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What is a Tinder Clone App?

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A Tinder clone app a dating app for the users which provides features such as super likes, match, connect with people via texts and video calls, in-app purchases etc. The arena of social networking and online chatting has developed further from just being an informal time-pass chat room. With an increase in the number of time spent online people are looking for more and more services and info to be delivered through online channels.

Apart from the on-demand app-based service ecosystem, the chatting and social connect apps have also seen growth. More than chatting today the youth surfers are interested in finding a match or date for their romantic outings. There is a search to find a partner, a perfect date through these online channels and apps among the users.

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How to develop your own Tinder app using our Tinder clone script in 3 easy ways?

1. Buy your own ready-made tinder clone app

If you are looking to start your business with a tinder clone app, you need to contact AIS Technolabs for further assistance as we already have a ready-made tinder clone app which the clients can purchase and use instantly. It would save your time as well as money.

2. Add Custom features to your tinder clone app

If you are looking to add custom features to your tinder clone app, AIS technolabs is ready to serve you with the solution by helping you customize the tinder clone app.

3. Hire expert developers to build your own tinder clone script

You can hire a team of expert developers who would help you develop a script for tinder clone app from scratch. Our developers are experienced and skilled in developing such clone apps.

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This new emerging need has presented a good opportunity for business growth and development through venturing in such an app. Tinder which is one of the popular dating apps, has inspired business firms and entrepreneurs with its success to take on the domain of online dating.

As a result, we see an increased demand for Tinder clone apps or Tinder clone script among those who are trying their hands at dating app-related business. With the high potential for growth and business and the fact that the average time spent on the internet per person has been increasing with each passing year, investing in a Tinder like script can be a huge success.

To get a Tinder clone app or Tinder clone script, software and coding experts are required to be hired to lend their service and expertise. IT and development firms are nowadays the backbone of app-based business activities. Thanks to their ability to provide a smooth and effective platform for app development, they are in high demand for the successful delivery of script for Tinder.

AIS Technolabs has been delivering apps like Tinder to its clients for quite some time now and our clients are really happy with our clone add development services and results. Having ventured into the domain of dating app development in our early days, we have a deep understanding of market demands and what should be best for the client’s business, thus resulting in a top-notch Tinder dating app clone or script for Tinder. The trust and support of our clients empower us to deliver the best of the solutions for any problem that you may face.

Tinder Dating App Clone

Uber is one popular app that has dominated the domain of online and on the go demand based transportation needs. It’s success has wooed the business operators and entrepreneurs to replicate the model of operation and procedure of development into other such app based ventures.

Uber kind of dating clone script is a perfect idea that anyone with an aim to venture into the online app-based dating business can think of. The reason being the smooth, effective, and efficient UI (User Interface) and operation of the app. No one wants his app to snag and lag and as a user, this is the last thing you want.

The ease of integration in terms of login, account creation, operation, and navigation through the app is what Uber has achieved and those who want an app like Uber in the dating domain aim for.

Such an app brings other benefits such as:

  • Ease of login through social networking accounts
  • Users can share their already uploaded pictures
  • Data can be easily captured from social networking site hence, no need for multiple sign ups
  • Location-specific service
  • Option to search in a customized manner
  • An inbuilt chatting system to allow smooth connect
  • Ease of payment in regards to purchasing of a pack
  • Integration of other accounts like Instagram into the app
  • Users can access each other’s basic profile description
tinder clone app

All these add on to a wonderful user experience when they browse through our Tinder dating app clone. Since each user wants the app to give best performance, there is little room for error in terms of development. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anyone cutting corners on the quality and reliability of your script for Tinder.

At AIS Technolabs, we understand the fact of having a smooth and effective app for your business and as a result, our dedication and commitment is seen in the development and service delivery phase. With AIS Technolabs, you can be rest assured that we will deliver a first-rate Tinder dating app clone.

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Why Choose AIS Technolabs for Your Tinder Clone Script?

AIS Technolabs is a veteran when it comes to mobile app development and Tinder clone script is no exception. The experience of tendering to the app development needs of firms in the United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Canada, UAE, Bahrain etc has made our IT solutions one of the best in the market. Our team ensures that solutions are delivered in a need-based and time-bound manner.

Our experience in clone scripts app development allows us to bring you the best Tinder like script that matches your exact needs and specifications. Our professional coders have mastery of handling complex coding solutions. By joining hands with AIS Technolabs, you can enjoy the peace of mind by knowing that you will receive a top of the line Tinder like script.

We, at AIS Technolabs, offer you the following benefits as your Tinder clone app Development company:

  • A dating app that is easy to operate
  • The operational similarity with apps like Tinder
  • Service delivery at a market competitive rate
  • Ethical and procedural standards in coding and development
  • Globally renowned developers and coders at your service
  • Customized script for Tinder per client requirements
  • Proper testing and assessment of the app
  • Defined and structured development methodology
  • A Tinder clone script that is functional on all platforms
  • Operating system updates needs are also managed in-app
  • Need-based assistance and guidance
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Need-based feature enhancement for the app
  • Device friendly apps for the users

If you’re looking for the development of a top-notch Tinder like script or Tinder clone app, then you can register your inquiry at our official website www.aistechnolabs.com. We would connect and resolve your query in a professional and dedicated manner. Join hands with AIS Technolabs, who has a world renowned reputation for delivering first-class script for Tinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tinder is a leading web and mobile dating application. It is a feature-rich app that offers people maximum convenience to find new people, date or create a social network. You can make a similar app like tinder by developing an application right from scratch or through tinder clone script. At AIS technolabs we provide you ready-made as well as unique code script development services.

Roughly, the cost of developing a tinder like application is $40,000 to $50,000. Depending on the unique features and functionalities of the application the cost of app development may vary. You can reduce the cost of development by choosing to go with the tinder clone app.

An app like Tinder would have a features such as:

  • Social logins using Facebook, Instagram Google
  • User profile creation and management
  • Location-based search results
  • Custom filter Search functionality
  • Integrated calendar
  • Live video and audio call
  • Offline access
  • Block users
  • Real-time notifications and alerts
  • Security features and privacy features

To make an estimate of the product cost any product is estimated on the basis of the project needs. It includes the features, functionalities, modern technology solutions, platforms, and the number of developers you require to make the idea alive. The tinder clone app may go up to 15,000 USD to 25,000 USD. You can consult our tech experts for more information on cost and our development services.

A tinder clone script is the code that mimics the functionality of the original tinder application. It is a base product code which has the important features for a tinder like dating application. It is highly customizable, and you can hire developers very easily from AIS Technolabs depending on the need of the product.

The tinder clone source code means owning the fundamental component of the clone application. It has all the information on the code, and is written in easy to read format. Using the source code, a development team can make customizations to the existing product to fit your needs for a product.

The tinder clone app is a clone of the original tinder application. Our product comes with some out-of-the-box features such as social logins, media sharing, integrated servicers, location specific services, customized search, built-in chat feature, multiple payment gateway integration, accessibility, privacy settings and more. For other added features, you can hire dedicated resources from us to make the necessary customizations.

The readymade tinder clone software comes with the necessary features for the users and the admin. It offers a range of solutions that helps make business management easy, and also improves customer experience with the product.

Tinder clone app development refers to developing applications for web and mobile platforms. It allows you to meet your business reach and offer your services over various devices preferred globally by your potential users.

Tinder clone website development or web application development is a clone product that runs on a web platform. The product offers a wide range of products and services to millions of users, with no need to download the product over the device.

Tinder clone software development refers to development of a software product with all the necessary features for the users and admin. You can also sell the product as a white label product and start earning money from the sales. Or you can use the software for you to develop other robust software to meet your existing business needs.

Select the dating app clone product you like. Request a demo. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can hire developers from us to make changes to the product, or we could provide you with a rebranded product. Make the purchase, download the product and deploy it.

We are a quality-driven clone app development company. Our tinder clone app product is top-rated and is currently used by more than 25+ dating applications. We provide your post-purchase support, regular security updates, and other perks such as source code ownership. Using our product you can establish your business easily in high-competition environments such as digital dating platforms.

Using a tinder clone app you can easily start your business by developing feature-rich applications. The clone apps make it easy for you to develop apps, and they also reduce the development cost. The saved money can be used in various other aspects of business. You can also make customizations to the product or rebrand it to establish your business in the competitive market.

We have made it very easy for you to hire tinder clone app developers from AIS Technolabs. We allow you to hire professionals on hourly, part-time and full-time basis. Our developers are 7+ years of experienced developers with a skillset to provide you with enriching applications.

You can buy a tinder clone app script from AIS Technolabs. Once you have made the purchase, we provide you a download link to give you access to all the components of the app. You can take a demo of our tinder clone app.

There are many companies that provide ready-made tinder clone apps. AIS Technolabs too is a globally trusted clone app development company. Our tinder clone app is one of the top-rated dating clone apps. Our product is feature-rich and modern and fits your needs efficiently.

You will find various companies that provide ready-made tinder clone app source code, AIS Technolabs is one of them. With the source code you can make customizations to the product, as it gives the development team a complete idea about the app architecture. It allows them to efficiently utilize the technology to build a product that fits your needs.

Tinder clone website development can cost 5000 USD to 7000 USD depending on the features and functionalities required in a product.

Tinder clone mobile app development cost varies depending on the platforms and features you choose to have for your product. Once you share information with us, we will give you an estimated cost of development.

There are many Tinder clone app development service providers. But only a few companies fit in your requisite. It is important to hire professionals with experience and knowledge of development. Also, services such as testing, modern solutions, etc . help you in ensuring better user experience on your product.

There are three ways to hire tinder clone app developers at AIS Technolabs. Depending on the need of the project, you can hire developers on part-time, hourly, full-time basis. Also, you get to resize the team anytime you find the need for hiring extra resources.

If you want to create your own Tinder Clone App, contact our expert technical team to learn about our services and solutions. You will find expert and knowledgeable professionals at AIS Technolabs, with 7+ years experience in developing iOS and Android applications.

AIS Technolabs makes the download process easy for you. Once we confirm your purchase with AIS Technolabs, we give you a download link with all the components of the application. If you have any doubt or require any assistance for our services you can call, chat or mail us.

Depending on the features and functionality, the tech experts at AIS Technolabs would give you an estimated time of development. Mostly, it is 2 to 4 weeks. For more information, leave us a query.

The cost of Tinder clone app development is less than developing a native application right from scratch. Since most of the necessary elements are pre-built in the clone app script, it helps reduce the developer efforts and you get an app much faster. Roughly, a unique code script tinder clone app development would cost you around 6000 USD to 10000 USD depending on the features and functionality.

Clone app development allows you to develop applications in less cost and time. This makes it a much smarter choice for businesses that are running tight on budget and faster turnaround time in the market. You must consider a clone app if you have features very similar to the Tinder app.

Hiring a tinder clone app development company with knowledge and experience is very essential. It is important that the product is of good quality and is able to accommodate your all needs. You can hire AIS Technolabs, a leading clone app development company, that offers source code of the tinder clone app. We also help you in building your very own tinder clone app and post-development support.