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Video App Development

Video through these devices has not only made entertainment accessible, but has also allowed people to communicate with each other face-to-face through video call services, while being located at different parts of the globe. This has presented organizations with more opportunities to use video as the perfect means of communication. AIS Technolabs provides organizations with video app development services for their own customized applications on both web-based and mobile-based applications.

The ubiquity of 4G and broadband internet throughout the globe has made the world closer. With higher speeds and greater amount of data, the core experience of the internet has shifted from text and images to video. In addition, computing devices such as smartphones and tablets have increased connectivity throughout large parts of the developing world, with over 25% of the entire global population now having access to the internet in their own personal devices.

What is a Video App?
A video app software is a platform which allows desktop browsers and mobile devices to playback video files, often streamed over the internet. A video app contains a few core segments:
Video and Audio Codec
A codec is a portmanteau of the words ‘coder’ and ‘decoder’. The video codec decompresses a video file into individual images called ‘frames’ which are then used by the video player to display them in very high speeds to give the illusion of a moving image. There are various video codec algorithms available, however the most common for web-browsers and smartphones is the WebM format. Likewise, an audio codec decompresses an audio file into a digital audio stream that can be played back.
Video Player
A video player is a specialized tutorial software which combined the decompressed image frames and plays them back at a certain speed or frequency. Most video playback is played back either at 50Hz (for European and a few Asian countries) or 60Hz (for US, Canada, South Korea and Japan). Modern video players, both for the web and for mobile are able to switch between these two frequencies depending on the requirement. In addition, the video player also plays back the decompressed sound stream through the appropriate output source.
Video Streamer
A video streamer is a software that runs on a server which sends compressed video files sequentially to the browser or mobile device requesting the file. It usually is hidden from the user, and they rarely interact with the user.
All of these systems need to be integrated into a front-end and back-end solution so that the whole system works in a flawless manner. AIS Technolabs has customized video players and streaming service solutions which allow organizations to pick and choose the components for their streaming service to suit their video app development requirements. In addition, AIS Technolabs also provides superior integration services to ensure that the video streaming service meets the client’s requirements for bandwidth, video clarity and codec format.
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The Advantages of a Video App
Customized video app solutions have multiple advantages, both for the organization, as well as their clients.
Content Delivery
The amount of data that a streaming server sends to the video player is dependant on the dimensions of the video. A 1080p Full HD video is much larger in size than a 360p Standard Definition video. Content creators and media organizations can allow video streams to be streamed either at a fixed clarity; or at a variable clarity dependant on the bandwidth and speed of the consumer’s internet connection.
Video apps are a great source of revenue for content creators. Most online streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo provide monetization options, but leaves the content creators at the mercy of the monetization algorithm. A customized video web or mobile application allows media houses, content creators and organizations to monetize their content either through advertisements or through a subscription service.
Data Control
A customized video app lets the organization take control over their own data. While this might lead to a cost overhead in terms of server requirements, a customized system allows for greater control of who sees the data and how it is streamed. This ensures that the right content reaches the right audience; and the content creators are not dependant on the streaming service provider to host their data.
AIS Technolabs has partnered with various content creators and media outlets to provide video app development services; tailor-made to their exacting requirements.

With improved internet connection speeds, pixel-perfect video clarity and a huge demand of on-demand video streaming services, online video has garnered a chunk of the total internet bandwidth usage within a few years. With AIS Technolabs, organizations now have the perfect opportunity to get their own customized video editor ios app solution within reach.

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