Why is The
Uber For House Cleaning
Services Gaining Worldwide Popularity?

With the advancement of science and technology, on-demand services have turned out to be one of the most in-demand industries in the market. The term ‘on-demand’ is the amalgamation of variety, convenience, affordable, and widely available services. House cleaning is one of the most sought-after services. Uber for house cleaning app is convenient, reliable, as well as, affordable.

The on-demand house cleaning from Uber has completely revolutionized the way people hire a maid or a person for cleaning their homes. There are many reasons why the Uber for maids service is getting popular day by day. One of the main reasons behind its significant popularity is, they work like any other normal application and are entirely based on the simple navigation purpose.

The working of the application is simple – all one has to do is, download and register. But, developing the same is not easy. Thus, if you are a start-up looking forward to starting your own Uber for dry cleaning app, then we can definitely help you out! Our expert coders are highly adept at developing home cleaning apps and have been serving clients from all parts of the globe.

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Our developers always
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the app to help you increase the revenue


As already discussed, a huge number of start-ups are investing in on-demand services. But the only thing that differentiates a poor business model from a competitive one is the ease of booking. The easier it is to book the services, the more traction the business will gain. Our developers always include the ‘book now’ and ‘book later’ option during the development phase. We make sure your users never face difficulty in availing the services.


We understand the fact that your customers love enjoying flexibility. Thus, we always integrate the search and select option in the app. Your users will be able to choose and send a request to the cleaning person directly from the application. On approval of the request, they will also be able to chat and make a call.


No on-demand cleaning service app can gain popularity unless there is a seamless way to make the payment. On top of that, seamless payment option is essential for excellent user experience. It should be fast and reliable! Security is yet another must-have feature. It instils inside the customers the confidence to put the credentials of their credit and debit cards while making the payment.

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The Workflow Structure Of
The Uber For Maids App

Home cleaning is a common issue these days. We make sure your clients don’t face any problem while booking from your app. Don’t let your clients get stressed, hire us and make the process seamless for them.

Our app lets your user to simply log in to your application and avail any kind of service that they are willing to.All that your users are required to do is, download the application from Google Play Store or IOS app store and register on it through their valid email-id or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. After this, they will have to select the type of service they want to avail.Once the selection is made, your users will be shown the list of all service providers available in that area.

The user will be free to check out the detailed profile of the cleaners and select as per the type of task and requirement. Once the cleaner accepts the request, the user will get notified that their chosen cleaner has accepted the job. We also include the timer option in your on-demand house cleaning application so that your clients can keep a track how long the maid worked.

Why Choose Us
For Designing An On Demand
House Cleaning App?

If you are wondering what makes us the best in developing the Uber for house cleaning apps, then we would obviously clear your doubt. Here are the top 3 reasons that make us the industry leader in developing Uber for maids apps.

Team Of Dedicated

We, at AIS Technolabs, are a team of dedicated developers working day and night to cater to the needs of our clients. The sheer skill and knowledge of our developers help us to deliver the project within the promised time limit.

24/7 Customer Assistance

At AIS Technolabs, we understand that the duty of the developer doesn’t get over after delivering the project. Hence, we provide 24/7 assistance to all our customers. They can call our customer care number, leave us a mail, or shoot us a message. We will get back as soon as possible.

Quick And Reliable Service

Our services are quick, as well as reliable. This means that you will not be able to find much bugs or glitches in our code. Also, we get the work done soon after the approval of the project. We keep our clients updated about the progress of the project at regular intervals.

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