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AIS Technolabs is a prominent company with 10+ years of expertise in the IT sector and with video conferencing app development. We are associated with many small and big businesses that were in search of a good video conferencing app development company with years of experience in the development of video conferencing app script and video conferencing app source code. Our services are considered to be among the best in the country. So, if you are looking for someone to solve your issues of video conferencing, please look no further. To get the best video conferencing app you just need to get associated with our company. There are several services that we provide related to the development and maintenance of video conferencing apps.

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Video Conferencing App Development

Our process with Video Conferencing App Script

Every business, nowadays, has the constraints posed due to the ongoing pandemic. Also, there is a need to keep the operations of the company going on, so the company incurs no losses. Hence, it becomes important to hire experts who can develop a video conferencing app, which combines elements of audio and video, makes the employees of the company work in harmony, and hold discussions whenever there is a need. We develop the best video conferencing app, which is feature-loaded and run smoothly on any system or device with the minimalistic requirement of hardware. Our teams work tirelessly for the video conferencing app development, which is built exactly according to your needs and the app is customized specifically for your company requirements.

The team at AIS Technolabs stays updated with the latest trends in the app development market to provide the best video conferencing app source code to the clients. They use the best practices of video conferencing app development to benefit your company and create an unparalleled experience.

Why Opt for Video Conferencing App Development?

The rapid development in technology and the current situation of the world have drastically transformed the way of conducting businesses with more people working remotely. This is the reason there is a rise of instant, on-demand communications and globalization of the firms. Video conferencing seems to be a viable option to cater to these needs of the businesses. It boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and promotes cooperation. There are several benefits associated with video conferencing app development with which businesses transform the way they communicate.

More Engaging than Audio Conferencing

A video conferencing app is more engaging than an audio conference as the involved employees can connect in a better way. They even share screens and presentations to make their management understand the concepts in a better way.

Greater Flexibility

Video conferencing app development provides a greater extent of flexibility to its end users. The work timings can be flexible and designed around the employee’s routine work. This flexibility increases the productivity of the employees of the company.

Save Cost

The travel cost of the employees adds up to the company’s total cost. An optimized video conferencing app reduces these expenses that are incurred by the companies and eliminate costs for employee transportation, hotels, and meals. Along with this customer, entertainment expenses disappear.

Enable Digital Workforce

Video conferencing apps are very important in creating a digital workforce and creates a more collaborative culture in the organization. Video conferencing helps the teams maintain coordination and human connection irrespective of the physical location, which speeds up the decision making and increases the ability to collaborate on a global basis.

Simplify Management

There are several utility needs that teams within an organization require to collaborate like screen sharing, audio conference, video conference, and instant messaging service. If one can develop a single application with all these features, it simplifies the management. We use profound video conferencing app scripts to deliver total meeting solutions and simple UI.

Improve The Value and Reduce Redundancy

Companies are constantly upgrading their audio and video conferencing apps to provide a total solution for their distance meetings and event live streaming. For this, they contact several vendors, but it adds to the total cost of ownership. We use updated video conferencing app source code to reduce this cost and provide all the features in a single application.

Optimize Attendance

A video conferencing application optimizes the attendance of the employees who are working in the company. This is due to the facility of working from home, rather than coming to the office. This also increases the attentiveness of the employees as they are working in their comfortable environment.

Increase Productivity

It is seen by big companies that providing work from home to the employees of the firms is proved beneficial for the company as the productivity increases drastically. This is due to the features and flexibility the video conferencing app provides to the employees of the companies.

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Features of Our Video Conferencing App Source Code

The current requirement of the market makes it essential for the video conferencing apps to be feature loaded. These features help in the smooth conduction of the meetings that will be held by the use of the app. We, as a leading company, incorporate several features, which we feel, are a must for the video conferencing app that we develop. Apart from this, if the client requires additional features we incorporate them as well, as we believe in complete client satisfaction. Some of the features of our apps are mentioned below:

Screen Sharing

An actual meeting most of the time consists of a projector, which allows the presenter to make a presentation with the help of PowerPoint or any other required software. Since the participants of the video conference are separated by locations, the screen-sharing feature works as a projector as it allows the other members of the meeting to see the screen of the presenter and understand the view with better clarity.

Virtual Hand-Raising

This is a very useful feature, which makes the meetings more interactive. Just like when a person wants to make a statement in an actual meeting he raises his hand, similarly, the person can raise a virtual hand to make other members of the meeting aware. This helps to maintain the decorum of the meetings and avoid chaos.


The video conferencing app developed by us allows the users to do real-time chat during the meetings. The end-users who are facing connectivity issues in their locality can use this feature of chat. They can reply to the host of the meeting or send their message to everyone at the meeting.


The polling feature of video conferencing allows the host to create a single choice or multiple choice polling questions for the conducted meeting. One can launch the poll during the meeting and gather the responses of the attendees. There is an option for downloading a generated report during and after the meeting.

Record Meetings

Our teams work towards such video conferencing app development, which has the feature of recording the meetings. This is a very useful feature as it provides a sample of the meeting for future references, whenever there is a need. Apart from this, the recorded meeting is proof for the company if any legal issue occurs regarding the decisions taken during the meeting.

Mute Participants

Actual meetings are held in a confined and controlled environment with no outside disturbance. But, with video conferences, we cannot ignore the outside elements. This feature of the app allows the host of the meeting to mute the participants if undesirable noise is heard to the other person’s end. People can self-mute themselves also to not disturb the other members of the meeting.

File Sharing

This feature of the video conferencing app allows the users to share required and important files during the progression of the meetings. There is no need for email or any other file sharing app to share the documents with other members of the video conference. The users can send the files to everyone personally to a person.

Live Streaming

Companies can also organize live stream events with the help of the same video conferencing app. A live stream on a usual basis is a one-way communication medium. Video is broadcasted from the broadcaster end to the viewer with the help of our video conferencing app software.

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Video Conferencing App Development Services?

In today’s world where there are many companies offering services related to the development of video conferencing apps, there must be some thoughts prevailing in your mind, why you should choose us, and invest your time, energy, and money in the services that we provide. The reasons to choose us are as follows:

Cutting Edge Solutions
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Cost Effective Solutions
Timely Delivery

We are a professional IT solution company with years of experience in developing video conferencing apps. This makes us the best choice for your problems related to the video conferencing app.

Yes, we provide after-sales services for the apps that we develop for the clients as we feel this gives a sense of security to our clients.

The cost varies according to the features and deadline required for the development of the app. For further insights, you should contact the company and get all your doubts clear by our dedicated teams.

Separate dedicated teams work solely to develop the program following your needs. They work with you in coordination and provide regular updates to you at every milestone development that they make while developing the product, which you need.