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Taxi tracking software is a system designed for drivers which helps them log jobs and get directions. It enables live and historical reporting and enables owners and managers to track taxi driver behavior. We at AIS Technolabs are the leading GPS Tracking System providers, actively committed to providing innovative and cost-effective tracking software to clients across the world. With our offered tracking software, Companies and individuals can track and monitor their taxi and other valuable assets to exact details.

We provide our clients with a variety of industry-leading taxi tracking software in the market today. Our tracking systems have helped thousands of owners experience dramatic enhancement in their bottom line profits. The tracking devices well equipped with the robust information help owners and operators to clearly measure the strengths and weaknesses of their vehicle fleet and use that information to motivate and empower employees to raise the bar on productivity.

Taxi Tracking Software

Our tracking software enables you to know the exact location of the taxi at that exact moment. You can also view the other things like petrol consumption, speed, travel history, etc. With a tracking system, you can receive immediate notifications about the vehicle status; whether it has left or entered a specific zone, is it speeding or its engine has turned on or off. The software comes with SOS alarms to ensure complete safety and protection. Our taxi monitoring system sends full reports to the associated account to let users analyze the behavior of their driver and take suitable actions accordingly. The report can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, Text or other formats. Stopovers, driving hours, and distance traveled, and other details are included in the report.

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system is an ideal solution to the vehicle owners to find the exact location of the vehicle. It is a web-based application that tracks the current location of the vehicle and also the history details of the vehicle via the internet. Vehicle tracking system solves too many queries and issues of the business. The vehicle tracking systems we offer gives the point by point reporting mapping and sky is the limit as far as features of the app are concerned. A glimpse of the benefits of the vehicle tracking system we offer:

  • Real-Time Tracking: The vehicle tracking tools endowed with real-time monitoring. It monitors the location of the vehicle as it moves point to point. The current status of the vehicle like parked, idle or moving demonstrated using guide markers. Many vehicles can be managed and assembled simultaneously using simple to use interface.
  • Alerts: With our control tracking system, you get instant alerts and notifications when the vehicle reaches the given place. As per your requirements, some cautions can be configured like over speeding alert, idling alert, stoppage alert, etc. For the customers searching for vehicle tracking systems for commercial or personal usage, features like maintenance alerts & fuel pilferage cautions prove to be valuable.
  • Geo-Fencing: This feature takes alert customizations to the next level. An alert is conveyed every time the vehicle enters or exits the geo wall. This opens up numerous possibilities in diverse ways by tracking the data that can interpret into improved operational productivity, workforce improvement and raises security.
  • Access Control & management: This is one of the most important features for business owners and entrepreneurs. It empowers to alter or add the user profile and manage their usage rights via roles. It relegates one or more pre-defined roles to the user and performs grouping wherein a set of clients are placed in a group. Moreover, it helps you to perform GPS vehicle tracking for a group of vehicles and also see the report data for a group as a whole.
  • User-friendly interface: Our vehicle tracking system provides user-friendly web interface and navigation which is very simple to access. An intuitive user interface enables simple access to the right information to make informed decisions.
  • Increase Productivity: The live map tracking feature helps cab managers to monitor which of the drivers is nearest to the requesting customer’s location. The map also provides information about the heavy traffic or hazardous road conditions so they can guide the drivers to smoother and safer paths. It saves time and increases productivity.
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