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Gardens increase the beauty of the places, but not when they are grown wild, but only when they are taken proper care. People nowadays understand but running out of the time they are not able to take care of their garden. But in this peaceful world, mowing grass is not a difficult task. Provide people, the service of lawn mowing is just a few taps through Lawn mowing app. People can search for the best grass cutting service through an application like Uber for Lawn mowing. Develop an application like Uber for lawn care and offer people on-demand service for grass cutting. Clients will be able to easily book or schedule services according to their convenience and also will be able to seek an expert’s advice and turn their garden to a beautiful one. Our team at AIS Technolabs is an expert in developing the on-demand application. Our team is experienced and can build the application from scratch. We do not prefer to use clone scripts for applications like Uber for grass cutting. We help you offer 100% responsive and customizable applications that the users can access it on any smart device platform.

What You Get

When You Hire Us To Develop Lawn Mowing App

Multilingual / Multi-Currency

You can get your application developed in the local language and local currency. The user can access the application from anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Tracking

You can get the benefit of the real-time tracking system for the services that you have opted for. Tracking helps the users to know the status of professionals arriving at the job.

Book Now or Schedule Later

A customer is given the choice of choosing the service at the current time, or they can also schedule the service as per the conveniences.

Payment Terms

Customers can pay by cash or by credit or debit cards. It is the customer’s choice to select the mode of payment according to their comfort.

Referral Code or Promo Code

This feature helps you to market your application very easily at a fast pace, and you can get new users very soon. You can share the referral code that appears in your application and ask the person to install the application.

Chat and Notifications

You can chat with your customers regarding their requirements, deals, or pricing and then ask the customer to place the order once they get satisfied regarding their requirements.

Ratings / Reviews

Customers are given the option of commenting or rating the service provided to them. Customers can even rate the overall experience with a professional symbol.

Navigation in The Application

Navigation is an important feature used. If you are working on a highly professional based system, then you can sue the navigation system to reach your customers.

Customer Information

Professionals come to know the necessary details regarding the customer and what kind of service do they need. Even you will be able to get the address of the place where the service providers need to reach.

Filtered List

Customers can view a filtered list of available and later available lawn care professionals along with their ratings and based on preferences.

Choose Services

You can provide various services to your customers. Customers can book the services they want with the individual rates provided.

Profile Handling

Customers can update their address, select a payment option, recharge with in-app wallet, also can get in touch with support for bookings, etc. Also, referral codes are generated, which are shared with friends or family so that they can avail offers on lawn care services.

Interface and Unparalleled Script
Developed for MOW Application

While developing the application, the most crucial factor we keep in mind is the comfort of the user. We developed an application in such a manner that the user can access it from any platform, either mobile, laptops, or tablets.

That is the only reason why the team at AIS Technolabs develops the application Uber for grass cutting very smooth and unique. It is pre-approved by the play store and Apple store. The Uber for lawn mowing has a user-friendly interface and is responsive to all the digital assistance platforms.

Allow Customers To
Get a Beautiful Mowed Garden

Getting developed Uber for lawn care is the best option you can give your customers. It is only a one-time investment for providing the finest service for the perfect garden. And on registration of every customer, you get a nice amount of commission. So, provide your customers with a chance to use smartphones with this simple but energetic application of Uber for grass cutting. This is the only chance to take your business to newer heights.

Features To Be
Considered For Developing

Lawn Mowing Application

There are various features that you we consider before in developing Uber for lawn mowing. Looking forward to the convenience of the users is the main priority everyone needs to think. Users always prefer the convenience and choose mobile applications so that they can rely on it for a longer time.

So, it is crucial as an app development company to provide features that have multiple options from where the customers can opt for different services and also can schedule them according to their convenience. The applications like Uber for grass cutting has become famous across the globe for the convenient features provided in the application.

4 Steps to Customized

Uber for Lawn Mowing

Testing Application
Users can download the application and test the efficiency of the application.

Listing Requirements
After testing the application, we can move on to the development stage. In this step, you can list your requirements and let our team know your expectations according to which the application will be developed.

Information Regarding Business Details
To make the application yours, we provide all the details in the application, which includes business name, logos, and many other things.

Launch Your Application
AIS Technolabs help your application to get it to launch easily and effectively on the play store.

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