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Thumbtack Clone Script

Thumbtack Clone WordPress

Multivendor marketplaces have been a huge success and these marketplace scripts can be cloned to create what is known as a thumbtack clone. Our expert programmers at AIS Technolabs can create the best online service marketplace using a service marketplace script. Use of PHP script leads to a sturdy backend that is both effective and reliable. The best thing about PHP is that it is a programming language that is widely used by developers. Our Thumbtack clone script can actually create a really quick solution for a very powerful marketplace.

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Thumbtack Clone Script
Thumbtack Clone WordPress

There are several WordPress websites that provide marketplaces. One very simple way of making money is to extend it to a multivendor website and take a commission off the sales. Our Thumbtack Clone WordPress website will make sure to meet all your requirements big or small. The sheer number of features that our developers at AIS Technolabs have on offer is guaranteed to impress you. These are all premium features that cost a bomb if you get it done from other Thumbtack script devePHP Thumbtack clone without any extra charges:

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Boost Brand Awareness

Local Listings

With integrated Geo-Location services, the listings can be broken to a local level with no effort from the user. This feature makes it extremely simple to find the nearest service provider for any service. Get the optimal solutions with a single click of the mouse.

Drive Engagement

Lead Generation: A Thumbtack clone

allows service seekers to be forwarded to a whole list of service providers. This means instant leads for providers and this can be charged as a premium feature. This way both the portal and the service providers keep making money.

Share Your Stories And Experiences

Advanced Search Filters

People searching for a particular service can filter the results by a wide array of options. The advanced search algorithm built into the platform allows for filtering based on location, pricing, expertise, experience, delivery time, and lot more.

Source Potential Leads

Instant Feedback

One of the crucial aspects of running any service is to constantly update the services based on customer feedback. Using a service marketplace script can lead to instant feedback and a chance for the service provider to respond to it instantly.

Create Thought Leadership

Reputation Management

This is essentially an extension of the feedback system and the idea behind it is quite simple. The platform allows service providers to report spammy comments and derogatory statements. This makes online reputation management easy.

Hurdle Free Onboarding

Payment Gateway Integration

It is entirely impossible to have an online platform run without an effective payment gateway. The entire payment system is handled inside the platform itself and any commissions or fee can be imposed directly via inbuilt modules.

Clear Description

Flexible Features

One of the primary requirements for an online marketplace is to be flexible. In a multivendor scenario, different vendors have different requirements and as such, the terms of payment may be different for different vendors. The flexible list of features that a PHP script can offer is unparalleled and solves many issues down the line.

Instant Booking

Performance Boosting

PHP is a language that has long been accused by developers of being slow. But with the new ‘Just In Time’ (JIT) compiler for PHP 7, the results are lightning fast and the previous performance issues are no longer present in the hands of an adept programmer or webmaster who has proper experience with coding in PHP 7 onwards.


Instant Solution

Unlike other service providers who need to create a script from scratch, a PHP Thumbtack clone saves much time and effort. In fact, the solutions are almost instantaneous and only specific customer requests need to be integrated and rolled out.

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PHP Thumbtack Clone Script

Our priority at AIS Technolabs has always been and will always be the best ways to serve our clients. The Thumbtack Clone Script we came up with has huge consumer applications and leaves room for more. Our dedicated team of professionals with their many years of experience has created something of a clone script legend. The Thumbtack Clone WordPress module is extensive and takes most of the menial tasks out of the customer’s hands. With carefully guided efforts to create a better environment, our programmers at AIS Technolabs have made it a point to create freelance php script that are a cut above the rest.

There is no longer a need to settle for something average when the majority of people are already doing so. The Thumbtack Script created by AIS Technolabs was made to make your life easier by putting together the best modules from the hundreds of service marketplaces that are already making a killing. The best thing is that we also provide full support to our clients after the development work is completed. Get the best that money can buy from our experts at AIS Technolabs.