Titanium App Development

Out of a number of frameworks, to choose one for a product of your choice and for your purposes is a significant task in itself. Titanium app development, an open source framework, can be considered as a good option since it is extensible. It comes with features that help offer purpose-driven solutions.

The Titanium developers at AIS Technolabs are utterly reliable when it comes to building apps that influence the performance of your business at affordable rates. Our creations center upon the interests of your customers and how you aim to satisfy them to your advantage.

Create Excellent Apps

Using this framework, we can develop mobile apps as per your requirements – no matter how extensive they are. The advantages that accrue from the usage of Titanium are as under:

  • Its API is compatible with all platforms.
  • Can have native mobile functionality in apps.
  • Can design cross-platform applications for desktop, tablets and mobiles
  • Framework works excellently for the development of various apps for Blackberry, iOS, Windows and Android and
  • Can build native UIs and incorporating device specific features becomes easier

Perfect Blending Of
Competence And Scalability

Titanium development services offered by AIS Technolabs is a perfect combination of competence and scalability of codes.

Scalability is important in that it is one of factors which contribute to the quality of your core business activity. Right from the point of crystallizing the concept of creation to delivering our goods, we follow a flawless procedure. Nor do we end at that. We even offer constant support in data services and app tracking.

Titanium Mobile App Development

It is in vogue nowadays. Keeping in view its popularity, we have chosen to follow the latest trends to deliver up-to-date products.

Why AIS Technolabs ?

The reasons for availing yourself of our services are many. Some of them include…

Planning, execution and maintenance
of Titanium mobile app

Native mobile apps
with single code

Services straight from the
domain experts having long experience
in their field of expertise

Successfully worked
on diverse projects

result-oriented UIs

Deployment of our builds
on multiple mobile devices

Timely completion
of projects

In-house testing

Video of the testing
process delivered with the product

Hire Titanium Developers

Our highly skilled programmers are among the best. They are at your disposal. Their masterly use of this framework enables them to design whatever they do by drawing all its features to agree with and uphold the end it is meant to serve.

Business Categories
That We Serve

  • Insurance
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Finance and
  • Social networking

Focus On Diverse

Titanium allows the use of various programming languages in creating apps. These include JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Python and Ruby. Our Titanium developers are adept at using all these languages irreproachably to build native as well as customized apps.

Get the best global

Our developers have the required skills to create the apps that will be highly beneficial for the clients. We can prepare the solutions with expertise that can give you back in the form of revenue earnings.

  • Native apps for iOS as well as Android
  • Different configurations for different enterprises
  • Impressive, user-friendly apps
  • Smooth third party API integration and
  • Flexible social features in native apps that will work on different platforms

Get What

You Deserve Most

Your requirements could be many, your target market could be wide, and your ambition within it could be great – but the only way these can be won is by having a native mobile app for your business. Also, it needs to be secure. Here’s where we come in for good to extend our round-the-clock support to you.

Our Titanium apps are totally secured for your business. We can offer you customized service. Our team of developers is highly cooperative and ever aware regarding the needs of our clients. Our round the clock support service can make the job much easier for you. Our services are provided for enterprises that are settled in various countries.

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