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Auto rental systems

Vehicle leasing business is an industry with enormous growth potential and has also stood the test of time over the last few decades. We, at AIS Technolabs, offer you a wide range of services and features which makes for a good business deal. Consequently, these services give you a competitive edge over your adversaries in the industry.

You can turn your vehicle hire agency into an online auto rental system in no time. We bring you the optimal features that have been tried, tested and proven to work for auto rental systems. We have helped countless businesses and so we can help you too.

With our vehicle rental software solutions, you can help your business soar. We will not only help you reach your goals but eclipse them.

Vehicle rental software solutions

You can now save and manage information about your vehicle number (registration number), type (size, emission and economy class), colour, model, rental price as per the duration, insurance number. Apart from these, you can modify details at any given point of time such as adding extra features to each vehicle like adding child seats, voice-activated controls for phone, audio and climate, GPS and built-in navigation system.
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Reservation Management system
With all of the other strong features, a powerful and smooth running reservation management system is subsumed in your product.
Reservation details can be:
  • Added, deleted and modified from the admin console
  • Searched by many options such as name, type, date, pick up/drop off locations etc
  • Saved to your client database for reference
  • Controlled from the admin console

In a business such as auto rentals, it is crucial to have automation working seamlessly across all the channels. It is also a very strong demand to handle numerous customers these days. Hence, we’ve made it our priority to provide automated features for a streamlined product. You can automate the entire reservation process so that there would be pre-booking options as well as spot rentals.

Some of the features in this list:

  • You can set up the duration length, time-slot, number of travellers and the location
  • You can add pick-up and drop-off locations
  • You can also include any transfer locations
Inbuilt booking calendar
With an in-built booking calendar, you can also make appointments; hold your desired vehicle while it is still in reservation for you to give preference to others in demand of the same vehicle. You can clearly see when your desired car rental software would be next available.
Platform independent
You can now run your software on any device any platform. We also provide services to integrate your vehicle rental script into app-based technology to be used in different mediums, whether it is on android or apple device along with the same efficiency.
Powerful performance
You can experience a highly responsive website and mobile application while searching for required results and make your reservations on our vehicle rental software. You can be sure of no waiting time.
Add unlimited extras
You can also add any number of extra features such as GPS, entertainment units, child safety seats, custom insurance etc quickly with a single click.
An elegant range of themes
You have many options to pick and customize from a range of elegant themes designed for your software. Our team will also help you create a beautiful inviting look and design for your software as per your preference.
Notifications and alerts
You can build a customer-centric approach by providing notifications and alerts via email, text and instant message about offers, discounts and package information to customers.
SEO friendly
Whilst developing the best quality product and smooth functioning software, we also ensure it is SEO friendly so that you can reach numerous customers.
We not only work hard in the development of your software, we strive to get the traffic it is worth of. In this massive industry, it is difficult to stand out and attract customers and create impact. This is where we step in to help you market your product.
Multi-channel payment
You can manage your payment options either online or offline more flexibly with software through PayPal, cash, Credit/debit, or wire transfers. We can extend to other payment gateways as well as per your choice.
Currency converter
Converting the currency and maintaining the accuracy of transactions is difficult especially when you have to take out your calculator and start putting down numbers. That’s why we embed currency converter as a feature on online rental software for your vehicle to support your global operation requirements.