Uber For Dog Walking

Let us help you develop a dog walking app with features that are modern and are also good to use. The Uber for dog walking is an effective way to find people in your vicinity who can take dogs on a leisure walk. Most of the times due to our busy schedule it becomes quite difficult for us to take time out for our dog taking him out for a walk. But not anymore. AIS Technolabs helps you develop an app that will connect you to a number of people in your neighborhood who are willing to take your dogs on a morning or an evening walk.
If you are planning a holiday and little worried about your little munchkin, then through dog walking app you could find a person who could take good care of your pet in your absence. Dog walking apps should not only serve the purpose of finding a person to take your dog out on a walk but also it can be used as a platform to find a caretaker.
Find the right person who knows exactly what are the needs and demands of a breed of dog that you own. With features like where you can find a person who is comfortable with handling the breed of dog that you have, you are making sure that your pet is going into the right hands.

Dog Walking App

AIS technolabs help you develop an Uber Dog walking app, which is sure to have all the features that will make finding a dog walker on demand at the time convenient to you. The dog walking app will have the following features in order to be fully functional and to bring the dogs and dog walkers together :
Find a dog walker
The dog walking app developed by AIS technolabs has the robust feature of finding the perfect dog sitter at the time convenient to you just the way the Uber Clone app works in finding the ride at the competitive rate.
Rate/review dog walkers
Based on your experience with the dog walker you can rate or review the services provided by him. Rating or reviewing the dog walker makes it convenient for other pet owners to make an informed decision on dog sitters.
Liberty to choose from various services
The dog walking app developed at AIS technolabs has a number of advantages apart from finding a dog walker alone. One can select from services like overnight in-home dog boarding, drop – in visit house sitting, daily photos and video updates, pick up and drop off services.
Why you should partner with AIS Technolabs
AIS Technolabs has years of dense experience in developing mobile apps that are feature rich and user – friendly. The digital technocrats at AIS Technolabs are well versed in latest technology and their features which they leverage to develop some of the finest mobile apps. Our diverse experience in developing apps for different ideas has given us an edge over others in delivering the project in the given time frame.
We help people in realizing their dreams of developing apps based on their ideas and help them in growing their business in leaps and bounds.
Our mobile experts are here to guide you
Though we have a team of developers, who are well versed in developing apps for Android or iOS platform, but if you are not sure which way to go then our app experts are here to guide you in the right direction. Their astute insight of the market will help you in realizing and making an informed decision. Based on your products and services, our experts will suggest you the platform that can work best for your business. We have successfully created and delivered mobile apps for a number of products and services. After a series of face-to-face interviews with our clients, we prepare a framework for the project and designate different task to various teams in our organization to streamline the development process. The project manager reigns the status of each department and keeps the client well informed about the stage in which the project is. At any point in time, if our client finds the need to make changes then we provide all the possible assistance without any hesitation. We are committed to delivering apps that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.
Our only aim is to make dog walker uber like app development as well as mobile app development easy and hassle-free. Our approach to agile development strategy helps our team of developers to produce the desired result that too in the given time frame.
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