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Develop Perfect Ubereats Clone

High-performing and user-friendly UberEats clone app for food delivery businesses.

Do you want to start an on-demand food delivery business? If yes, then you have come to the right door. At AIS Technolabs we help you to build an Ubereats clone app that renders the same exceptional user experience of ordering the food online.

We offer you an uber eats clone script with integrated features required for running a scalable food delivery business. Our app has in-built solutions such as real-time tracking, push notification, omnichannel customer support, and more. Contact now for affordable, quality-driven solutions with the fastest turnaround time.

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Develop Perfect Ubereats Clone

Ubereats Clone Development Company

Uber is the pioneer of the on-demand industry, and for years people have mimicked its business model to build various products. Starting with an on-demand taxi booking app, today Uber offers full-fledged food ordering and delivery solutions. And, if you want to compete with them you ought to have an app as efficient as theirs.

With the beautifully designed user interface, smooth navigation, and performance-driven code architecture, at AIS Technolabs we can give you the best Uber Eats clone application. We provide you the best ubereats clone script with all integrated solutions to ensure a smoother working of the business. It is user-friendly and feature-rich, and highly customizable to provide users a fresh experience on your platform. The best part is you get to own the cloned UberEats app source code, allowing you to make further customizations as your business needs to grow.

Our Uber Eats App Source Code Advanced Features

The business landscape of food delivery applications has become way more competitive than it was a few years back. People are no longer entertaining average applications and they crave a superior experience. Meaning, you have to up your ante and start being more responsive towards the trends and development in the tech domain. Here are a few advanced features we offer you in our uber eats clone app that you would not want to miss out on.

Social Login

Allow your users to register with your application using social media logins such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and also Apple ID. It allows you to reduce the time taken for registration and offers quicker login each time.


Multilingual applications allow your users to select the language they prefer while browsing the application. Using this feature you can improve your sales and provide a much better user experience on the application for higher retention.


Go international with multi currency support in-built in our Ubereats app clone. This Feature allows people to select the currency in which they want to see the prices and pay using secure online payment methods.

Push Notification

Customizable push notification system for developing interactive messages to inform users of new deals, offers, discounts, or the arrival of their meals. The features add to seamless communication for keeping transparency in the interactions.

Discounts and Rewards

Create attractive deals for alluring more users. Using the built-in admin panel in the uber eats clone app by AIS you can create discount codes, rewards, and offers to maintain high-retention rate on your business.

Real-time GPS tracking

Bring more transparency in your business operations by allowing users to track their orders on the growth. We provide the best uber eats clone script with integrated real-time tracking features using GPS location.

Easy Payment Option

An online payment gateway with multiple payment avenues is a must have, and you can achieve it with our well-built ubereats clone script. Allow users to pay using credit/debit cards, e-wallets, UPIs, netbanking, and more.

Order History

Bring more convenience and transparency with our order history tracking feature with in-built customer support, allowing users to raise a query just in case of any discrepancies.

Benefits of Our Uber Eats Clone App Development

Our built uber eats clone app is not just a step up in the user experience, but also provides all the necessary tools to perform business operations. Integrated with high end features, and built on dependable technology, the application allows you to keep a check on anything happening on your business front. We can help you to customize the product using 3rd party libraries and make the software more scalable. With us on your side, owning and running a business is made easy.

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Admin App Features

Admin Dashboard

Dedicated admin dashboard to keep an eye on all the business operations happening over your application. We can help you customize the ubereats clone script allowing you to make the product more scalable.

Restaurant Management

Manage your user profile easily using a dedicated tool. It helps you in updating the information provided by the user to provide them better services and make customer satisfaction your priority.

Restaurant Management

Add or remove the restaurants with a single click. We help you manage your service providers while making sure the information is updated almost immediately in the application for a better user experience.

Manage Orders

Help your customers in managing their orders. This dedicated tool allows you to view the orders placed by your users and ensure top-notch quality in every step of the process, start to finish.

Accounts and Management

Maintain better business relationships with your service providers and retain them on the go. Get a dedicated dashboard for accounts and management improving your remote working and handling people’s queries.

Loyalty Campaign and Offers

Build loyalty campaigns and offer discounts and lucrative deals on your application. This will help you drive more sales and engagement on the app while benefiting you with higher profits.

Push Notification

Easy to use notification development and sending tool allowing you to maintain transparency in the business operations and improve user experience on restaurant and customer applications.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage the power of data in your operations, and improve your business understanding at all levels. Get AI and ML-driven advanced analytics tools with pictorial representation features for improved business intelligence.

Customer app features

Nearby Restaurants

Nearby Restaurants

Easy to use mobile application with a dedicated panel for nearby restaurant searches. You can make customizations to the search panel by adding a GPS location option for an improved user experience.

Real-time order tracking

Real-time order tracking

Real-time order tracking using GPS location. The integrated tool comes with features such as ETA to provide users exact time when the order would reach them.

Push Notifications

Secure payments

Secure payment gateway allowing users to choose the convenient payment mode while checking out. Users can use credit cards/debit cards, e-wallets, UPI, etc. for the payment or pay on delivery.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Allow users to manage their notification settings within the application, the feature gives more power in the hands of users to manage their interactions with the app.

Zero contact deliveries

Zero contact deliveries

Make your applications covid-proof by adding features such as zero contact deliveries and ensure the safety of your users.

Restaurant Pickups

Restaurant Pickups

Help your users order and pay online for the pickups by offering a dedicated space for the restaurants offering pickups.

Restaurant Owner app features


Dedicated dashboard to get complete information on the orders, earnings, refunds, order returns, reviews, requests, and queries.

Restaurant management

Easy restaurant management tools for adding new food varieties, managing rates, offering discounts and deals, and more.

View and Manage Deliveries

Transparency in the business operations ensured with view and management tools for seamless transaction at every stage.

Real-time order status

Easy real-time order tracking feature, well-integrated with technology such as GPS tracking.

Manage Payment

Add bank accounts, manage different franchises, view earnings, manage refunds using a dedicated dashboard.

Manage Review

Easy review management with added features such as tagging and commenting for improving user experience with the restaurant.

Cost of Uber Eats App Development

Uber is one of the most high-end brands in the world that has emerged as an example for other on-demand app development aspirants. To build a food delivery application as amazing as Uber Eats is not just complex technically but comes with other challenges such as budget. Since that should not be the reason for you to give up on your dream, you can use solutions such as uber eats app clone development which allows you to enjoy all the necessary features of Uber Eats and keep you from spending too much on development.

Ubereats clone app development allows you to make customization to the existing ubereats clone script and reduces the development cost and time to minimum. You can simply buy the code, and make small changes to it and deploy it to get the business up and running. You can use all the saved money from development and start investing in administration and operations to improve your business working. With the flexibility in adding custom tools to your software, having a uber-eats-like business is made possible with simple innovation at AIS Technolabs.

Why Choose Us for Uber Eats clone app development?

Uber Eats being one of the biggest Food Delivery App Script that utilizes some of the most high-end technology from the brilliant minds of the tech world. To match that quality you need people with a great understanding and knowledge of the industry as well as grasp on technology.

At AIS Technolabs, we fulfill the criteria for it and thus have emerged as the best ubereats clone script provider for new businesses. We make sure our solutions are abreast with the modern day needs of businesses, while keeping a customer-centric approach. With more than 10+ years of experience in the industry, you can find a team that can help you make customization to the product, and build your very own presence in the market. Here are a few more things that make us a perfect partner in your business journey.

Transparency in Communication
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