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Uber App Developer

If you wish to combat the challenges, like limited parking space and busy traffic of Alpha cities or want to improve the quality of existing service, you might want the next Uber.

But to get an app like Uber, you need to get into the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, which is not easy. To capture the large part of the ridesharing market uber app developer need to offer frictionless access, rich experiences for riders and drivers, and a popular brand.

We at AIS Technolabs is the best uber app developer who can provide you uber like successful app model that is lucrative for your business.Yes, you are right. Uber, the most popular on-demand taxi service through mobile applications and website, brought a drastic change in the world of conventional taxi services.

And why not? It has an indigenous business model that helps the users to book a ride with just a tap. Not only this! Expert uber app developer develop the best app that helps users to reach their destinations in the least possible time.

Get the Best Mobile App with an Inspirational USP

To revolutionize the taxi industry, Uber has always put his best foot forward by enabling any individual to register her car as a service by offering iOS and Android native mobile apps developed as tools, hence setting up a group of drivers. Also, it offers car services at the doorstep that too at a single step distance from the mobile interface. This enabled User to know the user’s space and appeal them to try the app for at least once.

The Uber App is made in a way that when a customer wants to book a ride, it automatically fetches location of the user and searches for the closely available drivers. In addition to this, Uber clone app displays estimate time and fare to hail towards the destination. As soon as a rider reaches the car, the Uber Ride begins.

Get In-Depth Planning and Best Solutions of Uber App Developer with AIS Technolabs

Most of the time, new businesses move to an unknown path which ultimately leaves them with the loss. When it is about understanding solutions similar to uber app developer for their project, all it goes into is an abstract view. It is an immensely important aspect in-between to decide the features and modules according to the new plans to run their business.

As per our experts at AIS Technolabs, we think there are certain aspects proven and tested.

Features for Users
  • User Accounts
    There must be an account for users to register and manage their accounts using mobile numbers, email, or social signs.
  • Booking Rides
    Users must be able to book their ride with time and location parameters.
  • Car Tracking Schedule
    Once the cab is booked, the user must be able to determine the estimated arrival time of the can by tracking the driver.
  • Fare Estimates
    Once the user enters the start point and destination, the price estimation algorithm in the app must offer approximate fare.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    There must be multiple payment options for cash, card, and custom developed Mobile e-wallets.
  • Contact Driver
    The app must allow the user to contact the driver to coordinate about the pickup point post booking.
  • Notifications
    Relevant push notifications about the fare, ride, cab details, and more with Email and SMS.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    Users must be able to share their ride experience, rate, and offer feedback about the driver. Also, the driver must be able to rate the users as well.
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Features for Drivers
Easy Setting Options
Drivers must be able to show their present ride status and mark when they are unavailable.
The app must incorporate Map module, navigation for a rich experience and expected time to reach the destination along with route selection and guide to live trip.
Driver Accounts
Drivers must be registered to the app. They must be able to manage their accounts using mobile number, email, or social logins. Drivers must submit verification information with ease.
Contact Passenger
The app must enable the driver to contact the user to coordinate about pickup point or other queries post booking.
Ride Requests
The ride request must be able to witness and respond for if they are close to the user’s pickup point.
End and Start Trip
The driver must be able to start the trip as soon as user boards the trip. The trip must end once the destination is achieved.
Rejecting or Accepting Options
The drivers must be able to accept the ride request or reject it in a limited time period.
Driver Dashboard
An easy to use the dashboard to view driver’s performance, earning, trip histories, and related statistics
Trip Information
The driver must receive the user’s drop and pickup point details, fare estimation.
Track Earnings
Getting meta-information about ride must be easy to track.
Customer Rating
The driver must have rating capability to rate trip experience with customers.With our uber app developer solutions, you have the scope to beat Uber. So, we AIS Technolabs could help you to build an app like uber with these all functionalities incorporated in your app and earn revenue from it.