
Support regarding business management through an app and effective utilization of is also provided to the clients.

AIS TechnoLabs

Following benefits are there to be enchased when you choose AIS as your Taxi management software development Company:

  • Adoption of features on a need to need basis
  • Ease of data management and connect
  • Clone-based solutions to make operations cost-effective
  • Design and graphics related services for the app are provided as per the need of the client
  • Positing system linkage and connect
  • Inbuilt payment checkout
  • Profile management and access with ease
  • Live updates and data sharing
  • Ease of marketing through social networking apps
  • Support, guidance to be extended as and when demanded
  • 24×7 app operation support
  • Cyber vulnerabilities are handled effectively
  • Professional work culture

If you’re looking for Taxi management software, taxi fleet management system or taxi app solutions to be developed then you can connect with AIS. Our commitment, dedication, and professionalism make us work hard to deliver to the needs of your business. Feel free to register your ICT and software related needs through inquiry section of our website. AIS is waiting to work with you and help you manage your business smartly.

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