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Video Editor SDK allows the users to make their movie out of any video and audio files. They can also upload their videos online and can add numerous kinds of effects into it and transition effects between the tracks.

AIS Technolabs is the best-in-class Video Editor SDK development company that builds the most powerful and comprehensive video editing Android app and video editor iOS app.

Our developers of Video Editor SDK develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms. They also provide help to their clients to understand what kind of features are required to make an impressive and innovative app that hits among users.

Video Editor iOS App development offers a wholesome solution to the app users that will help to make the application stand out from the herd. Our company has analyzed the market trends and also discovered the striking tendency of video editing apps. Hence, Video Editing mobile application development will provide an extra edge to business growth.

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Benefits of Video Editing SDK
that Expand your Brand’s Name
in the Diverse Market

In this modern world, the users can record videos on their smartphones and also can edit the video by using the video editor iOS app and video editor Android app. Also, video editing apps are becoming quite popular among users. Some benefits are discussed below

  • Video Editing SDK supports a wide range of multimedia formats and video codec types
  • Ability to auto-generate videos based on available videos and images
  • Utilizing the native capabilities of the Android Platform as well as the iOS platform for Video Editing App.
  • Automated back-end drove Video Editing Apps.
  • Change the video quality and mixing videos

Exclusive Features of Video Editor
that are Beneficial for the Consumers

With the advancement of technology, ios app development services, and video editing Android apps can be easily performed by anyone. The brilliant designers, as well as developers of our company, develop proficient video editing mobile apps that tailored all the needs of clients and their users. Here is a complete list of useful and unique features of our Video Editor SDK to check out.


With the help of this feature, users can easily merge different recorded videos with a single tap and convert into it a single video.


Users can easily make a video collage of different videos. Also, they can give different effects to the collage video to make it more appealing.


This feature allows the user to cut any unwanted part of the video. Even, users can make the video short and perfect as well as rescale the videos within the video frame.


With the help of the Video Editor IOS App and Video Editor Android app, users can add some fun to their videos. Users can easily adjust the video speed from slow to fast motion and vice-versa. Moreover, they can also make some parts of the video slow or fast.


It helps the users to add music to the video from the library with the help of the video editor app. Thus, it makes the videos more interesting while sharing with others.


This feature enables users to add some stunning stickers, speech bubbles, emojis, and frames in the videos to make their videos more exciting.


Video Editor App helps the users to enhance the video quality through defined video filters. They can add a different kind of filters in one single video as per their needs and get a remarkable experience with these video filters.


Users can also add special text in the video through this feature. They can also add special fonts, different colors, and visual effects in their videos as well.


Our developers enable the users to add special audio effects in the videos such as a special soundtrack, voice filters, recorded narration, and much more.

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Scalable and Expert Developers
for Developing
Video Editor App

AIS Technolabs is capable of developing customized Video Editor SDK for all Video Editing Apps that are developed by our developers. Also, the Video Editor SDK holds a wide range of options that are used to define clarity and comprehensibility to any image of the video. Here, we discussed the working process of the Video Editor app that is the following

Analyze Requirements of Client

Firstly, the skilled developers of our company will get in touch with the clients and note down all their essential requirements related to their projects. After that, the developers analyze the end-goal depending upon what kind of video editing app users want to develop.


In this phase, the wireframe is prepared for the client’s application. Our expert developers create a wireframe of each screen of the video editor app. The wireframes show all the screens, functionalities, and features of the Video Editor iOS App.


Our UI designers design the look and touch of a video editor app along with the perfect color combination, graphics, and iconography. On the other hand, our UX designers look after the interaction between various design elements.


During this phase, the developers of a video editing app come into existence. They start developing the video editor app with the necessary features, advanced as well as the latest technology, and specifications.


At this stage, the developers perform the testing on the developed application. The main aim of the testing phase is to ensure that the video editing app is bug-free as well as work properly on the devices.


It is the last stage where the developers deploy the developed application to the client’s server. Also, the application releases it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to make it available for the users.

Our Script Essential
Features for
Video Editing App

Our company has many years of experience in developing Video Editing IOS Apps and Video Editing Android apps and also ensures that a good editing app is associated with all the latest features. Our expert developers provide help to achieve the result of the client’s business gaining more market autonomy. The Video Editing app includes two types of Panels that follow as

1. User Panel
  • Signup or Login
  • Email verification
  • Make a video or movie
  • Auto-selection of images or videos
  • Editing styles and multiple themes
  • User Actions
  • Upload custom music
  • Settings
  • Video Post
  • Variety Channels
  • Save the post in a private album
  • My Album
  • My Movies
  • My Account
  • Coupons
  • Subscription
2. Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Editing styles and manage themes
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Manage coupons and subscriptions
  • Manage all Users