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Video apps are facilitating users to select and watch video content such as movies and TV shows on the time they choose. Instead of watching it on an exact broadcast time, the viewers can browse their favorite movie, TV shows and web series at their convenient time.

More number of people are opting for video streaming app and it proves that the Live-on Demand video streaming mobile apps are more entertaining than TV and movie theaters. The cable subscription is now less admired option and more like a way to show repeated commercials than good and entertaining content.

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Video Streaming Script

Why Choose Video Streaming App Development?

The video streaming apps allow users to watch high-quality videos as well as upload videos to their own channel. The users can also socialize with each other by commenting on their videos and sharing their personal views.

In today’s tech-savvy world, you can see countless video streaming apps and websites and the biggest one is YouTube. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Google Play, Twitch, and others are also making their way for delivering engaging and high-quality videos to their users.

This has caught many entrepreneurs’ eyes and they are now heavily investing in video streaming app development.

With the increasing demand, the businesses are investing in video streaming mobile app development and they are searching mobile application developers to take the benefits of this multi-million dollar industry. We help many businesses to select the proper features and functionalities for their audience. Here comes the role of AIS Technolabs, where we transform your business dream into a reality.

Video Streaming App Development
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We consider the below mentioned three facts before developing video streaming apps for your business.



The videos are the personal thing for every user as they can upload their personal information and other stuff privately on their channels. Besides, videos are often one of the most stolen and plagiarized things on the Internet. We will provide you a fully secure application by checking out the digital rights, encryption, access control and other safety measures.



The video channels are the platform where the users need to edit the back-end on their channels. We provide easy to edit and user-friendly back-end that your users can easily edit, modify, delete and manage without any disruption.



Video streaming app developed by AIS Technolabs offer complete flexibility when it comes to browsing videos on different devices and multiresolution screens. You can lose a significant set of a market if you target only one device for your application.

That we Face

We face the challenge to transfer and store large-scale data which is expensive, slow and intense

The expensive infrastructure of video streaming app can reduce the scope of reusability

We transcode the content by processing multiple jobs in different formats

We also implement content distribution analytics and usage analysis for calculating the views on each and every video.

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Why should you select AIS Technolabs

Why should you select AIS Technolabs?

We are specialized in Media streaming, video streaming applications and live streaming app development. We stream your content with outstanding quality across the world. Our highly tuned streaming platforms enable your viewers to get real-time or live interactions in high-quality videos. Our video streaming apps are easily customizable, user-friendly and offer a great experience to any age group.

We follow the below steps while
making your streaming app

User registration
User Profile
Privacy Settings
Search functionality
Interactive User Experience
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