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What is a Viber Clone App?

In this modern era of digitalization, applications with great features are grabbing the popularity, and Viber is one of them. The app makes its own place in store and enjoys a good market share. Advancement in technologies forces businesses to explore a unique option that captures the market. This is the reason the clone app is increasing day by day. At AIS Technolabs, our team is highly skilled in creating Viber clone apps for instant messaging. AIS offers cost-effective and customised solutions to develop good quality Viber Clone apps. We assure you to deliver a quality Viber clone app loaded with the latest features. You can use the Viber clone app successfully to achieve the business objectives.

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How to create your own viber clone app using our viber script?

1.Purchase your own readymade app

To purchase a readymade viber clone app from AIS Technolabs, enriched with features is cost-effective and makes your work easy.

2. Customize features of your viber clone app

You can add custom features to the built viber clone app. The modifications and customizations are done as per your requirements.

3. Hire dedicated developers to develop your own viber clone app

If you are looking to create a viber clone app, you can hire a team of dedicated developers from AIS Technolabs. Our team of developers are highly skilled and experienced.

Our Advance Features for Viber Clone App

Phone Contacts Synchronization
Data Sharing
Social Media Integration
Admin Panel
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Get In Touch
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How Much Does an App For Viber Clone App Cost?

Our development process for Viber clone app is at an affordable cost. But still there is a lot of factors that affect the pricing of the app, for example, customization and platform using the app are build, etc. To know more about pricing of our Viber clone source code contact us. Our dedicated BDA team will share all important details regarding app creation with you. If you are looking for Viber clone, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you get the best features for Viber clone.

Viber Clone App For Your iPhone/ Android

At, AIS Technolabs we are having a team of experts who can develop a Viber clone app with Viber proper integrity. Our developers having hands-on experience in fabricating Viber like social messaging apps. Some of the best clones app we have delivered till time are Whatsapp clone app, Snapchat clone app and many more. Connect with us today to get your dream into reality. Expose your idea to the best clone app development team.


A. Focus on the features that are absolutely necessary in your Viber like messaging application. Once you have the needs of the project settled, start by looking for an app development company that can help you turn your app idea into a running product. Also, don’t forget to consider cost-effective solutions such as viber clone scripts to develop high-end applications at low cost and less time.

A. The development of an app like viber can cost somewhere between 30000-60000 USD, depending on the features and platforms you choose to run your product on. Also, don’t forget about the post-development cost which includes releasing new versions, and maintaining applications.

A. Viber is a globally known application for messaging and calling. It offers voice/ video calls and messaging over the internet. Apart from these features it has some other outstanding features such as joining online communities. It offers out-of-the-box admin features and secures communication at all levels. It is one of the best known communication applications of all time.

A. The cost of developing a viber clone depends on the features and functionalities you need in the clone script. Depending on the complexity of the app it is determined the number of developers that would be required to work on the project to finish it within the timeline. Technology is another important factor to consider.

A. Viber clone script is the clone application that runs similar to the original viber application. The AIS Technolabs clone app comes with features such as data security, privacy, contact synchronization, and data sharing, admin panel, social media integrations and more.

A. The source code of the application is the fundamental component that gives you complete ownership of the product. It allows you to make customizations to the product, rebuild it, or take important business decisions such as merger, acquisitions or selling of the product.

A. The viber clone app is the clone product of the original Viber application. It has all the basic features of the communication app that allows you to run a successful business. At AIS Technolabs we have meticulously crafted the clone application, which includes deciding on the absolutely necessary features which can boost the development of your app.

A. There are various types of clone product we provide, of which the readymade viber clone software is the most popular of all. It is a highly reliable product which helps you in making acute customization to the product or rebrand it and launch in the market.

A. You can choose to have a unique clone script for your product. At AIS Technolabs, you can hire dedicated resources on a part-time, hourly and full-time basis, depending on the project needs. We also give you the source code of the application and sign an NDA before the development work starts.

A. Viber clone website development refers to clone web application development. It ensures that the users are able to access the application through various types of login authorizations to use the app over browsers.

A. Viber clone software development refers to the development of an efficient software product that allows you to stay competitive in the market. It makes it easy for you to build a full-fledged product, in less time and cost. It has all the features for admin, users, communities, etc.

A. It is very easy to purchase the viber clone product from AIS. You can simply put a purchase query to us and we would get back to you within 24 hours to assist you through the purchase and download of the product. Once you have the product, you are free to use the product in the way you want to meet your business needs.

A. The first step into the search for the right product is by determining the needs of your product and then finding the product that meets the needs the most. Also, it is essential to look for a reliable service provider so that you can get assistance at each step of product development and deployment. At AIS Technolabs we try to accomodate your needs the most, and that shows in the numerous benefits you get with us.

A. If you are planning to launch a product that is similar to Viber, you can choose to go with our Viber clone app script, which helps you to develop the products faster and at less cost. This also gives you faster turnaround time.

A. AIS has a very easy engagement model. We are a very flexible company that offers you one of the best developers in the global market. So, if you have a product that requires developers on a part-time, full-time or hourly basis, contact us and we will get you the best resources. You can also resize the team anytime during the development as per the demands of the project.

A. You can download the readymade viber clone script after the purchase of the product. Leave a query to know more about our services and products, also we will assist your through the download process and also with rebranding of the product.

A. AIS Technolabs is a leading Viber clone app development company. We have one of the finest clone applications as you can make end-to-end customization to the product. Also, we provide you post purchase maintenance and support.

A. Source code of the application is a necessary factor to consider for the purchase of the viber clone app. We understand the need for ownership and show our commitment to you by providing you the source code of the application. AIS Technolabs is a globally trusted application and you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

A. Viber Clone website is a cost-effective way to develop full-fledged viber-like web applications. Depending on the features and functionalities you need the product, we would help you in determining the cost of the product. Connect with our tech-consultants for more information.

A. Viber clone mobile app development can range between 19000 USD to 21000 USD depending on the features and functionalities you pick to have in the clone product.

A. Start by evaluating their experience and expertise in clone app development. Also, checkout testimonials from their previous clients. Consult with their tech experts on the technology and other non-technical things such as maintenance, support and developer skill sets. Once you are satisfied with the product you can engage with the company.

A. Depending on the need of the product determines how you want to engage with the developers. Determine how much time you can spend in the development, and how soon you want to get out in the market. Connect with the tech experts of the company you believe is best for the job. Ask for the recommendations, and start interviewing the developers they suggest. Once you believe you have found the right resource hire them for full-time, part-time or hourly basis.

A. Start by researching the competitors in the market. List of the features and functionalities you need in your product. Determine the budget you have. Find out the right development company with significant experience in viber clone app development. You an also buy their readymade product to evaluate their proficiency in development and then connect with their tech experts to share the project. Once you have determined they have the right team to help you build your own viber clone, sign the NDA, start the work and get your app built.

A. Once you have determined the readymade viber clone product you want to buy, contact our executives and make the purchase. We allow you to purchase the product through online channels including, UPI, Netbanking, Debit and credit cards, etc. after the purchase of the product we would provide you the download link to download all the components of the app. You can also hire our resources for customization to the product.

A. It varies project to project, but largely it would lie somewhere between 2 to 4 weeks. You can contact our tech experts and share your project to know things in detail.

A. The cost of viber clone development varies between 19000-21000 USD depending on the project. You can contact our tech consultants to know more. About the product and services.

A. Viber clone application development is a cost-effective way to develop applications. It allows you to reduce the development cost and time. As an entrepreneur it gives you a major benefit of a faster turnaround time and getting an upper hand in the market.

A. The best way to buy a viber clone is through AIS Technolabs. We have 150+ apps deployed and 50+ unique code scripts delivered to our clients. We have a 100% client satisfaction rate and our products are globally trusted for their quality. ALso, we offer you some major perks such as post-development support, regular updates, best development practices, ownership of code, etc.