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Taxi Tracking Software is a system developed for drivers which help them to keep a record of their job as well as obtain the proper directions. It also enables historical as well as live reporting that allows owners to track the behavior of their taxi driver. AIS Technolabs being the leading providers of GPS tracking systems, helps to track the taxi in detail.

AIS Technolabs has excellent experience in creating professional Taxi GPS tracking systems and taxi fleet management solutions for field sales, logistics, and transportation. We offer inexpensive and innovative tracking solutions for tracking the taxi movement from Taxi monitoring systems. We, at AIS Technolabs, develop a custom vehicle tracking system that optimizes all your processes according to your business’s needs.

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Taxi Tracking Software


Vehicle Tracking System

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Nowadays, GPS tracking has become crucial for a Taxi control system that tracks the real-time moment. The Taxi tracking software offered by us gives point to point reporting and provides robust information by resolving all the queries as well as issues in the business. Our professional team offers the best and modern solution for transportation companies.With our esteemed developers, you can enlarge the perspective of your Vehicle tracking software.

The Various Services Provided By
Our Tracking Development
Involve the Following

Android & iOS Apps for Car manufacturers
Android & iOS Apps for Car manufacturers
Hardware & Software integration for automobile training
Hardware & Software integration for automobile training
Monitoring driving behavior and safety
Monitoring driving behavior and safety
Route control system for the vending industry
Route control system for the vending industry
Software localization and conversion solutions
Software localization and conversion solutions
Automated fare estimation
Automated fare estimation
Google & iOS navigation system
Google & iOS navigation system
Taxi gps tracking system
Taxi gps tracking system

We offer a wide array of project investigation, high-performance custom taxi gps tracking system development, reliable support as well as maintenance throughout the whole project, and many more. Our taxi gps tracking system let the user evaluate the full behavior of the driver by sending them full details.

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AIS Technolabs usually designs a variety of leading taxi monitoring system according to the trend of today’s demand in the market. Our dynamic taxi gps tracking system heaped abundant clients by enhancing their low profits. The tracking device developed by us provides robust information, which further helps the operators and owners to measure the potency of their Taxi.

At AIS Technolabs, we deliver the whole taxi monitoring systems on budget and on time. As we have experience of working with enterprise in India as well as abroad, we guarantee your devotion and superiority in our services.

  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • Driver management
  • GPS routing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Asset monitoring
  • Routing & Reporting
  • Notifications Alert
  • Visual calendars
  • Delivery status tracking
  • Optimization of activities with AI
  • Monitor driver behavior and activity
  • Synchronize drivers, orders, calendars
  • Innovative dashboards
taxi gps tracking system

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AIS Technolabs provides the taxi control systems that enable you to find the exact location and moment of your taxi. You are also able to view petrol consumption, travel history, speed, etc with our taxi control systems. Our software includes SOS alarms for ensuring full protection and safety. The taxi monitoring system can send reports to the linked accounts for knowing the driver’s behavior and take actions consequently. The reports consist of driving hours, traveled distance and stopovers and can be downloaded in Excel, text, PDF, and many more.

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Real-time Tracking

We provide a real-time monitoring tool for vehicle tracking. This helps in monitoring the current location of the vehicle. It makes use of guide markers to know the current status of a taxi such as idle, moving, or parked. With this simple interface, many taxis can be assembled and managed concurrently.

Instant Notifications

You will get alerts whenever the taxi reaches the desired place with our Taxi control system. According to your needs, some essential cautions needed to be considered, such as idle alert, stop alert, speed alert, etc.

Track distance

The tracking app let you know about the routes taken and the distance covered by drivers. It helps to provide suggestions through messaging and notification features.

Limit speeds

The app also detects the speed limit of the vehicle. It will notify if the driver crosses his predefined speed limit. This helps in fuel efficiency, compete with legal rules of the road, and maintain the vehicle as well.

Save fuel

While keeping the track record of distance covered by taxi with our taxi control systems, you will estimate the expected figure of fuel used by using this app.

Driver’s behavior

The GPS tracking software will let you know about the driver’s behavior during the whole route. It will give information about when the driver put the vehicle in idle and resume mode.


You can check the activity reports of every vehicle for the whole day with our taxi control systems. You can also review the daily summary regarding the vehicle.

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Taxi tracking software
Development Process

The demand for Taxi tracking software will continue to grow, so our company is keeping pace for providing Automotive service providers. You can hire our skilled and professional developers for creating your taxi monitoring system. We, at AIS Technolabs, offer Taxi tracking software that includes the following elements for development:

Tempting UI design: The most important thing to be considered is the vibe and look of your app as it makes a good impression on potential users. We provide the tempting design of a website along with the superb logo in our taxi control systems.

Complete automation: The apps built by our developers aim in automating almost the whole tracking process. Everything is automated in the vehicle tracking system, such as booking, dispatching, charging, etc.

Increased marketing & Business growth: We not only develop your app but also helps in making different marketing strategies that help in the advancement of your app on Google search. In this way, it helps in increasing your business growth.

Geo-Fencing: The feature of Geo-fencing is that when the taxi exits or enters the geo wall, an alert is transmitted. The geo-fencing on our vehicle tracking system helps in improving the security, operational productivity, and workforce.

Intelligible Interface: Our vehicle tracking system offers an intelligible and user-friendly interface, which is very easily accessible.

Access control & management: It is one of the main features of our vehicle tracking system for entrepreneurs and business owners. It helps to add or modify the profile of the user and control their rights on our vehicle tracking system. Also, it helps in performing GPS tracking for various vehicles in the group and also perceives the report data.

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We provide the best taxi tracking app solutions; it can be fully customizable for meeting your business requirements as well as future needs. We allow customization of the vehicle tracking system without modifying the basic framework of the app.

The charges of our company are based on the plan of the taxi tracking software and for customizable apps, it will be charged according to the requirement.

We entirely value your needs, and we ensure to complete our work within the given deadline and deliver you the final taxi tracking software within 6-7 working days.

1. Drivers can find their stolen cars
2. Passengers & Business owners can manage the vehicle.
3. Owners can maintain a record of their vehicle.
4. Taxi drivers can maintain the fare records.