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Travel Agency Software

A transport portal is a system which has plenty of options for its users. It must have a decent amount of offers and facilities for traveling persons and should have interactive things to keep the users interested. We, at AIS Technlobas, offer you a Travel Agency Software that provides you easy solutions to all your travel problems. The provided software is highly reliable c performance and security. The software caters your all traveling needs such as booking tickets, etc. and delivers quality services along with the luxury of booking trips online.

Travel Booking Software  from us will bring a much-needed change in the functioning and development process of the agency. It is uniquely designed for tour and travel operators managing hotel & flight reservations of the travellers, and collect payment from them for these services. The software will instantly benefit any travel website promoting resorts, hotels, guest houses, villas, apartments, etc. With this software, your customer will be facilitated with availability check, instant service purchasing, and email generation confirmation. You will have the full control over rates and availability of all properties arrived into your database. Avail the following benefits with our online travel agency software

  • In our software, with the help of error proofing, you can experience an optimum level analysis with fewer tasks.
  • The software will certainly minimize the need for multiple tour agency systems.
  • Our software solution is integrated with greater standardized tools which help in improving the overall productivity of the business.
  • You can create the travel management reports in a concise time. Thus, can save time and focus on other tasks.
  • The valuable efforts from our team ensure smooth performance for your Travel Agency Software and create superior possibilities for growth.

Tour Operator Software

AIS Technolabs provides you a Tour Operator Software that helps operate and manage group travel, create a package, manage travellers and travel agents, automate your sales process, improve your services ordering, and gain full insights into your travel business. It provides complete flexibility with a solid approach which integrates quotes, product, reservations, and management information systems client and supplier transactions. Below are the features included in our software:
  • User-friendly : All the elements like navigation, consistency, color schema’s, validations with guidance, attractive buttons, etc. are kept simple and thus easy to identify them instantly using our software.
  • Customer Relations Management : The software provides you with the ability to interact with customers online through inbuilt mobile SMS system, emails, instalments, pending fees, itinerary, upcoming tours, discounts, etc.
  • Speed & Response Optimized : The offered system fully responsible for speed optimization. Our speed optimization packages run on the basic internet performance
  • Abstractive : Admin dashboard is there to keep you informed about daily activity going on in your company.
  • Auto Updates : You will get regular auto updates to upgrade the version provided by us
  • Multi-Channel : With our software, you can create internal distribution programs and sophisticated third-party agents.
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Travel Agency Management Software

Travel Agency Management Software from us is well crafted to manage each and every activity related to your travel business like managing tour packages, booking destination, generating invoices and many more. We have a skilled and experienced team of professionals who design and develop travel agency software to help the clients increase the performance of their business. Our software is easy to use and a perfect solution to manage several tasks.

The tourists today book all tourism related services on just one website. But before doing so, they first go through the content of the website to know whether the agency can be trusted for tour related packages or not. Our Travel Agency Management Software helps your loyal customer book railway tickets, flight tickets, excursion, and many other services on your website. We can proudly say that our Software will make your website a one-stop shop for all these services.

Travel Agency Booking Software

We offer travel agency booking software solutions for all sizes of travel agencies with reasonable budgets. With the help of our product, you can boost your sales and grow your database within a very short period of time. Our software will provide you with efficient XML integration of different suppliers and enable you to get all the resources into a single hub. The software system displays existing bookings, credit limits, cancellations, allows making new bookings, splitting bookings, refund, etc. Our travel agency booking software will help you in the following:

  • Make Your Services Automated : The most valuable benefit of our travel agency software is that it makes your service automated. This improves efficiency and saves your expenditure with a better automated sales workflow.
  • Boost the Revenue : The booking agency software will certainly boost the revenue of your organization via automated email template design generated by marketing automation tools for follow-up.
  • Generate quotes and invoices : With increased productivity and sales, there will be a requirement of quick response with beautiful itineraries. Our software ensures instant quoting and invoices.
Travel Agency Script
With our Travel Agency Script, the users can get all the valuable information like flight details, prices, hotel amenities, description, insert owner details, and pin address on the map. The tour management software  is integrated with many features like FAQ, Google maps integration, travel guide, latest deal listings, etc. Our travel booking script consists of live contact’s page by which you can get emails to your inbox in case of any inquiry. The travel script has a Language Module built that enables you to translate the back-end and front-end to your native language and add various languages to the front-end and edit all the messages as well as titles of the system. You can also add custom categories and hotel amenities and thus create a travel deals filter at the front-end.