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AIS Technolabs is one of the leading service providers globally for any kind of business needs. We take care of web development, SEO, AR/VR app development and many more. If you have a vision to build something, we’ll help you achieve it.

The beauty of video editing lies in storytelling. People tell stories, express themselves through the moving picture and camera lens while crafting videos to create something unique and powerful. With our video editor SDK, you can now express yourself visually and communicate your stories even better. Our developers at AIS Techno labs have spent an unending number of hours together to bring you one of the best professional video editing tools that will give you the power to make stunning videos on-the-go.

From time-to-time, we make changes to our video editor SDK by including all but adding few excellent new features in order to always stay abreast with the latest trends with our users in this ever-changing market.

The things you can do:

Add, edit and organize videos

You can add as many video files as you want to the video editor and edit all types of shaky video footages making them stable. With the built-in library, you can easily organize your videos and stack them up into groups separated by kind, by date, or by size. The best part is, you can edit your videos right in your library in preview mode without having to import and export into the app and keep playing them while you edit.

Add effects, animations and gifs

With our powerful video editor SDK and the effects, you can transform your seemingly mundane videos pop with energy. With built-in motion graphics and animations, it is a fantastic solution to your pro-kind of video creation needs.

Add text and titles

You can not only add animated text but also titles to add a professional touch to your videos. In addition, we give you an option to choose from our range of impressive 3D titles with customizable options such as gradient colour, border, blur level and reflection in titles.

Add special effects and filters

We offer a good set of filters with which you can easily transform your raw videos to give a cinematic appeal. Adding 3D or any immersive visual effects doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds, this SDK might just transform everything you will ever want to transform your raw videos to be like.

Import and export videos

SDK is designed to be automatically detecting your videos from camcorder and import them when connected with a USB or firewire cable. It is also easy to convert to an appropriate format.

Effective trimmer

With our effective trimming features, you can trim, crop, rotate or rearrange clips and audio in the video to customize its look and sound exactly the way you want.

Easy social sharing

Once you have finished editing, you can share your videos easily on any of the social platforms. You can also choose to upload to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

Choose templates

We have a range of creative templates with a smooth finish and professional appeal from which you can easily integrate ready-made templates. We have also added a guide on how to use these video templates with an idea that even a beginner could be able to create a compelling video and customize with the options available in an inexpensive way.

Integrate and extract audio

It is easy to extract audio from your favourite videos or add audio as background music and volume adjustment with just a click. Not just that, we make sure to give you the options to add multiple audio tracks to add layers of music and sound effects.

Video editor ios app

Whether you are looking for a simple or advanced video editor, our video editor ios app will serve all your needs with rich features. We have built our application with a special focus on the nature of features it contains in order to create pro-quality videos. You can now create videos embedded with various magic-like effects and experience a smooth functioning application like no other.

Creating and sharing videos is as common as wishing one on their birthday. And, you don’t need to depend on a professional video editor all the time. With a little bit of time set aside, and our video editor ios app you can create a great video in any device you carry. Also, a video on your site’s homepage defines your business – what you do and how you do it. It shows the way you engage with your customers, the position your brand stands. Our Video editor IOS application is also suitable to help edit videos for your business needs.

Capture screenshots

You can now capture screenshots easily from the screen while watching your favourite video. You can simply save it as a new file and drop it into other documents or downloads as presentations.

Compositing video

We give the power to editors in order to perform sophisticated editing, compositing effects and audio in the videos

VR editing

If you’re looking for VR editing of a 360 video footage, we’ve got that too. You can easily edit and work with different formats easily. We have embedded smooth drag option in order to explore the video from different angles as well.


As video editing is one of the computing intensive activities, you’d need the best hardware to cope up as such. We take care of this with the help of our video editor IOS app by building a proxy file of lower resolution to ensure that normal editing and previewing are not slowed down in the process.

The list goes on and on but our point is we’re here to make any video editing feature for you so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

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