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Planning to Start Your Own Real Estate Business ?

The real estate business is being developed significantly in the modern era. In past years searching for properties was considered the most challenging task. You would never get the idea about which property existed in a particular area. But now it has become very easy for the property owners to connect with the buyers for offering easy access to property across the country. Our Trulia clone application is a perfect platform for the ones who wish to exchange deals. Our team has developed the Trulia clone script, which abides to deliver source code with world-class quality. We provide you the fascination that will create a difference when you visit the market. Using our services, the property owners or buyers can launch the application on any platform and get access to the real estate directory.


Inbuilt Features of Trulia clone application

Which Factors does AIS Technolabs keep in Mind while Developing Trulia Clone Script ?

AIS Technolabs incorporates a dedicated workforce, which means the team of experts at AIS Technolabs abides to deliver new ideas that will result in prominent results. Also, the developers of Trulia clone script utilize the set of innovative technologies and provide excellent results after understanding and listing your requirements.

There are several factors to keep in mind while developing the clone script. The purpose of the application is the main factor to consider while developing the real estate application. Why do you want to improve the website? What is the definition of the real estate application that you are developing? What features do you expect from the Trulia app for sale? The purpose of the application is the only thing that will define the structure of development and its features.

Choosing the market is another essential factor you need to keep in mind. Whether you want to cover a particular region or country is an important consideration. If you don’t consider this to be an essential part, then you won’t be able to know what databases you will need to add. While adding the features to the application to learn how to engage the audience to your application. The more access to features more will be the response towards your application


Why use the Trulia Clone script?

The Trulia clone enables you to start an online real estate business, which will allow users to search for properties using mobile or web. Trulia clone script is developed using PHP and MySQL. It is standalone software, so there is no need for any 3rd party installation. Since our Trulia app for sale is developed according to your exact specifications, feel free to request any customizations that you require. AIS Technolabs develops a structure that is prompt and effective. The Trulia clone is very easy in installation and possesses many describing features.


Trulia clone script is an open-source script that allows users to sign up and incorporate the listings of the properties. The buyers can contact the sellers and negotiate with them in an easy manner, which will thus result in hassle-free deals. Trulia clone also connects users with all the agents, property managers, mortgage lenders to offer guidance for searching appropriate property.

Advantages of using Trulia Clone Script Developed By AIS Technolabs


Our Trulia app for sale will be developed, keeping in mind your exact requirements and specifications at all times. We provide unlimited additions for adding pages, features, and services to your platform without any difficulties. Our script provides scalable designs that will allow changing the design and framework to meet new business challenges. The user will get an aesthetic user interface that gives access to an attractive and user-friendly platform.

The Trulia clone script developed by our team allows you to retain a white label platform. Since the platform is highly expandable and customizable, we can easily modify it according to your needs and requirements. Also, our script acquires a ready-to-go clone platform, which provides you to quickstart your project with quality. The website clone architecture that we use in the Trulia clone script is highly scalable, robust, and can easily be customized.


whitelabel solution

When you are thinking of starting a new business, you will always want to enter the market as soon as possible. Website clone scripts help to reduce the development time, and you can easily take the benefit to enter the market quickly.

turnkey solution
Easy launching

Developing a website from scratch requires a lot of time, thinking, and planning. Where the clone script counteracts all the research and makes the development much easier and faster.

whitelabel solution

Our team of Trulia clone script takes time to learn about your company. Learning more about the company and business model will allow us to develop a fully customized SEO strategy.

turnkey solution

Developing a website from scratch will lead to a higher cost. Clone scripts are not just easy to build, but it will also cost less. It is the only way to save money and resources. If you are on the lookout for the best Trulia app for sale, make sure to reach out to the experts at AIS Technolabs.

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