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What is a TikTok Clone App?

Tiktok is a video sharing app that allows the users to create short videos and share them over the internet. It is known for its “lip-syncing” features as it provides a great online karaoke experience to the users. If you want to create a tiktok clone app, you can look for feature-rich tiktok clone source code to save a lot of time and money. We provide readymade tiktok clones for sale that are built by experts. This social media app is popular among the people of all the age groups and the interesting content is available for all of them. You can customize the tiktok clone app the way you want to for your users.

How to develop your own Tiktok app with the help of our Tik Tok clone app?

1. Buy your own readymade clone app

If you want to buy a readymade Tiktok clone app to start your business instantly, you need to contact AIS Technolabs. Our tiktok clone app has been designed by an expert team of developers and the users are quite happy and satisfied with our tiktok clone script.

2. Customize your tiktok clone app

At AIS Technolabs, we provide you a team of experts who would help you customize your tiktok clone app as per your preferences and requirements. The tiktok clone app script is 100% customizable.

3. Hire and develop your own Tik tok clone app

If you have enough time and are looking to develop a tiktok clone app from scratch, you need to inquire about a team of developers at AIS Technolabs to solve all your problems and deliver you best solutions.

Tiktok Clone For Sale With The Most Useful Advanced Features

Song Tracklist

Users are allowed to select the track from the database or can even upload the song of their choice for creating a custom video. Even audio controls like speed, slow motion, etc. are available.

Pictures and Stickers with Filters

For making the video genuinely unique, there are the features of adding pictures or stickers with special filters. After editing the video completely, the user can share on their profile or to other profiles on TIKTOK.

Creating Channel

Similar to YouTube and other video sharing platforms, TIKTOK clone script integrated with the feature of creating its own channel which is suitable to your requirements. Based on the services, users are provided with privacy settings for viewing it among the public or friends.

Multi sharing your videos

For gaining more views and likes, the TIKTOK clone application allows us to share the videos on profiles of the application or even to other profiles via other social channels.


The news feed gets continuously updated with the recent posts or videos by the users of the other profiles. Users will also be able to view the category of videos according to the followers in a particular profile.

Views/ Likes/ Comments

Users can view, like, or comment on the post from various user-profiles and channels and also are given the choice of commenting on the post they liked.

Additional settings

Through additional settings, users can edit their profile, view detailed supplication descriptions, even invite their family members or friends to register in the TIKTOK clone application.

Report user

For suspicious content posting via the application and for maintaining the standard of the application report, user feature is most important. Maintaining the quality of the application reporting of doubtful users is necessary.

Group Chatting

Our TIKTOK clone source code also offers a group chatting feature, where the users can create their group of their friends and families where all the members can chat personally and can even share media like photos and videos.

SEO friendly

The tiktok clone solution developed by the team of AIS Technolabs has built-in SEO features that help to achieve better ranking by getting faster index.

View profiles

This feature helps to view user profile quickly based on the preferences. Regular newsfeed updates are available for the followed and liked profile.

Attaching media

The users can connect their photos and videos and share them with other users via chat media. Even the generated videos can be downloaded to any platform and can be shared by attaching the media in the chat options.

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Tiktok Clone Business Model is Here

The main aim of the TikTok clone app is to entertain the users. Artificial intelligence is used for creating tiktok applications. You can ensure that the apps created with our tiktok clone app would be liked by a lot of users, and expand your user base also. With the help of tiktok clone app, you will be able to add the most modern and advanced features and earn great popularity online.

Why Is Our Tiktok Clone Script Admin Demo User Friendly?

With our expertly developed TIKTOK clone source code, the admin will be able to manage all the functions in a very easy manner. Admins will be provided with a consolidated dashboard through which they will get the complete view for analytical display on the TIKTOK clone. Also, add, delete, and view options are available, which creates hassle-free handling of the panel. It would be easy for you to manage all the posts of videos in the application developed by TIKTOK clone script. You have the right to form reasons regarding why the user should report according to the categories in your personalized TIKTOK clone.

Why Choose AIS Technolabs TIKTOK Clone Script?

Our TIKTOK clone source code can be customized as per your requirement quickly. We abide by providing a highly sophisticated application that will be working on any android or IOS platforms. We also offer powerful admin and backend panels for supporting the application activities. This would help the client’s application run smoothly. The admin panels provided will help to manage the functionalities with a single base.

Tiktok Clone For Sale– What Is Necessary To Make An App

Robust & Reliable

Our tiktok clone source code is designed in a way that supports strong load test results, which prove its reliability and robustness. Enables the user experience without affecting the application flow.

100% customizable

Our TIKTOK clone application allows endless customization until the script matches clients’ requirements. Everything, including theme and additional features, could be easily customized.

Readymade & White label

We provide a 100% ready TIKTOK app clone through which the client can directly brand themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make an app like Tiktok?

A. To build an app like TikTok you would be required to list down all the necessary features required by you in an app. also, do thorough competitor research. Devise a plan for development and marketing. Once you have sorted this out, you can either use a readymade tiktok clone script or develop an application right from scratch.

Q. How much does it cost to create an app like Tiktok?

A. Building a TikTok like application can be expensive as the features and functionalities of the app are huge. To build an app for android and ios on an average you might have to pay 123,300 USD.

Q. What is an app like Tiktok?

A. A TikTok like app would have all the necessary features of video sharing and social networking sites. It is necessary for the app to have media upload feature, video editing tools, sharing features, reaction features, notifications, collaborating features, filters etc.

Q. How much does it cost to create a Tiktok Clone?

A. Clone app development is a better option for building apps as it allows you to develop a feature-rich product despite having a small budget. It also has a faster turnaround time. By using a TikTok clone script you can bring down your development cost to 40%, but the estimated cost of development would only be possible after you share your project details.

Q. What Is a Tik Tok Clone Script?

A. A TikTok clone script is a feature-rich product. It is a clone of the original TikTok application and has the base features of it. Using app clones to build products is a common practice in the tech industry, you too can leverage that opportunity with the efficient services provided at AIS Technolabs, know more about our services by connecting with our tech experts.

Q. What Is a Tiktok Clone Source Code?

A. Source code of the TikTok clone app gives you complete control over your product. It allows you to gives you an opportunity to make customizations to the product, or take any big decision related to the feature of the company like selling, merging, acquisition, etc.

Q. What is a Tiktok Clone app?

A. A TikTok clone app is a product that mimics the functionality of the original product to some extent. It is an efficient product that allows you to make ample customizations to it. At AIS technolabs we provide you ready made products, wherein you can hire professionals from our company to make customizations to it or rebrand it. Also, you can hire developers to make a unique clone app for you.

Q. What Is Readymade Tiktok Clone Software?

A. A readymade Tiktok clone software is a product with the necessary features for you to manage your business and also for your users to operate different functions on the product. You can make customization to the product and build a more efficient app using the base product.

Q. What is a Tiktok Clone app development?

A. The TikTok clone app development refers to developing a clone product for your business. It allows you to build white label applications, you can choose to sell them to other people for them to use the base product or you can use it as you like.

Q. What is a Tiktok Clone website development?

A. A clone website with the base features of a the original TikTok app refers to a developing a video sharing site, with some features of a social media sites. It would be a product that runs on the web browsers.

Q. What is Tiktok Clone software development?

A. TikTok Clone software refers to building a tiktok like product for web and mobile platform. You can decide what features you want in your clone product and the technology you want to build it on. We give you the source code of the product which you can use to sell the product to people wanting to build video sharing entertainment apps.

Q. How to Purchase / Buy the Tiktok Clone App?

A. It is very easy to purchase the TikTok clone app from AIS Technolabs. We have a convenient and user-friendly online store where you can buy the software product. Also, you can hire individuals to make customizations to the product. We have a secure payment gateway where you can pay using Debit/ Credit cards, UPI, netbanking, e-wallets, etc.

Q. Where Do I Find the Best Tiktok Clone App?

A. There are many TikTok clone app providers available on the internet. But it is necessary that the product meets your product requirements. We recommend our TikTok clone app as it is strategically built to fulfil the needs of your base product. also it offers you maximum customization. Choosing AIS Technolabs gives you a clear advantage in the competition.

Q. How Can I Start My Own Business Using Your Tiktok Clone App?

A. It is fairly easier to start a business with a TikTok clone app as it has all the basic features of the video sharing application. You can make customizations to the product and rebrand it to launch a basic product and see its response. It helps you validate your idea, and also gives you scalability to a great extent.

Q. How Can I Hire a Tiktok Clone App developer?

A. You can hire a clone app developer with AIS Technolabs. It is easy for you to hire a developer with us as we have a very flexible engagement model. You can hire them on hourly, part-time and full-time basis. You can also scale up the product anytime.

Q. How Can I Download Readymade Tiktok Clone App Script?

A. You can download a readymade Tiktok clone app script easily once you make the purchase. We provide you assistance throughout the payment and download process. We give you a complete product with all the components. We give you a download link once we confirm the purchase.

Q. What are the companies that provide readymade Tiktok Clone App?

A. AIS Technolabs is a leading clone app development company. Our tiktok clone app is the best rated in the global market and we highly recommend you because of the perks you get by engaging with us. We offer you post-purchase support, customization services, and also the source code of the product.

Q. What are the companies that provide readymade Tiktok Clone App source code?

A. At AIS technolabs we believe in the ownership of the product should be with you. Which is why we provide you the source code of the product. You can use it as it suits you for taking any decision related to the product.

Q. How much does it cost to build a Tiktok Clone website?

A. The cost of building a tiktok clone website can be between 7,000 USD to 25000 USD, depending on the features and functionalities you choose to have in the product. the more complex the web app becomes the most it takes time and efforts, developer team and thus the cost of development is higher.

Q. How much does it cost to build a Tiktok Clone mobile application?

A. The cost to build a Tiktok clone mobile application is much less than the cost of building a native tiktok like app. Clone apps have only the basic functionality, and would cost you 40% to 60% less than the original app. Depending on your product we would provide you a close estimation on the cost and time for development.

Q. How to find the best Tiktok Clone App development company?

A. It is necessary to evaluate the development company on the basis of their experience and expertise. You must know what technology you want to use for your product, the features and then see their experience in building similar products. also reviews and rating are a good way to start the short-listing the tiktok clone app development companies. you can also talk to their tech experts, seek out a free consultation and weigh the pros and cons of the companies.

Q. How to hire a Tiktok Clone App developer?

A. You can hire a tiktok clone app developer on full-time, part-time and hourly basis from us, depending on the product needs.

Q. How to build your own Tiktok Clone App?

A. You can build your own tiktok clone app. We provide you complete services, we also provide you with source code of the application to give you complete ownership of the product. make a plan for the app development and reach out to our experts using calls, mails, or chat.

Q. How to download a readymade Tiktok Clone App?

A. Once you make the purchase of the tiktok clone app you can download the components of the software product using the download link. We assist you throughout the process and help you with customization, rebranding, etc.

Q. How long does it take to develop a Tiktok Clone App?

A. TikTok clone app development takes 2 to 4 weeks, it may vary depending on the unique needs of the product. Also, if you are running on a strict timeline, you can scale up the development team to reduce the development time.

Q. What is the cost for Tiktok Clone App development ?

A. The cost of development of the Tiktok clone app varies depending on various factors. Usually, it is 40 to 60 percent less than the native app development. But it all comes down to the unique needs of the project. share your product idea with our tech experts for cost and time estimation.

Q. Is the Tiktok Clone App really worth it?

A. Yes Tiktok clone apps are rewarding, and it is a common practice for using pre-built base product to develop more feature-rich products. It gives you a major benefit when it comes to cost reduction and meeting tight deadlines.

Q. What is the best way to buy a Tiktok Clone App?

A. The best way to buy a Tiktok clone app is through AIS Technolabs. We offer you maximum customization opportunities, and post-purchase services. Our product is also highly-regarded in the global app market for our services and product quality.

Q. Why do I have to start my Tiktok website/mobile application?

A. TikTok is a globally known product with one of the biggest fanbase. You can come up with your own product that has similar features, and more engaging elements to make sure your product is a success. also various businesses leverage the opportunity to market their products and services on Tiktok, which can also be your way to monetize the app.

Q. Starting a Tiktok website/mobile application is a good idea?

A. Yes, it is a great idea to build a video sharing application with social networking features. People are looking out for more opportunities to become influential in a digital community. It is a hotspot for influencers, giving them and you both monetization opportunities. Also, these sites and apps have the highest engagement, more than giants like facebook and instagram.

Q. How become a billionaire with Tiktok Clone?

A. The Tiktok clone app is just a beginning, but it offers you opportunities to scale up the product. You can start small with the basic product and add in all the necessary unique elements of your product. Next, you can seek out investment and start building your own empire. Stay focused on your target market, spend strategically on marketing, leverage the trends and stay competitive.

How to become an entrepreneur in the Tiktok Entertainment Industry?

A. Video sharing apps with features of social networking sites is a very popular segment today. If you want to leverage the opportunity to become the next TikTok like app that churns millions of dollars, start with a readymade product, make customization to it. You can seek investment from the market and use the money to build your market presence.

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